Book Smart – The Winthrop Public Library is the place to be

That was an extraordinary number that Library Director Alan Thibeault revealed at the public forum last week when he stated that close to 6,000 items a month (roughly 300 per day) are circulated at the library. That includes books, audio book, movies, CDs, and even framed artwork.

Winthrop residents will recall that the town was on the brink of closing the library earlier this year because of budget cuts in the last fiscal year. But organizations and residents rallied behind the library with donations to keep it operating.

And now with Thibeault leading the way, albeit with fewer staff members and reduced hours of operation, the library is returning to the jewel it always has been for this town since it was built at the turn of the century with a generous donation from Mr. Frost, for whom the library is named.

With the library having reached the 11,000 milestone for library cards issued, it is clear that our public library is one of the town’s greatest assets and a resource that serves the interests of residents of all ages.

We know we join with all Winthrop residents in hoping that it will continue to prosper for generations to come and be there for the enjoyment of all residents.

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