Police Blotter 05-21-2020

These are among the calls to which Winthrop police officers responded during the week of May 4-11.

Monday, May 4

0808: An officer responded to a request from a resident who was having difficulty using her cash card at a local ATM. The officer provided assistance and resolved the problem.

0926: A Trident Ave. resident reported that he had lost his small brown dog (who apparently had decided to break out of lockdown). The resident called back 20 minutes later to report that the dog had returned home (and presumably now will be isolated for 14 days).

1119: An officer responded to Crystal Cove Ave. upon a report of a work van parked on the sidewalk. The officer directed the operator to move the van.

1216: An officer responded to a report of a dispute between neighbors on Hale Ave. The calling party was upset that his neighbor was going onto his property. The officer spoke to the neighbor and directed him to stay off his neighbor’s property.

1317: A Belcher St. resident reported that a neighbor was playing loud music. This is an ongoing issue between the parties.

1319: An officer responded to a report of a parking issue in the 400 block of Shirley St. and directed the owner of the offending motor vehicle (MV) to park it legally.

1328: A River Rd. resident reported that one of their dogs had died, another was sickened, and that two dead rats were on the lawn. The caller said they suspected possible poisoning. Police will do an investigation.

1439: A 78 year old Shore Drive resident reported being assaulted by a neighbor. The officer will file a report.

1502: A hit-and-run motor vehicle accident (MVA) was reported on Otis St. Neighbors have cameras that may assist in the investigation.

1526: A MVA involving a motorcycle and another MV on Grovers Ave. at Highland Ave. resulted in two persons being transported to the MGH.

1806: An officer responded to a report of two persons riding ATVs at Yirrell Beach. The officer located the two persons and advised them of the laws regarding operation of an ATV.

Tuesday, May 5

1038: A Circuit Rd. resident reported seeing a coyote in the area. The officer who responded spoke to another resident who also had seen the coyote earlier in the morning. However, Wile E. had left the scene by the time the officer arrived.

1530: An officer moved along four youths who were on their bikes in the skate park at Ingleside Park, which is closed because of the coronavirus.

1811: An officer issued a ticket to a MV that was parked illegally at Shirley St. and Ocean Ave.

Wednesday, May 6

0037: Officers responded to a call from a Shirley St. resident who reported that a MV had pulled into her driveway and that individuals were sitting in the MV with the lights on. The officers who arrived noticed that there was damage to another MV. The officers arrested Willinton Mejia-Madrid, 42, of Revere, on a charge of operating a MV while under the influence of liquor.

0231: An officer responded to a report of persons sitting in a MV and playing music loudly on Shore Drive at Hawthorn Ave. A State Trooper who had arrived at the scene prior to the Winthrop officer directed the parties to go inside for the night.

0338: Officers responded to a report of fireworks at Short Beach. They did not locate any persons or fireworks.

1114: An officer responded to a minor MVA involving two MVs at Putnam and Pauline Sts. The officer will file a report.

1455: A caller reported that his motorcycle, which had been parked in a driveway on Read St., had been stolen two weeks previously. The owner originally had reported that the motorcyle was missing.

1619: An officer moved along a group of youths who were rollerblading in the skate park at Ingleside Park. The park is closed to the public because of the coronavirus.

1644: Traffic cameras on Main St. picked up a MV with a stolen plate.

2116: An officer stopped a MV on Nahant Ave. for a civil motor vehicle infraction (CMVI). The officer gave a verbal warning to the operator.

Thursday, May 7

1056: A Maryland Ave. resident reported that a squirrel in their backyard appeared to be injured. The officer who responded reported that Rocket J. appeared to be just fine.

1822: A Winthrop fire truck struck a sign on Fremont St. while it was making the turn on the narrow street.

2057: An Overlook Drive resident reported that her dog broke out of lockdown and ran out the back door. However, the dog returned home before the officer arrived.

2225: An officer who responded to a report of persons playing music loudly in the 300 block of Main St. directed the persons to take it inside for the night.

Friday, May 8

0026: An officer responded to a report of loud music in the backyard of a residence on Marshall St. and directed the parties to go inside for the night.

0403: Officers responded to a report from a resident of 900 Governor’s Drive of loud noise from the apartment above her. She was directed to take up the matter with the condo association.

1059: An officer responded to a report of a MVA on Irwin St. involving two MVs with property damage only. The operator of a parked MV reportedly flung open his door into the path of the oncoming MV. The officer assisted the parties with the exchange of papers.

1110: A resident at 900 Governor’s Drive reported that her MV had been vandalized. 

1128: A Boston cab operator reported dropping off two males on Douglas St., but not being paid his fare The officer who responded resolved the situation and the driver was paid.

1824: An officer responded to a report of loud music being played in an apartment at 300 Governor’s Drive. The officer reported that the music was not that loud, but the resident agreed to lower the volume.

1947: Numerous Myrtle Ave. residents reported that music was blasting from a neighbor’s backyard. The officer directed the party-goers to take it inside for the night.

2157: An officer directed the owner of a MV that was parked too close to the corner of Faun Bar Ave. and Prospect St. to move the MV.

Saturday, May 9

1302: An officer stopped a MV that blew through the stop sign in the 300 block on Main St. The officer issued a citation to the operator.

1351: A MV that had been reported stolen by Hertz was located on Shore Drive at Underhill St. The person who had been renting the MV removed his valuables prior to it being towed.

1506: Officers responded to a report from a 21 year-old female that a dog had bit her on the arm on Winthrop St. This was the same dog involved in an incident on April 1. The officer located the owner, who lives on Winthrop St.

1624: An officer directed persons who were washing their MV on Banks St. to turn down their radio.

1648: Officers responded to a report of a road-rage incident involving the failure to stop at a stop sign by a MV on Upland Rd. The officer spoke to both parties.

1802: A resident came into the station to report that the clerk at a convenience store had sold $20 worth of vape pens to two youths who appeared to be 15 years old. When the officers arrived, they observed that the clerk was not wearing a mask and will cite him for that infraction.

1829: A caller from New York asked that officers perform a well-being check on her mother because her mom had not answered her phone in two days. The officers spoke to the mother, an Irwin St. resident, through the door. She informed them that she had not been aware that her phone was off the hook.

Sunday, May 10

1053: An officer assisted at the scene where a tree on Veterans Rd. had snapped and was leaning against the Temple and blocking Hadassah Way. The DPW responded and removed the tree.

1214: An officer responded to a report of an abandoned moped at Cliff and Grovers Ave. and ordered it towed.

1558: A resident reported that she had received a phone call from someone identifying themselves as being from her bank who told her that a fraud had been committed on her account. She gave her pin number to the caller. The resident was able to speak to someone in the bank’s fraud unit, who told her that the call had not come from them.

1740: Officers made contact with the owner of a MV that was blocking traffic on Villa Ave. at Buckthorn Terrace and directed him to move his MV or it would be towed. The owner moved his MV.

1757: A Governor’s Drive resident reported that there may have been a break into his apartment. However, the resident informed the officers that he had not realized that he had left his door open.

2053: An officer directed persons who were parked in a MV on Walden St. to turn off their music.

Monday, May 11

0004: An officer responded to a Centre St. address upon a report of a person playing drums and singling loudly. The officer directed the musician/vocalist to cease for the night.

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