Business Highlight: Beraka Juice Is Keeping the Community Healthy

Opening up a business in the midst of a pandemic isn’t ideal for most, but Beraka Juice owner, Vanessa Mukania believes that providing healthy options is more important than ever before. Just three months after the start of the pandemic, when several businesses were closing, Mukania was opening her storefront on 46 Woodside Ave and she’s been serving up healthy goodness to the steady flow of customers that walk through her door on a regular basis.

“The juice at Beraka is thoughtfully prepared with attention to the overall quality and taste of the product as well as the nutritional benefits,” said resident Alyssa Daigneault, who has made the juices a part of her routine.

Since the opening of the store on June 24th, Mukania has taken pleasure serving all organic, non-pasteurized, cold-pressed juices. With no added sugar or water, the eight recipes are packed with the fruits and veggies needed to boost immunity and stay healthy all year round. Each bottle of juice has 1-1.5 pounds of produce, providing essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition to the juices, Beraka offers acai bowls and immunity shots that are packed with ginger, which aids digestion and fights illnesses.

“Vanessa’s juices and acai bowls are amazing, said Town Councilor At Large, Tracey Honan. “Fabulous customer service and they’ve really done a fantastic job brightening up that corner in Town Center.”

Prior to opening up the storefront, Mukania sold her juices at farmers markets and festivals and briefly set up shop at The Hive, before it closed.

“Even during COVID, Winthrop has been a very welcoming and supportive community,” said Mukania, who had a line outside the door on opening day. “People are learning how important it is to take care of their bodies and are more aware of their health.”

In addition to having the store, Mukania also caters for events, setting up juice cocktail tables .

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