Drive Carefully – School is out; watch out for children

With the school vacation season at hand, we urge all motorists to be extra careful when driving around our crowded little town because of the large numbers of children who will be on the streets for the next few months.

Although early morning commuters benefit from the change in traffic patterns, motorists throughout the daytime and early evening hours now must exercise more caution than usual because children are not in school.

Winthrop’s congested streets are not conducive to cars and children co-existing safely. Motor vehicle operators must drive defensively and that means driving SLOWLY in order to ensure that children on bikes or chasing balls or playing tag are safe on our town’s streets.

There is absolutely no one who is reading this column who would not be devastated if we were to strike a child and cause serious injury or death simply because we needed to go 30 or 35 miles per hour (when we should be going 20 or 25) to save a minute or two of time.

So please: Drive slowly and be on the lookout for children in our streets.

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