Rising Third Grader Enters Entrepreneur Contest

Robbie Donovan is finding out what it takes to become an avid entrepreneur. The eight-year-old was recently entered into a state-wide contest as part of a product he invented at the 21st Century’s Entrepreneur Club this summer. During a Zoom interview alongside teachers Connie Grayson, Karen Mauro, Karen Bryant, and fellow students, Robbie had the opportunity to describe his product and share his excitement for the contest, which is part of the Massachusetts After School Program.

The product, known as “Fun Brushes,” was derived from Robbie’s dislike of brushing his teeth.

“We tried to spur an idea out of Robbie, so we asked him what is something he doesn’t like to do, and from there, he just hit the ground running,” said Karen Mauro. “He was such a good hard worker and a great candidate to work with. He knew what he wanted to create and he knew how to go about selling it.”

In a 90-second video, Robbie shares how his product works and his reasoning for inventing it. Dressed for success in a tux and top hat, Robbie takes the viewer step by step, demonstrating how to use Fun Brushes. The packet, which is selling for $9.99, comes with three reusable teeth molds, toothpaste, a rinse cup and soap for rinsing the molds.

“You put the toothpaste in the mold, then move it around to clean your teeth,” said Robbie, in a script that he wrote independently. “You can clean them and use them over and over again, and it’s great if you forget to brush your teeth. You can take them everywhere with you. It’s a quicker way to brush your teeth and you can choose colors and different types of toothpaste if you send in a request.”

On August 13th Robbie will find out the results of the contest. While he was the only one to submit out of Winthrop, his product will go up against thousands of young entrepreneurs from across the Commonwealth.

For more information on Fun Brushes, you can view the website that Robbie made as part of the project: www.funbrushes.com.

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