Colarusso Calls for School Choice as a Matter of Equity

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Fifth District Congressional candidate Caroline Colarusso is an ardent supporter of school choice as a matter of racial equity and parental choice.

Colarusso applauds the U.S Supreme Court’s recent decision in Espinoza v. Montana, saying, “the Court acted justly, ruling that a taxpayer-funded scholarship program available to students at private schools could not discriminate against students at private religious schools.”  Colarusso noted that the program was based on a provision in the Montana constitution that bars government aid to any school controlled in whole or in part by any church.  Massachusetts also has a 19th century Blaine Amendment which prohibits taxpayer assistance to primary or secondary schools operated by religious institutions that was enacted at a time when discrimination against migrants and Catholics was common. Congresswoman Clark is on the record opposing voucher programs that would help parents to send their kids to religious and private school. 

Colarusso believes every parent in America can identify with Kendra Espinoza.  “She is a mom fighting to choose the best education for her daughter, not the one determined by her zip code. No one knows better than parents what educational setting is best for their child, especially in urban economically disadvantaged communities, or where English is a second language for stu-dents.  School choice has become a racial equity issue because poorly performing government schools tend to be in minority communities, with disproportionate impacts on black and Hispanic students.“

“Massachusetts still denies parents the opportunity and freedom to seek the education that is best for their children.  Katherine Clark talks a good game, but her words are empty.  As a mem-ber of Congress, Katherine Clark has a long history of vehemently opposing school choice and denying educational opportunities to those most vulnerable.

‘While Clark consistently virtue signals pretending to help people of color and minorities, her ac-tions demonstrate she has no problem keeping poor blacks and minorities in underperforming public schools, relegating kids to a dozen years of “less than rigorous” education that narrows opportunities instead of creating them.  Katherine Clark panders to the teacher’s unions while neglecting students in the 5th Congressional District.  The families of black and minority students need school choice the most, especially in urban areas where public schools are failing to deliv-er high quality, rigorous education,” said Colarusso.

Colarusso notes that there are approximately 250,000 American students, many of whom are poor minorities, who receive private-school choice through the federal education tax credit. 

Colarusso says, “the Supreme Court paved the way to make it possible for many more students to benefit from school choice. Three Cheers for Kendra Espinosa for taking on an antiquated law rooted in bigotry. Students all over the United States will benefit from her courage.”

“Let taxpayer money follow the child,” Colarusso states.  “Remove the stranglehold moneyed special interest groups have over the educational opportunities of children in America. As a member of Congress, I will support school choice legislation. My father and grandfather had nothing when they arrived in Massachusetts.  Both spoke only Spanish – no English. They worked hard with their hands without an education. Unlike my opponent, I won’t be in the pocket of special interest groups. It will be easy for me to put the kids first.”

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