Police Blotter 02-09-2012

Tuesday, January 31

Assist State Police on traffic stop on Main Street near Paine Street. Officers report that on arrival trooper struggling with one. Officers report clearing one under arrest by State Police. They are waiting for a hook for motor vehicle.

Caller reports a man has fallen on Plummer Avenue and is afraid to move him. WFD notified and responding.

Caller reports a hunter with a dog in the Morton Street area dressed in camo. Officer reports the hunter is way beyond 500 feet from the properties and he cannot even make contact with him using the PA and siren.

Employees from the Winthrop Federal Credit Union report they accidentally set off the drawer alarm. Alarm company called simultaneously to report the activation. 93 reports speaking with the manager to confirm.

Party found a recently filled prescription bottle in the ditch between Veterans Road and Cross Street. Brought to the station for safe keeping.

Party reported to officer she was involved in an argument with her boyfriend on Nevada Street who has since left. Boyfriend reports his girlfriend just texted him saying she has taken all her medication. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report the female was transported to the Whidden for evaluation.

Party reports some syringes were found in front of the house on Read Street. Officer reports collecting four broken syringes and disposing of them in the Sharps container.

Female came to the station earlier this afternoon requesting an ERO approximately at 3 p.m. She was advised to respond to the EBDC to obtain a temporary ERO. She was sent back here for an officer to take a report and she was told to apply for a temporary one here at the police station. The on call judge will be contacted to obtain one for this evening. ERO not granted by judge from Malden District court.

Caller reports woman passed out in car at Cumberland Farms. Officer requests medical assistance. Party just sleeping. Medically cleared.

Party reports a cat hit by car and killed in front of his house on Main Street. Transferred to Animal Control. ACO notified and will respond.

Caller reports she can not find her 14-year old daughter and she will not answer the phone on Temple Avenue. As she was giving the information she found her daughter in her garage. All OK.

Party reports loud hissing noise coming from under the construction plate at Pauline Street. 93 confirmed. Fire notified to investigate. 

Wednesday, February 1

Caller reports someone was just struck by a motor vehicle near the Winthrop Middle School. WFD and EMS notified. Officers report teen male is being transported to MGH via ambulance. Officer took statements and will file a report.

Party reports another syringe found in front of her home on Read Street. Officer responded and reports.

Male party reports he just observed two individuals using a crack pipe while at the bus stop on Veterans Road. Officer was in the area and reports speaking with the caller who further stated the suspects got onto the bus. Officer stopped the bus at Pleasant Street and Main Street and report nobody got on the bus at the starting location.

Party requests EMS for assistance with some medical equipment malfunctioning on Harvard Street. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Female reports boys are fighting on Tileston Road. Units report coming in with one. Domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Caller from Bowdoin Street reports her neighbors’ front door is open and all the lights are on. She is concerned for their well being. Officers report. Homeowner just forgot to lock his door.

Thursday, February 2 

Detail officer reports dead animal in the road on Washington Avenue. Animal Control notified and will remove it from public way ASAP.

Party on Bowdoin Street called to report that she had an electrician that did not pull a permit. She was irate that she was being referred to the inspectional services. She states she has already reported this to the Building Inspector.

Male on Siren Street reports chest pain and difficulty breathing. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Officers report being flagged down on Douglas Street for injured party. Request EMS. Officers report one juvenile transported to Whidden Hospital.

Male caller reports his girlfriend may have OD on Klonopin on Circuit road. WFD notified. Officer reports 67 year old female transported.

Female reports she is at her grandmother’s on Golden Drive and a male has threatened to damage her motor vehicle. Subject was placed into protective custody. No crime was committed. Car was towed for safekeeping. 

Friday, February 3 

Calling party reports 12 trash bags dumped along the fence area at Hannaford Park, closest to Seal Harbor. DPW notified and will take care of the problem.

Party requesting an ambulance for transport from Bowdoin Street pursuant to some recent surgery. WFD notified.

Someone came in to report a stolen jet ski and trailer from Main Street. OCA entered into LEAPS. Owner reports he stored it in his ex-girlfriend’s yard in July 2010 and was last seen in April 2011. He was unable to provide any pertinent information regarding the trailer. Rejection error received from LEAPS due to invalid Hull ID number. Assistance from Environmental Police and Yamaha USA also unable to provide valid hull ID number. Owner notified.

Party from Moore Street came in to report an internet scam. She reports she placed an ad on eBay to sell an item and received a suspicious check. She brought it to a local bank and was advised not to deposit it. She is not a victim at this time but wanted the mater to be placed on record for any other potential victims.

Mother on Court Road requested that an officer come by for her son that may have an active warrant on him. Officers report the subject appears to be very intoxicated and ill. WFD and EMS requested by the officers. Party was transported to Whidden Hospital via EMS.

Party came to the station regarding her daughter being bullied at Winthrop Middle School, out of school and over social network sites. Officer spoke with reporting party as well as parents and will follow up after the school meeting that is scheduled. All parties advised to stay out of contact with one another.

Female from Golden Drive reports someone used her Discover card number fraudulently at different locations around Boston. The matter is currently under investigation by Discover card security division.

Party reports a male with a bow and arrow wearing camo in the area of parking lot by compost entrance on Kennedy Road. He is concerned for the children letting out of school soon. 93 checked the area to no avail.

Someone called from ASAP drain service requesting DPW respond to Cutler Street for a sewerage backup. DPW was notified and will have a crew respond.

Caller reports fire coming from chimney on Bayview Avenue. WFD reports no fire, it was sparks from the fireplace.

Caller reports loud party on Sea Foam Avenue with underage youths. One juvenile in custody. Juvenile Probation notified. Party thrower charged with supplying liquor to person under 21.

Saturday, February 4 

Party called complaining of loud noises coming from apartment on Pleasant Street. Verbal discussion over a lost purse that occurred in East Boston. All parties advised of rights and have decided to go home for the night.

Calling party reports fighting again at apartment on Pleasant Street. Officers report suspect on front porch yelling and screaming upon arrival. One in custody for protective custody. Message left for matron. Prisoner was uncooperative to do booking so she was placed in the female cell.

Male from Peabody came to the station to report his wife is a teacher at the Fort Banks School and when she left the school the other night only she and the custodian were the last to leave. She forgot her cell phone and it has a GPS tracking system. The system shows it at a house two down from Wilshire Street. Officer reports unable to locate the phone. Owner will check with the school on Monday.

Female caller (hard time understanding because of a bad connection and the yelling) reports a fight of some kind and her daughter has a knife on Sea Foam Avenue. Officers report coming in with a female for a warrant. Verbal argument and the daughter left the area. The warrant was for shoplifting and Class E.

Off Duty Lt. Scarpa reports kids in vehicle have a bag of marijuana on them on Shore Drive. The jeep took off toward the highlands. Officers searched the area to no avail.

Report of possible dark female being intoxicated at the Laundromat on Shirley Street. W-92 requests EMS evaluation. One female transported to Whidden via Action for observation.

Female came to the station to report she was thrown out of her parents house on Shirley Street and wants her clothes and car that they will not give back to her. Officer reports the parents state she left with her clothes and the car is parked in the street and they don’t have the key. She will call Ford to get a new key.

Female caller reports the odor of marijuana on Shore Drive in the hallway. Officers report that they knocked on the apartment door, no answer. They let everyone in the building know they were there.

Male called reporting he was locked out on Cottage Avenue. W-92 responded and reports that the caller is a foreign student and she found a relative of the family who he is staying with next door who had a key and let him in.

Father came to the station to pick up his son from his child’s mother at 4 p.m. and waited one hour and the child and mother did not show up at the station. He stated that she did not return the calls or texts that he sent and made.

Female called to report receiving a call from 845-228-2427 and the caller was soliciting funds for a well known Catholic charity. Caller reports she had a recent death in the family and believes that the call was a scam. Tried to call back the number and it was not a working number. Caller did not want her information noted or the name of the charity but did want people to know of this possible scam.

Caller reports two males illegally parked on Grandview Avenue and have two tripods set up videotaping Boston and Logan Airport.

Two people came to the station to report the woman living over their apartment on Governors Drive continues to make noise. They have spoken to security, the trustees and the woman becomes violent when anyone tried to speak with her about the noise.

Party reports being harassed over the phone by text and over the internet on Temple Avenue. Officer spoke with all parties involved, advised to cease text messages and phone calls. If it continues, a complaint hearing would be sought for harassment.  

Sunday, February 5 

Caller from Shirley Street reports group of kids causing a disturbance. Group of kids changing cars to go into East Boston told to quiet down. They changed cars and left the area and peace was restored.

Call of an elderly lady  trapped in her basement on Grovers Avenue. Officer reports a 99 year old woman with dementia.

Male caller reports there is a dog in the park behind the high school on Cross Street that last night tried to attack a female on Franklin Street. The dog is running around without a leash. Another call to say the dog is tied up at the Marketplace. Officer reports ACO will be notified. When ACO went to Franklin Street the female stated “Why are you here?” She said the dog barked behind her and startled her, but did not attack her.

Caller reports his wife is attempting to kill him on Faun Bar Avenue. Units report the husband is outside with injuries and his wife has locked the doors and will not let anyone in. Medical called for the injuries and fire will assist with getting into the house to arrest the domestic batterer. Officers report they have forced their way in and have one under arrest for domestic assault and battery. Victim treated at the scene. Victim witness statement made out. Victim also wants a 209-A as he is afraid of her. He just wants her to stay way. He does not care if she gets bailed, in fact her gave us the $40. House owner notified to come and fix the door. Arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Female on Beach Road called of a dog outside the house that will not let anyone leave the property. Animal Control will handle.

Caller reports he is trying to get his possessions out of Orlando Avenue and residents are claiming the property has been sold. Officers report all parties have been advised of their civil rights. Parties will go to court to settle civil dispute.

Someone called to report there is a person possibly shoplifting at the Winthrop Marketplace. Officer reports two individuals have been given a trespass notice.

Woodside Hardware reports a shoplifting. They have some surveillance photos. Officer reports Mr. Leavey is not in until Monday. Officer Brown will go back when his shift begins.

Caller reports his father is drunk on Belcher Street and is causing a disturbance. WFD and EMS dispatched for evaluation. Officers report one party to MGH.

Unit stops suspected stolen vehicle on Brookfield Road. Unit has three in custody. Group of people arrive on scene to assist arrestee. Another party taken into custody. Arrested for receiving stolen property, use of motor vehicle without authority and unlicensed operation of motor vehicle. Someone came and was given his vehicle that was being printed in the garage. Vehicle was stolen last week and towed to a body shop today.

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