Meeting with EPA is in order

Town Manager McKenna to discuss $70,000 fine with federal officials

At the Town Council meeting Tuesday night, Town Manager James McKenna reiterated the comments that he had made in last week’s front page story in the Sun-Transcript concerning the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the $70,000 fine that it has assessed against the Town of Winthrop for alleged non-compliance with regard to improving storm sewer pollution in area waterways.

McKenna wasn’t pleased that he learned about the fine in a press release and that the town received the official complaint from the EPA on the following day. McKenna told the council that he has set up a meeting with the EPA for next week to discuss the fine. A $70,000 fine is a lot for a town to pay, especially in these dire fiscal times.

McKenna doesn’t believe the EPA will eliminate the fine entirely, but he’s hopeful that the agency will consider lowering the amount of the fine. What’s admirable here among our town officials is that they’re not directing blame at any individual or department for the fine, but that they’re being decisive in their action to try to address the violations with the EPA and bring a quick solution to this tough situation.

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