Winthrop Art Association to Present ‘Museum Without Walls’ in French Square

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The ‘Museum Without Walls’ Street Art Exhibit by members of the Winthrop Art Association will be held on Sunday, August 23 (rain date August 30) from 9AM to 6PM at French Square in Winthrop Center.  Artists will complete their art pieces on the street in the area created with the removal of French Square.  The ‘Museum Without Walls’ will serve as a temporary enhancement of the total area. 

The ‘Museum Without Walls’ Exhibit is the first phase of a prototype for a larger initiative to paint other spaces and walls in Town with the adaptation of Master Artworks from any period or source chosen by our member artists.  The goal of this art initiative is to attract visitors and involve the artist community as we develop Winthrop as a strong visible presence for residents and visitors.

This marks the second major art event for the Winthrop Art Association this summer.  Local artists enjoyed a Plein Aire activity recently at the Deane Winthrop House.  Plein Aire Art is also planned for later this summer at the public landing or park location.  Demonstrations and Artists Presentations have also been posted on the Winthrop Art Association facebook page.  For information about the exhibit and Winthrop Art Association, please email [email protected] or by phone at 617.846.2644.      We look forward to a successful ‘Museum Without Walls’ art presentation and exhibit.  Thank you for your support of the Winthrop Art Association.  Have a safe and healthy summer.

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