Police Blotter 04-05-2012

Tuesday, March 27

Caller reports that the lights are malfunctioning at the intersection of Highland Avenue/Crest Avenue and Revere Street. DPW notified and will have a unit respond.

Party reports ongoing harassment from her neighbor on Grovers Avenue. She wanted this recorded if it continues.

Someone reported a capsized boat approximately ½ mile off of Shore Drive. Transferred to WFD.

Caller reports old lady is lost and doesn’t know where she is. She is known to officer who will return her home.

Caller reports someone just hit her husband’s car on Grandview Avenue. 92 will file a report. 

Wednesday, March 28

Party reported two items that she was getting rid of were taken from the end of her driveway  on Somerset Terrace sometime over the last couple of nights. She just wanted it noted and was advised to call if she sees any suspicious vehicles in the area.

Officer responded to the area on the reports of a construction company working in the area and having the road obstructed on Floyd Street. After speaking with the owner and DPW it was decided a detail was needed at that location for a cement pour.

Lt. Perrin and Off. Crisafi followed up on an investigation involving a student at the Middle School. Party was contacted and officer will follow up on the information.

Party reported to officer that a car just struck a motor vehicle and fled the scene down Main Street. Vehicle was located on Douglas Street by Lt. Scarpa who is on detail in the area. Officer responded and reports she will be taking operator into custody. Charges were operation of motor vehicle after license was revoked, leaving the scene of an accident and personal injury.

Caller reports something is suspicious on Triton Avenue with two men in the yard next door. Officer responded and reports the neighbor was putting his motorcycle away and the neighbor apparently did not know him.

Party reports the defendant of a 209A on Shore Drive is calling him and texting him. No record of the order being served. Caller provided two contact numbers for her. After further review and investigation, defendant had been served by Officer Donnellen via phone. Plaintiff contacted and advised of his rights and requested a record be created. He will inform the judge at the next hearing of the allegations.

Nurse requests EMS for an 11-year old male patient on Governor’s Drive to be transported to Children’s Hospital for further medical treatment. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

WFD responded for a medical aid on Sargent Street and are now requesting an officer respond for reasons unknown. Captain Moses wanted officer to know about some statement that were being made by the patient.

Officers responded to Cal’s Auto Body on Argygle Street to make an arrest. The office of the business has been designated as a crime scene. Subject has been placed into custody. Charges were five counts of rape of a child under 14, and three counts of indecent assault and battery on child under 14.

Shoplifting was reported at the CVS. 92 reports subject fled prior to his arrival. He will search the area. 

Thursday, March 29 

Caller from Sunnyside Avenue reports hearing a bang and seeing two males in the backyard of the house next door to hers. Officers spoke with the caller and search all yards in the area and found no problem or individuals.

Party reported her I-phone was stolen while at the high school sometime on Wednesday.

Caller reports someone took some items from her home on Irwin Street. Officer reports a woman’s jacket and a scarf as was well as three photographs were taken. No signs of a break in. Party will change her locks.

Chelsea PD and State officer on a Pleasant Street location looking to interview a male subject.

Manager at Paesan’s called to report an unruly patron. Units report settling matter. All clear. 

Friday, March 30 

Probation Department requests that we respond to an address on Winthrop Street to instruct male subject to charge his electronic monitoring bracelet or a warrant will be sought for his arrest.

Party from Shirley Street reports her daughter  has been abusing her for five years and she is tired of it. Officer reports she has made numerous allegations but does not want court action taken. Officer will contact elder services.

Caller from Winthrop High requested an officer respond regarding threats made against a student after an altercation that took place earlier. Officer took information and will file a report.

Party reports an MWRA chlorine truck was operating negligently and nearly struck a pole on Veterans Road. Spoke with MWRA and advised of information. They will follow up and get driver information for further investigation.

Someone reports a fight taking place in front of Lucky Garden Restaurant. Officer report verbal argument over $10.00. Subjects sent on their way.

Detail officer reports a motor vehicle accident at Ace Hardware. Officer reports no personal injury. One vehicle needed to be towed. Parties exchanged information.

Party from Cummings School parking lot reports someone stole her Amazon Kindle in a blue case sometime between late January and the last couple of weeks from her motor vehicle while it was parked at the above location. She has been in contact with Amazon and reports the Kindle has been registered under a different name and is being used. She was advised we will contact Amazon to obtain further information to attempt to locate it.

Caller requests EMS for her boyfriend who is having a reaction to medication on Read Street. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party brought in  a Samsung cell phone with a damaged screen. He stated he spoke with the owner and she requested he drop it off at the station. Owner’s father contacted and will pick it up.

Request for an officer to the Cummings School for a parent creating a disturbance. Officers report the parent left prior to their arrival. They responded to the parents home to speak with her. She was advised the school would be taking action relative to her child fighting and she will be given a no trespass order.

Report of kids loitering at Honeydew. They left prior to arrival of officer. Spoke to the caller and manager with some suggestions.

Woman called to report husband ripping up the house on Shirley Street. Units report coming in with one. Domestic assault and battery.

Probation called and wants subject to charge his bracelet on Winthrop Street. 93 delivered message. 

Saturday, March 31 

Boston police requesting to have male call them for an incident that had occurred in East Boston this evening. Officer reports no answer at the address on Beal Street and the name given wasn’t on any of the mail boxes. Boston was informed. Boston called back with a different name at the same address. Officer reports there was an answer at the home. The individual stated that the subject was aware of the situation and was at the hospital with her son. Boston Police notified.

Female called from Hermon Street stating that her boyfriend has a drug issue and he just left the house. She now is missing her rent money. Officers report checking the area attempting to locate him. Unable to locate.

Cab driver called stating that he had a female in his cab that was giving him trouble on Washington Avenue. Officer reports female will pay the cab fare but had to go to the ATM machine to get money. Officer followed to ATM and the call was resolved.

Caller reports someone is trying to break into his uncle’s house. Units report no break. Accidental.

Officer will try to serve female on Winthrop Street a harassment order issued by the EB Court. She reports serving it in hand.

Female came to the station to report being harassed by an old boyfriend. She just wants it to stop. Officer will try to speak to the male.

Party called to report her 88 year old father walked out of the house on Shore Drive. She checked around and can not find him. Officer notified of this and given his description. Officer Callanan found him on Pearl Avenue. He is now home. All is well.

Caller reports a suspicious SUV on Tileston Road with three people in it and one of them has a telescopic camera. Officers report the three are working for a candidate and taking pictures of streets that have a lot of houses with American flags.

Reports of two motor vehicles parked in Hannaford Park and the park is closed. No one seems to be in the area. Message left for owner of Rhode Island vehicle regarding the vehicle parked in our town park after dusk. No number listed for the owner of the other vehicle. W91 tagged both vehicles. Parent called back from Rhode Island to inform us that his daughter is visiting  college friend for the weekend. Daughter called and is staying on Floyd Street along with the owner of the NH car. Both will retrieve their cars from the park and come to the station for a temporary parking permit.

Report of a loud party on Sewell Avenue. Officers at the home and no one will come to the door. They can hear people inside and report a strong odor of alcohol by the side of the house. Able to locate one parent and an older sibling of the juveniles whose home it is and they responded to open doors. Mother arrived on the scene. Officers transported 33 male and female juveniles to the station to be picked up by their parents.

Mother came to the station to report her 16 year old daughter has been coming home very late and hasn’t been listening to her. The mother has a CHINS on the daughter and just wanted it noted at this time.

Father from Hermon Street said his son came home drunk and is causing a problem. Officers report locating subject on Pauline Street. One under arrest for protective custody. 

Sunday, April 1 

Caller reports two males looking inside vehicles on Plummer Avenue. Officer report unable to locate subjects.

Call of loud noise coming from Crystal Cove Marina. Officer reports scrap metal collector just leaving.

Call that female can smell smoke in the washer/dryer area of the house on Bayview Avenue. Officers report some smoke in the house, everyone is out. Fire/Officer report just smoke, all clear.

Female from Shirley Street called to report the father of the person she has a 209-A on is going to take some items from her apartment. The person with the 209-A is a male and he is in jail. Was told the father is a third party contact and can not just go into the apartment. She agreed to have him come with an Officer. All was explained and all is done and both parties were satisfied of the results.

Party from Lewis Avenue came to the station for an emergency 209-A. It was granted by a judge and the defendant was served over the phone by Lt. DeLeo and he understood all that was told him.

Mother on Girdlestone Road reports son is fighting with the father. Officers request medical and Lt. Scarpa notified fire. One male to the hospital. 

Monday, April 2 

Detail officer Lt. Scarpa reports motor vehicle needs to be moved from Walden Street. Check with computer shows active WMS warrant for suspended license out of Lynn Court. Officer Donnellan and Freeman will respond to assist. Subject taken into the station and booked.

Voice mail message sent to the clerk’s phone from an unknown male stating that his ex-girlfriend is living with her ex-husband and she may be being held hostage. Officers report the front door was open. They announce who they were and no one answered. They checked the house and no one was there. They will check back later.

Male from Pauline Street came to the station to report the electrician he hired to do work in his house was fired today and he is now making threats. They would like this on record if anything happens. The electrician has called and harassed male and his mother-in-law. Also he came to the house after he was told not to.

Male on Revere Street came to report he was threatened with a hand gun by a tenant. He also stated this person has very large amounts of marijuana.

Principal Conlon called to report an incident of alleged bullying. W-94 reports he spoke with all parties involved and all were advised if anymore evidence takes place. A hearing would be filed in Chelsea Juvenile Court if there was.

Woman called several times to report an ongoing domestic in Revere near Dimino’s Sub Shop and also Suffolk Downs. Revere PD called four times.

Reports from a male on Irwin Street coming home an finding his play station 3 missing and his doors were still locked. This is the second time the caller is missing something and there is no sign of a break.

W-93 reports that someone reports to him that some young people just entered the bunkers on Kennedy road. Officer had two youths leave the area.

Female caller reports having a verbal argument with her male roommate on Shirley Street. Officer reports female caller will be leaving for the night.

Caller from Overlook Drive states her neighbor is outside banging on her door. Downstairs neighbor reunited with her husband. He will take care of her. He states that she has some mental issues and he was unaware she was out of the home.

Caller states that there is an unknown male sleeping in the cemetery on River Road behind his home. Officers report.

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