Starting a Revolution – 62-foot World War II era naval vessel making its home at Town Pier

Massport Fire Boat Captain Tim Gover had always wanted to own his own charter boat business.

After spending four years in the United States Coast Guard and 28 years on the Massport Fire Department, including the last 12 on the fire boat, Gover is finally getting his chance with the 62-foot, wood construction United States Naval vessel, The Revolution.

“I’ve run cruise boats for other people in the past and I have a long history in Boston harbor,’ said Gover, of Orient Heights in East Boston. “After saying for a long time that I wanted to run my own charter boat business, I finally went on the computer last year and found the boat I wanted. Then I went up to Boothbay, got the boat and brought her down here.”

In August, Gover used his maiden voyage as the boat’s owner and captain to take a group of veterans from the Chelsea Soldier’s Home out on a cruise of the harbor, in a joint effort with the Winthrop Yacht Club.

“I did about seven other trips at the end of the season and then I put the boat up in storage in Gloucester,” he said. “This winter we went up there and did some work on her and now we’re ready to launch her as a charter business doing cruises of the Boston Harbor Island and the harbor itself.”

He re-named the boat The Revolution, and is doing business as Bay Boston Boat Charters, but his soon to be up and running website will simply be

“It’s definitely a family operation,” he laughs. “My wife is my first mate, I have three daughters who are all taking roles on the boat, and my brother’s even helping me out.”

Gover said that he approached Winthrop Harbormaster Chucky Famolare about a slip spot that would be large enough to accommodate his boat on the town pier, and fortunately there was a large slip available.

“I would drive by that pier and wonder why someone wasn’t running a charter business out of there and now I am,” he said.

The Revolution is big enough to take up to 103 people, but Gover said he likes to have a five-man crew when he’s going to be full, so he limits tickets sales to 98 people.

“It’s a great big boat with a lot of character, it was built in 1944, as a U.S. Naval vessel, it has a wood hull with wood decks, the top deck is now aluminum, it was replaced many years ago, but it’s just a great boat to take people out for a tour on the harbor,” said Gover.

In order to spread the word about the boat and the type of experience it can offer, Gover is planning two promotional days to coincide with local upcoming events.

On July 4th, as part of the festivities surrounding Independence Day, Gover will be heading out for three 90-minute cruises of the harbor at 10 a.m., 12 noon and 2 p.m. with tickets at just $10 per person on a first come, first served basis.

“We’ll go out three times, whether we are full or empty,” he said.

Then from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Gover will take out one trip for a three-hour cruise with tickets going for just $25 per person.

“We’ll run a similar schedule on July 24, as part of the Winthrop Chamber’s Family Day at the Beach,” he said.

The Revolution does have a license to sell beer, wine and soda and also offers bottled water and snacks for sale as well.

For more information visit the RevBoston website, which should be fully operational soon or call 617-418-7024.

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