Great Green News for Winthrop: Grant to Fund Energy Projects is a Step Toward the Future

That was great news for Winthrop last Thursday when State Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan presented a grant to the town for $169,625 during a ceremony at the Winthrop Cultural Center. Town Manager Jim McKenna, Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo, and State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli have been at the forefront on the issue of protecting our environment and seeking out clean energy alternatives that will in the end make our schoolchildren and residents healthier.

It was great to see Speaker DeLeo in attendance at the ceremony which was attended by several town department heads. The Speaker understands the importance of state grants and how they can help a town like Winthrop in many areas. He has been instrumental in bringing state officials here to take a look at all of the improvements that are being made with Jim McKenna and Council President Peter Gill at the helm of our town government.

Winthrop had to meet five clean energy benchmarks to earn the designation as a Green Community. Beginning at the top with McKenna, it has been a concerted effort to lead this environmentally-conscious effort. We’re confident that Jim and his administration will utilize the grant to the maximum benefit of Winthrop residents and set the foundation for more environmentally sound projects as Winthrop stays on the cutting edge of advancement in the 21st century.

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