The Verdict is in – Mock Trial Team is a Credit to WHS

The first thing we noticed from our observations of the Winthrop High School Mock Trail team that recently competed at Chelsea District Court, in a real courtroom in front of a real justice, was the high level of enthusiasm that the students brought to the venture. That the students were so professionally attired and conducted themselves so brilliantly in their first hand look at the justice system says a lot about the Mock Trail program and the benefits it accords for Winthrop students.

Team advisor Maria Flanagan had the look of pride throughout the event and rightfully so. It was also nice to see School Committee Chairwoman Mary Lou Osborne in attendance and representing her committee, seeing that the high school’s offerings to students extend beyond the classroom and what wonderful opportunities are out there for them.

We don’t know how many students in the group will pursue the study of law (it’s not an easy road with four years of undergraduate work, three years of law school, and studying for the bar exam),  but just having the chance to be a part of a legal team and see how the courtroom works is something the students will remember well from their list of high school experiences.

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We thank Ron Spinney and his loyal assistant coach, James Nimblett, for having done so much for Winthrop’s female athletes in the immediate aftermath of  Title IX. They truly were pioneers whose efforts more than 30 years ago are benefitting our girl athletes today.

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