Let it Snow – Yes. we’re hoping for a storm

This has been a fairly easy-to-take winter thus far. We had that one major snowstorm before Christmas and since then, the winter of 2009-2010 has been like a stroll in the park for those of us who have been lifelong New Englanders.

Although we certainly appreciate not having to deal with snow, ice, slush, extreme cold, and all of the attendant problems those acts of Nature entail, we have to admit that we are feeling a bit shortchanged as we move into mid-February. Winter simply isn’t winter without wintry weather. Our kids should have a snow day or two, and they certainly deserve to have more than a few days of good sledding.

Moreover, the winter landscape is quite bleak without some snow on the ground. Although we would be the first to admire the barrenness of an open field or wooded area, which can be hauntingly beautiful in a stark sort of way in winter, our semi urban landscape is quite ugly when it is all brown and black.

Life is too short, and the years pass by all too quickly, for us not to welcome and enjoy the unique opportunities that a big snow storm presents for us.

So, as we sit here writing these words on a Wednesday afternoon, we are eagerly awaiting the big snow that the weather forecasters say is on the way. On the other hand, if you among those hoping that the storm passes us by, then perhaps Florida is the place for you.

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