Tune in Tonight – Council president debate is upon us

If we’re correct in our assessment of the conversations lately in town coffee shops and restaurants, then the debate tonight (Thursday) among the three candidates for Town Council President, Barbara Survilas, Sue Bolster, and Jeff Turco, has caught the interest of townspeople.

Each candidate will answer questions from the three panelists, Joe Domelowicz Jr. of the Sun-Transcript, Chamber of Commerce President Paul Leavy, and debate moderator Ron Vecchia, and then have the opportunity to pose questions to each other.

We think it’s great that there is genuine excitement about the debate that will be televised live beginning at 7 p.m. on WCAT. The debate will give Winthrop residents an opportunity to see how the candidates think on their feet and interact with each other. Debates can be pivotal in a campaign, so tonight’s debate could play a big role in the forming of opinions by Winthrop voters.

The Council President’s position is of the utmost importance in Winthrop town government and to our community’s future. These candidates feel that they are the best person to serve as Council President. We urge all residents to tune in to WCAT to listen to the candidates and then go to the polls to vote for the candidate best suited to lead us in these incredibly challenging times.

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