Worth the Investment – Grant writer could generate much-needed funds

One of the questions on the override ballot will be a request for $50,000 for a town planning/grant writer’s position for the coming fiscal year. We look at the arts grants announced last week by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and notice that several cities and towns throughout the state received sizable grants to invigorate the cultural scene in their communities. These grants are separate from the grants that the Winthrop Cultural Council distributes each year.

The point is, there is substantial state and federal grant money available for all aspects of town life, and a town planner/grant writer who could devote his or her full-time focus to grant writing would likely generate much-needed funds for the town.

In the past, the town has had great success with grants obtained by Barbara McNeil and others before her that have proven of great benefit. Moreover, with the federal stimulus package promising billions of dollars to the states and local communities, it would be penny wise and pound foolish for the voters not to consider this part of the override referendum with an affirmative vote.

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