Lime Bikes to Return with a Little Something Extra

Officials from Lime Bike and two Winthrop committees (Traffic Safety Advisory Committee – TSAC) and the Transportation Committee met Monday night about starting a new bicycling season with Lime Bike, this time with a little electronic kick.

“We talked, for three hours on everything, the mechanics, the safety, the regulations, the legislation of these bikes and how we might be able to safely effectively,” said Julia Wallerce, chair of the Transportation Committee. “We got to ride the bike. It was my first time riding an electric assist bike and I am totally sold. It’s like the wind pushing you from behind. Chief Delehanty even got on one.”

The contract with Lime Bike has to be modified and there will be a few recommendations.

The Town Council gets to vote on whether or not the town will have the bicycles.

The regular bicycles should roll out next month, and will be in Winthrop until June when they will be replaced with E-Lime Bikes.

One resident concerned about the bicycles is John Morgan who lives on Golden Drive and likes to take walks. Morgan is blind and has tripped over the bikes left on the sidewalk. He said he would prefer designated areas to place the bikes.

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