Town Deserves Answers – Letterie’s request makes perfect sense

Precinct 2 Councillor James Letterie will ask at the next council meeting that a session be set up with representatives from National Grid to discuss the power outage that struck part of the town last Friday, affecting 4,000 customers for six hours in the Centre and Maze areas (Court Road, Cottage Park Road, etc.) and extending all the way to the Point.

Letterie isn’t pleased that Winthrop has been the scene of power outages in the past, such as last year, when the same area suffered an 18-hour power outage, and then one month ago, when there was a three-hour power outage. Letterie doesn’t feel that National Grid has provided enough information about a mobile power station in town and what the company has done over the last year to alleviate this power outage problem, which in the councillor’s words, “just should not be happening”.

In our experience, it is fair to say that Winthrop suffers more and longer power outages than any community we know of on a regular basis. Hopefully, the council will require National Grid to provide some statistics in this regard and then make National Grid come up with a plan to resolve the problem.

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