WHS Football Players Launch Growing Business

Since the pandemic sent the world into unchartered territory six months ago, there have been varying outcomes of emotion. Job losses, diminishing social circles and shifting family systems have naturally led to a rise in stress levels.

Back row: Stevie Perullo, Ryan Hovermale, Victor Marques, Jack Brodin, Juan Nieves, Bryan
Conceicao. Front row: Matthew Hurley and Mikey Chaves.

However; a few brave high school football players have stepped up to the challenge and launched a successful business on a mission to help their families and the community.

When Bryan Conceicao, Stevie Perullo and Jack Brodin realized that COVID-19 would likely cause them to lose their summer jobs in town, they decided to replace hopelessness with creativity. With the help of Jack’s father and football coach, Derek Brodin, the seniors launched Viking Property Management (VPM), a business that allowed them to stay outside and socially distanced while earning money, keeping busy, and giving other students an opportunity to do the same. As the three principal founders of the business, the boys created flyers, made t-shirts and recruited the help of other motivated football players to launch a business that would keep them busy raking and picking up leaves, mowing lawns, detailing cars, and landscaping for the spring and summer months. 

According to Derek Brodin, the boys executed the business on their own and have taken it above and beyond what he ever imagined.

“They came to me with the idea and I gave them a few tools and  tips to get the business going, and then they ran with it.”

Without being able to practice football and get summer jobs, the young entrepreneurs felt the need to contribute to the community. Five months later, the boys have a full crew of 11 workers, all with the common bond of football and a desire to work hard and better their lives. Taking Brodin’s advice and running with it, the boys created a Facebook page, designed t-shirts and developed a spreadsheet that includes payroll, jobs and schedules.

“In the face of difficulty, these kids rose up and adapted by working together,” said Brodin.

In just a few months, VPM secured a steady flow of customers, many of whom are recurring, and they plan to take it a step further during the winter months. As the summer season comes to an end, they are looking forward to expanding the business with leaf and snow removal.

While they originally started the business to earn cash over the summer, they are hoping that VPM continues to go strong in the future, providing the next generation of football players with jobs.

“This has been a great learning experience,” said senior, Stevie Perullo. “We learned how to landscape and detail cars during the first month and now we teach the skills to younger students. We won’t be in high school forever and we hope this can continue on, to help future generations.”

For more information on VPM, please visit the Facebook page: Viking Property Management Landscaping Company

Or email:

[email protected].

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