Police Blotter 04-11-2013

Monday, April 1

Caller reports her husband is down on the ground complaining of pain. Fire and ambulance notified.

Officer assisted traffic entering and existing the school.

Party reports a white box with commercial plates has been parking near the above location numerous times. Officer reports he will time and tag the subject vehicle.

UPS Driver reports striking a small dog and believes it is deceased. He reports the dog owner is on scene and is distraught. ACO notified and will respond.

Party reports someone took her gold from her safe. She explained this is the 2nd time. Officer spoke to the caller.

93 will attempt to serve the Defendant for Docket No. 1305R067. 93 reports resident reports subject does not reside there.

Party reports her husband committed suicide. WFD notified. CPAC notified. 2 vehicles listed to the involved male party parked in the driveway. Party transported to MGH by Action Ambulance. Detective Callinan on scene. Lt. Perrin responded to the MGH.

Asst. Principal reports older male party shooting hoops. She requested he leave until school dismissal is complete and come back after. Will speak with subject and advise. Downs Syndrome Party was subsequently located by the Soccer Field and advised to leave until school lets out.

Party reports CO alarm sounding. Advised to leave the residence. WFD notified.

Principal reports a parent has not picked up her child for the 1:20 p.m. dismissal and requested a well-being check. 91 reports unable to locate her. Grandmother and Uncle located by 93 and will pick up the child. School notified.

Caller reports 19-year-old female with knife threatening to hurt herself.

Docket from Boston served in hand to person at station.

Directed patrol 7/11 and Cumberlands Farms Area, everything appears clear.

Directed patrol by the basketball court. All clear

Directed patrol at Michael’s Mall and French Sq., area all clear.

Directed patrol at the small park, no one in the area.

Party reports having a lost young girl from Fall River in the restaurant.

Officers coming in with unknown 14 yr. old female who is refusing to give any information.

Female going to children’s hospital as she has threatened to hurt herself.

Officer McCarthy contacted DCF as subject made allegations of abuse at home.

Tuesday, April 2

Winthrop Landing area all clear.

Beacon Circle to Grovers Ave all clear.

Hot Diggitty, Dunkin, Wine Basket – Revere St., all clear.

Winthrop St. to RPM Fitness & lot – Banks St., all clear.

Mobile, Dunkin, Isle, – Main St., all clear.

Caller reports fire alarm sounding. Fire Dept. checked out the building and reset alarm.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the school zone.

Detail officer Lt. Lessard radioed to Winthrop Control that a motor vehicle crash occurred on the East Boston side of the bridge and parties are injured. Winthrop Fire was notified as well as Boston Police.

Lt. Lessard reports all information was given to BPD and EMS for Boston. Winthrop EMS and Fire had responded as well.

Woman reports locating a dog that was in one of the MVs involved in the accident. ACO VanBuskirk was notified and will contact Boston ACO.

Alarm activation for the basement area of the liquor store. Officers reports Ferrara construction was working in the basement and had to enter the area to complete some work. The owner has been notified.

Mother called and reports 12-year-old child is out of control.

Officers report they were able to calm the situation down and the parents are awaiting the arrival of the BEST team who should be on scene in about an hour. Officer will clear for the present time.

Party reports trash being left in the back of his truck.

This is not the first time this has happened overnight.

Anonymous party reports he just observed a worker wearing a green coat and white construction hat tossing trash into the water below. Party was asked if he would point out the subject to an officer but decided to remain anonymous.

Work was being done on the East Boston side of the bridge according to officer working a detail in the area.

State Police and DCR on beach cleaning out catch basins.

Shore Drive – Shirley St., all quiet at this time.

Party came to the station to pick up the SUV inside the Sallyport. Found to be unsafe to drive he will have a tow truck pick up the MV later today.

MV was towed out by Enterprise Car Rental.

Party located a bone in the sandy area near Beacon Circle. Appears to be an animal bone but left it for detective to have it examined further.

Units are off on a follow up investigation at Shore Drive.

Party reports her friend has been in some pain and said she would not be back again, referring to suicide. The caller does not know where in Winthrop she lives.

2 local addresses were contacted and they have no knowledge of this woman.

RMV query reveals an active address out of Weymouth, MA. Weymouth PD notified and will send a unit by the address.

Person contacted and stated the address is a home phone out of Weymouth as well.

Original caller called back stating she believes person lives on the South Shore.

Weymouth PD called back and stated they spoke to the subject’s mother and she is currently at a doctor’s appointment.

Party came in to report approximately 26 fraudulent transactions on his Direct Federal Credit Union Checking Acct. from 3/21/13 thru 3/27/13. The transactions are from the Apple iTunes Store and appear to have been conducted online. He has since notified the Credit Union and has cancelled the account. He will follow up with the financial institution.

Party came in to report that his brother-in-law stole approximately $100 from his apartment last night that belonged to his wife. He was provided a victim/witness form that he stated he will take home and fill out.

Officer Scribner of the Dracut PD wanted an officer to go by the Shore Dr. and check for names on the mailboxes. A party is there making a complaint regarding a utility bill being charged to him from that address. Officer reports no name listed at that address. He will follow up by other means.

Directed Patrol on Walden St. Kids playing basketball, all quiet.

Male caller reports that he has been advised by the chief to call when commercial vehicles are parked for extended periods of time in the area: unit tied up at this time but will be dispatched to monitor the area.

Visitor pass given for trailer attached FL, they are moving stuff out of the house as his mother has passed and he should be done by Saturday, Pass given for truck and trailer.

Party reports and wants noted that his landlord has entered his apartment on numerous occasions without his permission or advanced notification. He states that he has told him not do so on previous occasions but he had ignored him. Today the landlord has entered stating the water heater was having problems, there is no water heater in his apartment.

Shortly after previous walk in landlord of above address came in requesting that we take an entry from him stating that he entered the apartment of his tenant due to an emergency with the water heater in the basement and he could not call the tenant as he stated he does not have a number for him. He stated that he had to go through the apartment due to the water heater would not fit through the basement entry door. And he also stated that he is in the process of an eviction with the same tenant.

Officer found front door opened, apparently by the wind. No sign of forced entry. Owner’s daughter will contact her to secure the building.

Directed patrol French Sq. area quiet.

Caller reports a possible breaking and entering. Officer responded and reports no sign of forced entry, nothing apparently missing, states resident may have left door unlocked and just wants a log in case she eventually finds something missing.

Directed Patrol 7 eleven and Cumberland Farms, everything appears in order.

Citation issued to a motor vehicle parked on cross walk.

Wednesday, Apri 3

Directed Patrol Harvard St., near 7/11 four cars parked outside shopping area quiet.

Party not feeling well, requesting medical attention. Refereed to Action; transported to Whidden.

Reports panic alarm stuck at above address. Homeowner called while officers enroute. Accidental.

Directed Patrol of the Center area at approx. 7:35 a.m. The businesses were starting to begin their daily operation.

Officer Carter will direct traffic for the school kids.

Alarm central reports activation. Units report accidental trip due to keypad malfunction.

Caller reports his mother is having difficulty breathing.

Directed Patrol of the Middle/Cummings School crossings.

Directed Patrol of the rear door of the Cummings School until approx. 8:40 a.m. One student was dropped off after the door was secure, but the mother brought the child to the front door. There were no issues to report.

Directed Patrol of the Highland area. Everything appeared to be normal and routine.

Directed Patrol of the Shore Dr. area. Everything was routine at this time. McCourt was still working on the beach, and the DCR was cleaning catch basins at this time.

Directed Patrol of the Center area. There were no issues to report at this time.

DPW reports hypodermic needle in park. Item secured and disposed of.

Call for disabled motor vehicle. W93 reports vehicle safely moved out of the roadway to await for AAA.

Directed Patrol of the Basketball Courts/Ingleside Park area. There are no issues to report at this time.

Call of Wires down. Fire notified.

Directed Patrol of the area of Seven-Eleven and the adjacent businesses. There are no violations to report and there is no one loitering around any of the businesses.

Call from Boston Police to report someone in the area of Morton St. with phone number called them to report some kind of larceny. I called the number back and a female stated she is on Douglas St. and her carriage and pocketbook was stolen. Officer reports he and W-92 searched the area to no avail.

Report of a male having difficulty breathing.

Officer Curran will direct traffic for the School kids.

Officer Carter will monitor the School Crossing and School Bus activity.

Officer Curran will monitor the students as they leave the High School area.

Officer Curran will monitor the School Crossing.

Report of d/k male subject. W93 reports male subject to Whidden via Action for observation.

Visiting nurse called requesting ambulance for transport for cath problem.

Female caller reports a motor vehicle in front of her house that a police officer in a marked cruiser was chasing. A check with the units indicated no officer was chasing or speaking with any subjects in the area.

Officer Curran responded to the area at the request of Lt. Scarpa to check out the parking of a large commercial box van there.

Officer Curran reports his attention was called to vehicle that has been parked on Loring for a long time without moving. Listed to a female at Emerson St., Officer spoke to the owner who will move the mv.

Person came to the station to seek an ERO and to report an incident. ERO issued by Judge Joseph Jennings from Gloucester District Court. Order was served via telephone to the defendant.

Call from a woman with partial English. Difficult to understand giving her address on Perkins St., Caller was requesting police several call backs to number went unanswered.

Officer spoke with women and she was checked out as she had a problem with her medication.

Female reports unsafe condition on roadway near construction site. Detail officers Vitale and S. Hickey will check all existing barricades and signage around the work site.

Male called reporting a motor vehicle parked in the handicapped spot without a placard preventing him from parking in the spot.

W-91 responded and reports a very large car was parked nearby which no allowing enough room for the caller to park. A parking warning was issued.

Caller reports that she was assaulted and is being stalked. She is at the Cumberland Farms and a female and male also stole her expensive camera Officer reports that the alleged theft took place on Tuesday and the silver car containing the suspect described as an overweight female with long wavy hair was gone. Search of the area revealed no car.

Requests a medical for father with chest pains.

Thursday, April 4

Alarm sounding. Message left at owner’s residence.

Resident reports kids being noisy behind water tower.

Owner on scene. Requesting officer to clear the building with her.

Officer Carter will direct traffic for the School Kids.

Directed Patrol of the Middle/Cummings School crossings. Moderate traffic due to the Pleasant St. closure. Everything went well.

Directed Patrol of the rear entrance to the Cummings School. One child was dropped off after the closure. He continued to ring the bell with no one responding. I followed the child around to the appropriate door and watched him enter the school.

Parking tickets issued by the Winthrop Police.

Directed Patrol of the Center area. Everything appears to be in order. These are no issues to report, and there are no violations.

Directed Patrol of the River Rd., area and the adjacent neighborhoods. Everything was normal and routine at this time.

Directed Patrol of the Shore Dr. area and all of the adjacent streets. There were no issues to report at this time.

Lifeline activation for 91-year-old male. Units report everything ok, and lifeline reset.

Ft. Banks School requested that we contact Jennifer Donahue as her son has been waiting for her to pick him up 45 minutes after dismissal. W93 reports making contact with female who misunderstood the early dismissal time.

Officer Carter will direct traffic for the School Kids.

Directed Patrol of the Ingleside Park area. The Park and the Basketball Courts are very busy due to the weather and the early release day of the Cummings School. However, there are no issues to report.

Call of motor vehicles parked in bus stop.

Officer will try to serve male on two different plaintiffs, he reports subject is not living there.

Therapist requests a well-being check on a client.

Caller reports a resident has passed out.

Party came to the station to report that there may have been a domestic in the point about 20 minutes ago. Male and female who is pregnant. Reporter did not have a means of communication to call us so she came in. She reports that the male knocked a cup from the female’s hand and was yelling at her.

Officer Curran and Officer Feeley checked out area and did not find the couple.

Caller reports her daughter’s boyfriend is at the door kicking it in. This is the male party from the previous call. Mother reports her daughter is pregnant and male at the door is the father.

Officer Curran and Officer Feeley and Lt. Scarpa responded and located the male.

Resident of group home called in reporting an alarm of fire going off.

Lt. Perrin and Dt. Racow went to Swampscott and arrested Male.

Party came to the station with her husband, to report being harassed by male whom she met at a meeting. She reports male has been calling her and wanting a relationship with her even though she told him it was not possible.

Mgr. reports a scam involving national grid billing.

Mg. complains of 15 min. parking

Mgr. reports a creepy shoplifter.

Prisoner given his supper by Officer Bonavita.

Prisoner sleeping on bench.

Male caller reports a male trying car doors on Hermon St. described as very tall maybe 6’5” wearing a long overcoat, short hair, dress shoes and smoking a cigarette. Caller reports male is now in a black mini van.

Destruction of property, $250 malicious, 2 warrants.

Freeman stopped Ma. Reg. All checked out.

Friday, April 5

Report of two youths hanging out in area. Units report local youths sent home for the night.

Prisoner sleeping on back.

Female caller wanted to report abuse by her boyfriend but would not give her name or location. Finally did provide such, officers were able to locate her in her car in residential parking lot.

Threat to commit crime.

Prisoner covered camera.

Prisoner placed in juvenile cell to keep the peace amongst detainees.

Prisoners both sleeping in respective calls.

Officer Carter will direct traffic for the School Kids.

Directed Patrol of the Middle/Cummings School crossings. Traffic moderate with Pleasant St. closure, but everything is moving smoothly. There are no problems to report.

Directed Patrol of the rear entrance of the Cummings. Everything went well.

Officer Feeley is investigating a child being pulled out of school without notice and the family leaving housing without notice.

Directed Patrol of the Public Landing. There are no issues to report.

Call that a garage collapsed and a lady may be inside. Officers and Fire report.

Anonymous caller reports neighbor’s trash not picked up in the area of Pauline St. and states that it will be left there all weekend. Advised alleged violation will be noted and to contact code enforcement.

Caller reports two unknown males at his neighbor’s front door. Units reports owner on scene.

A jogger came to the station to report two Hispanic males in a red motor vehicle had thrown a soda and some other item at him as they passed, then turned around and began to follow him in the area of Nevada St.

Officer Curran will direct traffic for the School kids.

10 abandoned called in two minutes, Officer reports number that came in.

Officer Carter will monitor the School Crossing and School Bus activity.

Female caller reports her parents are receiving many; calls form a Publishers Clearing House Scam. Officer Perrin looked up the number, it is out of Jamaica.

Male came into the station to report he is being followed/harassed by the husband of a friend who is accusing the two of having an affair.

Caller states that his neighbor is illegally burning refuse in his backyard.

Call regarding a scam fraud etc. regarding the purchase of a dog on line. Party reports that she thought one of the parties that she was dealing with tel. # may be located in Winthrop. Party reports she sent money gram and via money gram caller was advised to contact her local law enforcement agency for assistance.

Female complains of noise. She will let officer in.

Person came to the station regarding a visitation order with her granddaughter age 7. Reports that she has not seen her since Jan. Caller reports vehicles traveling form gym are with excessive speed.

W-91 check the area and it was clear.

Male came to the station reports he is being harassed by the husband of a woman he met at a meeting. He was advised of his rights by Officer.

Reports falling at the Elks earlier and now her leg is bothering her.

Male reports a trailer belonging to his neighbor parked for weeks.

Caller reports a large noisy group out by the pool area.

Saturday, April 6

Party reports his brother is acting funny and he has found a needle in his room. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service, officer responded and reports party transported to Whidden Hospital via ambulance.

Party reports loud music coming from somewhere outside his home. Officer located a gentleman and his dog playing music inside a party bus parked in his driveway. Music was shut down.

Residential burglar alarm. Homeowner was on scene.

Woodside Ave., is busy at this time, but there are no parking violations or other issues to report.

Caller reports white motor vehicle with expired Rhode Island plates. W93 reports no Rhode Island plate in the area, there was N.H. and a Maine plate in the area, both came back active.

Owner of bait shop reports cars parked over 15 min. limit.

Directed Patrol of the Hawthorn St. section of Shore Dr. There is no one loitering in the area at this time.

Directed Patrol of the Shirley St. Veterans Rd., appears to be normal and routine.

Directed Patrol of the Ingleside Park area. No problems.

Male reports a vehicle parked on the wrong side of Hermon St.

Male called of a drunk walking around the area. Officers report they are going to bring in for Protective Custody.

Female called to report she had a piece of jewelry damaged and glasses stolen.

Workers from Sturgis St. called regarding one of their client’s living in East Boston that may be having a stroke. Referred to Boston and then to Boston Medical.

Person called to report harassing and threatening calls.

Neighbor reports male has fallen outside and now is in the hallway, transported with laceration over the eye.

Sunday, April 7

Officers report, someone was yelling form the top floor at address. They will attempt to locate subject.

Center business area and schools all quiet.

The Revere St. business district all quiet with the exception of 7-Eleven.

Caller reports there are vehicles parked obstructing the roadway.

Party reports she discovered several jewelry pieces missing from her home.

Irate caller called back stating the vehicles were still parked around the area of 99 Brewster Ave. obstructing the way. Caller refused to identify themselves. Officer dispatched to the area again. Caller also refused to come out of the house.

Caller reports his motor vehicle was vandalized last night.

He stated that the rear window of his vehicle was smashed.

Medford Police call to report possible past sexual abuse.

Dispute regarding land and private ways, Settled for now.

Caller reports her aunt needs an ambulance transport to Beth Israel Hospital.

Caller reports she fell off the commode and broke her tooth.

Caller reports female needs an ambulance to the hospital for detox.

Caller reports there is a fight in front of residence.

Son transported to MGH for evaluation.

Monday, April 8

Calling party reports, he received a text from involved party that she needs help. No answer at the door, owner was contacted and he has no way to gain en try. Fire notified to gain entry for us to check on involved party. Entry gained party was a sleep and okay.

Party reports her neighbor called her stating earlier that observed a homeless person sleeping in the hallway. Officer checked area and reports area search negative.

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