Thank You — Mrs. Marley’s School

For those of us who have been doing this for longer than we might care to remember (although we suppose it is a good thing that we still can remember), it is hard to imagine that it was about 45 years ago that we first pasted up onto our layout boards (which have long since been replaced by full-page layouts on computer screens) the weekly 2 x 3 ad for “Mrs. Marley’s School.”

Mrs. Marley’s preschool has been a Winthrop institution serving our community for more than two generations. For so many of our residents, Mrs. Marley’s preschool has formed the first, indelible memories of their educational experiences.  Indeed, the children of the children who attended Mrs. Marley’s School are now attending Mrs. Marley’s School.

We know we join with thousands of our fellow residents in wishing Elaine Marley the best upon the occasion of her impending retirement and in thanking her for her years of service to the children of our community.

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