McKenna and Turco find common ground

Town Council President Jeffrey Turco and Town Manager James McKenna are moving ahead in amicable fashion following the council’s executive session Monday night at Town Hall.

The on-again, off-again executive session – first planned for last Tuesday night but postponed – was held Monday night after an 8-1 vote by the councilors. With a room full of Winthrop residents expecting to see a discussion of the matter unfold in public, Councilor James Letterie cast the lone vote against sending the meeting in to an executive [council only] session.

Turco had requested an executive session to discuss a matter with McKenna, who originally said he wanted it discussed in an open forum. But McKenna opted for an executive session Monday night.

Both McKenna and Turco said the matter has been resolved.

“The [session] went very well,” said McKenna. “Everyone left very pleased that we resolved our matter. The council president and I had, kind of, a family dispute and we’ve resolved it. We had some differing views and I think it was nice that we had a chance to say our piece. We felt we arrived at the same place at the end.”

Why did McKenna change his mind and choose an executive session for the matter?

“It [an executive session] was the request of the Council and I went along with it,” said McKenna.

Turco said the approximately 40-minute meeting went well.

“The town manager and I had a good discussion and we both came out eager to work for the best interests of the community,” said Turco. “We had a disagreement over some issues, but we’re excited about continuing to work together for the town. We have a lot of positive things going on in the town of Winthrop.”

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