Great job Dave – DPW Director helps Cummings School students observe Arbor Day

Speaking of David Hickey, what a wonderful and educational experience the DPW director provided students at the Cummings School on Friday during the annual observance of Arbor Day.

Arbor Day has long been a day in which individuals plant trees and celebrate the environment. It was heartening to see Winthrop Tree Committee member Emilie DiMento questioning the students about the benefits of trees and the students delivering thoughtful responses. Our favorite response from one of the students (and one could even call it a brilliant answer) about the benefits of trees was “shade,” as anyone who has walked on a hot, sunny day will attest when they have stopped under a cool tree for a respite from the sun.

Mrs. DiMento read the winning essay in the Arbor Day composition contest that was written by Cummings School student Jake Letterie, who received a nice ovation from his schoolmates. To see a student’s academic achievement applauded by his peers was just great.

Throughout the event, the Cummings students were courteous, attentive, and enthusiastic and Principal Brian Gill, who was in attendance, looked very proud, and rightfully so.

There are some great things happening in our schools every day, and this was one of them.

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