Quality Leadership – Forum showcased dedication of our elected officials

There’s only one word to describe the Town Council’s public forum that was held Tuesday night at the Senior Center in which all of our town department leaders participated, and that word is, “Impressive.”

Even Town Manager Jim McKenna was surprised by the sheer number of responsibilities that some of the town departments had that went beyond the customary functions that one would expect. McKenna commended the department leaders and town employees for working hard, despite the various cuts to their departments, and for delivering excellent quality services to residents on a daily basis.

Anyone at the Senior Center or watching at home on Winthrop cable television had to agree that Winthrop has competent, well-trained professionals working for us. Our department heads and their employees have had to deal with some tough challenges, but they have been able to overcome those hurdles through hard work and sound management. It’s good to know that our town is in good hands.

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