Town takes FAA to court

Town, citizens file court action against Centerfield Taxiway

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The Town of Winthrop has joined with two independent citizens to file a Petition for Review with the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals, to have the court review the FAA’s final approval for the Logan Airport Centerfield Taxiway project.
The action, which was filed Tuesday, June 19 on behalf of the Town of Winthrop and Winthrop resident Harvey Maibor and Ronald Hardaway of East Boston, asks the court to determine if the Decision and Order of the Federal Aviation Administration, dated April 20, 2007 complies with the orders of the court in the previous court cases opposing the taxiway.
“This suit is seeking compliance with the original FAA order of decision that authorized the construction of Runway 14/32 but requested further study of the feasibility of constructing the centerfield taxiway,” explained Attorney Jerome Falbo of the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee.
In the petition, the petitioners request that the court set aside and vacate the FAA order and remand the order back to the FAA with instructions to comply with the requirements of the law.

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