Thanks, Dick Dimes

Longtime official has given a lifetime of  dedicated service to Winthrop

Long-time Planning Board member Dick Dimes’s decision to step down from that board brings to a conclusion more than 40 years of service to the Town of Winthrop.

When the Sun Transcript published our special 20th Century Edition in 2000, Dick Dimes was listed among the top 100 most important figures in town history. We wrote at that time, “Dick Dimes has been a public figure for almost 40 years in many capacities, including the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and innumerable other town committees. In addition, he has been active in many civic organizations. His last achievement was the realization of the construction of the new DPW building in the past decade.”

We mention this, and especially draw attention to the last sentence,  because it highlights what for Dick Dimes public service was all about. Dick is among those handful of our best citizens who realized that serving one’s community is not about personal gain, but about working selflessly with one’s fellow residents to make Winthrop a better place not only for the present generation, for but for those to come.

We salute Dick Dimes for his decades of faithful and thoughtful service to Winthrop. His contributions, both big and small, will last forever.

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