Police Blotter 04-04-2019

Monday, March 25

A 911 hang-up came in from a 508 number. No answer on call back and unable to get accurate ping. Verizon provided a secondary phone umber. After speaking to that party, he provided information that his son is in school at Winthrop High School and he is in the ninth-grade and the owner of the phone. Father gave his son’s name. The student went to the office to report he accidentally called 911.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street. A citation was issued for speed and no having license in possession.

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Verbal warning given.

Party came into the station to turn in a wallet he found on Yirrell Beach while walking his dog. The wallet contained a considerable amount of cash but no ID. Wallet was entered in to the evidence and put in temporary storage.

Elderly female from Lincoln Street called stating that someone called her phone telling her to call 911. She stated she did not ink who called her and began to get agitated no the phone and hung up. We spoke with resident who stated they did to call 911. Staff stated they will be checking on the resident.

Unknown calling party on Argyle Street reported water coming up near the sub-station. DPW stated it was coming from a manhole and nothing to worry about.

Party from Jefferson Street came into the station to report being harassed by his neighbor. He states today she was banging on the wall, which knocked down four pictures. after while he was leaving she kicked his door. He wanted this slogged as it an ongoing situation. He may need to get an HRO.

Report of a blocked driveway on Court Road. Unit requesting tow for a blocked fire hydrant. Vehicle was given a citation for blocking hydrant. Officer noted that it was minimally blocking the driveway. Cars would be able to pass by it. The owner of the vehicle came out to move it and the tow was cancelled.

Units off with vehicle occupied by two people on Neptune Avenue. Problem with registration and this was being rectified. A citation was issued.

Tuesday, March 26

Motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. A citation was issued for speeding.

Range Rover parked in same spot for over a week on Bartlett Road. Officer requesting a tow. G&J has the vehicle.

Caller states there is a male with a dark hoodie inside the parking lot of Cumberland Farms asking for money. Spoke to the party who was looking for loose change to buy coffee. Party was advised.

Party witnessed a motor vehicle hit another vehicle on Crest Avenue and would like to speak to an officer. Vehicle heading into Winthrop Beach. It is a late 2000 Caddy. Vehicle was found at Seafoam and Winthrop Shore Drive. Owner of the Caddy came down to drive the vehicle and the operator did not have a license. Operator will get a citation for operating without a license. NH vehicle is in the process of being registered in MA. Owner will put the vehicle on private property until it is properly registered. Papers were exchanged.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Kennedy Road. 93 transported male under arrest. G&J towed the vehicle. Subject was arrested for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Keeping the peace on Veterans Road. Male party picking up his belongings. No RO in place. Just wanted an officer to be present. Clear, party has his items.

Calling party states a male party highly intoxicated was walking up towards Kennedy Drive, weaving back and forth. 92 off on Golden Drive with the male party. 95 requests medical aid for the male party. Unit clear, male party transported to the MGH Boston via Action EMS.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Pleasant Street. Call delayed due to the units tied up at Golden and Revere. Report to follow.

Party came to the station to report suspicious activity on Willow Avenue that he believes needs to be investigated. See report with attached witness/victim statement.

Unit en route to Bellevue Avenue to attempt to serve trespass order. It was served in hand.

Calling party from Governors Drive stated that someone knocked on her door stating that her car trunk was opened. She did not open the door because she did not recognize the voice. She just had an incident where a man was harassing her so she would like an officer. Units talked to the caller and they stated to keep the door shut and to call if any other incidents happen.

Wednesday, March 27

Party at Governors Park states that her neighbor in the basement keeps banging on her ceiling. Units knocked on door to apartment and no answer. They don’t hear anything coming from the apartment as well.

Motor vehicle accident at Pleasant and Somerset Avenue.

DPW reports a man using a crossbow on Yirrell Beach near the DPW workers and the worker is concerned. It was a federal agent on the beach. No bow and arrow. Party checks out and units cleared.

Report of a woman attacked by dogs on Mermaid Avenue. One officer and two people bit. Aha 2 responding to scene. Medical aid responding. ACO Revere requested by ACO in Winthrop. Dog attacked officer and two people. One officer injured transported to MGH via Action. One civilian refused medical aid. Two dogs transported to ACO Center. Report to follow.

Party on Highland Avenue states that the trash truck driver hit a pole and knocked the electricity out. Stated that the driver then left in the truck. National Grid on the scene. Easy Disposal truck blew a fuse in the pole. National Grid on scene making sure the pole is secure.

Motor vehicle stop at Deer Island. Party throwing trash out the window. Party was advised to pick up the trash and then sent on his way.

Calling party on Pleasant Street states that she received harassing phone calls and she states that this is an ongoing issue. Calling party was concerned for her safety. She was given her options. She will think things over and if the calls continue she will call 1212 or file a report the station.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states that her roommate has not left the room for a couple of days. She is responding but telling them to leave her alone. Caller stated she has not even gotten up to use the bathroom. Units request medical aid for female party. Female party voluntarily to the MGH Boston via Action EMS.

Party on Cliff Avenue stated that around 5:30 p.m. his dog ran out of the yard. Name is Rivis.

Unit off with vehicle parked illegally on Highland venue. Unit stated that the vehicle was revoked insurance is on private property so it will not be towed. Someone is moving the other vehicle that was illegal parked.

Thursday, March 28

Received an order to repossess vehicle on Walden Street.

Male party reported walking in the middle of Morton Street. Medical en route. Party was located on Douglas Street. Spoke with the party and he was cleared by medical.

Party reports that she has been receiving harassing phone calls and e-mail.

Neighbors reporting harassment on Wave Way Avenue. It is a civil matter over neighbor putting mail in her mail box.

Party called regarding drug paraphernalia in the area of Mary Kelly Park on Morton Street. Items were picked up.

MBTA Police walk-in to turn in firearms ad TC they have on Winthrop resident on Main Street.

Party came in to request a well-being check on party on Winthrop Street whose car alarm has been sounding intermittently for a few days. Party contacted by phone and is fine and will address the malfunction car alarm. Made contact again with the party and everything is fine. Car alarm was shut off.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere and Crest Avenue. 92 enroute. Citation issued for failure to stop for a pedestrian.

Mother calling from Indiana and states that she has not spoke to her daughter in five days and is concerned for her well-being.. She lives on Sea Foam Avenue. Units spoke to downstairs neigh or who stated there was a woman who lived upstairs but no child. Name on mailbox does not match.

Friday, March 29

Contractor called to request a representative from water department respond to mark the water services in the area of Revere Street that he is working on. DPW contacted and will respond.

Officer assisted a turkey crossing the road at Revere and Governors Drive. The animal was holding up traffic.

Caller on Upland Road states there is a truck illegal parked in front of her house without a permit making it difficult for a work truck to get through to work on her house. Officer states vehicle was legally parked within the frame to park on the street. No answer on the callback to the original caller.

Officer stated that pole was out and to contact DPW to go to Prospect Avenue. National Grid notified and will be dispatching a unit.

Party came in to report a larceny by one of the employees.

Report of a white male looking into vehicles on Grovers Avenue. Officers checked surrounding streets and states that no one in the area that fits the description given.

Caller on Hale Avenue states that someone stole her package from her doorstep. Officer reports party’s package was stolen on Wednesday. Officer will be doing a report and also advised the party to make contact with the postal service.

Party on Upland Road stated they are frightened by some kind of animal that climbed their ran spout and is sitting on their roof and would like an officer to respond. Officer advised parties that if it still there in the morning to call DPW but for now there is nothing much an officer can do.

Report of a disturbance in the area of Bayview Avenue. Officers report the male lives on Hale according to roommate. An argument was over female party who did not want to give male party a ride but then decided to. Possibly to a train station. Officers will be checking the area to check on the female’s well-being. Officer checked entire area including Deer Island and nothing showing. Officers will be on the lookout and use caution.

Report of Hispanic male party who stole a coffee at the 7- Eleven. Party in question is not at Cumberland Farms. Male party in custody and is wanted for warrant.

Saturday, March 30

Report of people outside Blackstrap and being too loud. Officer reports only two people outside.

Officer reports male party threw glass in the street at Blackstrap’s. Male party along with friends picked up the glass from the street and moved along.

Report of a crane blocking a lane on Winthrop Street near Jefferson. They were told to move.

Party came in to report being threatened and harassed by parties known to him. He was provided a victim/witness form that he will complete and return along with some Social Media posts.

Caller on Tileston Road states there is vehicle partially blocking his driveway. Caller states that the car has been there for a few days. Vehicle is legally parked and it is a tight street and difficult to turn into the driveway.

Walk-in from Jefferson Street to report ongoing harassment from his next door neighbor. Person keeps slamming the door very loudly on purpose. She kicks and bangs on the walls. She does drugs all day and night and the caller’s grandchildren will ask, “what is that smoke,” referring to the drug smell. The kicking and punching of the walls has caused at least four pictures to fall off the wall. This has occurred at least 10 times before. Caller would like this on record for future court action.

Party at Governors Park states that the apartment in front of her has a dog howling in pain for about 20 minutes. Unsure if anyone is home. There was a dog yelping and the door was unlocked. Unit checked dog out and it has plenty of food and water and was in no danger. Unit notifying management about the general complaint.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states that someone hit his girlfriend’s fence with a car and would like to speak to an officer. Car was not on the scene. Fence was not struck with a vehicle. It looks like someone may have opened it and caused minor damage.

Report of a male party stumbling outside JW’s Bistro. 92 off with male party on Jefferson Street. Spoke with the male party who is intoxicated and a friend will be bringing him home.

Report of a much of males fighting near the park on Jefferson Street. Area near JW was clear and nothing showing in the area.

Sunday, March 31

Caller on Atlantic Street states that the people upstairs are slamming things on the ground. States this goes on every weekend. Spoke with both parties who were both advised. Both parties will be speaking with the landlord and if the police have to get called again they will have to go to court.

Caller at Governors Park stats there are three males in the parking lot possibly with open containers and public drinking. Parties are on their way who were staying at a friend who lives at Governors Park.

Party on Bowdoin Street state she has not hear from party in three weeks and would like a well-being check. Caller lives in Maine and is worried. Spoke to the roommate who has not been home since Thursday.

91 was flagged down by party on Circuit Road who stated she lost her beige Lab. Unit checking the area, no sign of the dog but will keep a look out.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that the neighbor’s dog has been barking nonstop for about three hours. This is an ongoing issue. No issue, dogs aren’t barking.

Someone walked in to station to report they saw a suspicious person in the lot of Citizen Bank taking pictures of the bank. 91 spoke to the party and saw his paperwork. He was taking pictures of the bank’s website.

Motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. Officer reports citation issued for excessive tint. Operator and owner was advised that changing symbols on vehicle is illegal and that the original ones need to be placed on.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that there are a few parties driving under the influence. Red car. BOLO issued.

Group home on Pleasant Street stated that his sister is being picked on. Officer spoke with both female parties and staff. Everything is ok. there is a small issue between female and other party but staff is taking care of it and has it under control.

Caller on Irwin Street states that he is in the house by himself. Unit spoke to the male party and he will be going to bed for the night. He will contact the sister who reported this incident. Unit reports leaving message to the sister.

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