To Be Or Not To Be? – Powers, duties of Ordinance Review Committee need to be spelled out

That was an interesting exchange at the Town Council meeting when Attorney Joseph Boncore, son of Councilor at Large Philip Boncore, addressed the council and said that the committee that he chairs, the Ordinance Review Committee, basically has been told by the town counsel, Kopelman and Paige, that it has no real power.

Boncore was correct in coming before the council to determine exactly what the duties of the ordinance committee will be moving forward. The council obviously wants Boncore’s committee to review the ordinances and make recommendations to the council. It appeared that Boncore wanted a simple response of what the role of his committee is going to be, but the council delayed action on Boncore’s request when two of its members said they wanted to know more about the issue.

But the bottom line is: Why have a committee unless its work is going to be heard, so it can help improve life in the town?

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