Police Blotter 11-27-2019

Monday, Nov. 11

Male party walked into Police Dept. to report a past vandalism to the passenger side of his vehicle. He stated it was keyed.

Caller states she has her daughter’s pitbull in her while she is in the hospital, but the dog is now aggressive. She needs the dog re moved.

Caller states a UPS truck has been in front of his home for about 3 hours. Officer reports truck is moving.

Report states 2 white males wearing all black walking around the building on Golden Drive that seem suspicious. Officer spoke to two parties but there is nothing showing.

Trailer parked with no plates for 2 days possibly abandoned. Officer was unable to find owner, he will let it be for now and check back later.

Caller called regarding a camper parked on the street. Was notified as long as the vehicle was not obstructing the street or driveways a visitor’s pass would be sufficient. The party was informed of this and stated they would place the pass in the vehicle.

Motor vehicle struck a parked car and fled. Party’s chasing after fleeing vehicle on foot. BMV SUV dark in color. 93 is heading back to vehicle that was struck with the parties on board that were at crash.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

Caller states there is loud banging like yard work in being done. 91 reports the parties were working on their shed, they are cleaning up and will be done for the night.

School administration reports an assault to a middle school student by another middle school student.

Male party walked into the station to drop off a mayday distress signal pistol, which was placed in an evidence/property locker.

95 reports he spoke to Sasso construction on Birch Rd., they had vehicles blocking the sidewalk, they were going to finish up work and move vehicles.

Unit was flagged down by pedestrian stating the operator of vehicle was driving erratically and the back window was possibly broken. Off duty officer is translating but operator it stating that he backed into a wall at Wood Island. Officers reported vehicle has some major damage to it.

Report stated there was a German shepard dog running around heading toward the boat yard. Dog did look well taken care of. Person could not see if the dog had a collar or not.

Well-being check of person who has not been feeling well and her sister cannot reach her. Units have made contact with the party, she is fine.

Officer dropped of a gold band ring that was found at the school parking lot by Franklin Street. The ring will be secured in evidence locker.

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Female party came into station to report she may have just been scammed into sending money to an unknown party. Police will report incident and contact told to contact all her financial institutions to close all accounts ASAP.

A 36-year-old male went to hospital voluntarily after making call in regards to weapons. Individual was handcuffed for everyone’s safety.

Caller states her 65-year-old uncle walked his nephew to the bus stop. Male party has early onset dementia. Calling party is out looking for him. 92 was giving her uncle a ride home.

Thursday, Nov. 14

Probation officer states his female client found a BB gun in her clothing. Does not want to be in possession of it asking for an officer to respond and retrieve it.

Friday, Nov. 15

Employee from liquor store states his vehicle was parked out front and another vehicle pulled up and multiple parties got out and damaged his vehicle then took off. Cp has video footage.

Call by a physician at hospital requesting a well-being check done on a former patient due to time sensitive medical information. Calling party states they are not positive the patient lives at same address. P arty was not home but units did speak to his mother who stated he has been homeless and stays in shelters.

Transporting female prisoner to East Boston District Court. Female dropped off without incident.

Party came in to report his son buys and sells items on eBay and discovered that there were 11 flip phones missing from his order. He was provided a Form he will complete and return.

Small black car scratched up. Reporting party states that her children’s friends just visited her home and stated that a car drove near them slowly and stared at them. Information was given out to units.

Party walked in station and stated they had an altercation with neighbor. Unit spoke with party. Everything checked out, party made the comment out of frustration and was advised against making the statement.

Saturday, Nov. 16

Kymco scooter was found in the trees and was towed by G/J towing.

Resident walk in to report an attempted scam discovered in her mail yesterday by her parents.

Verbal warning for party had completely blacked out license plate cover and was advised to remove it.

There is a dog on a leash on person’s property the RP stated the leash looks long. He would like a unit to check it out. RP called to state there is a dog on a long leash and will check it out.

Unit responded to address that party stated had property damage due to hit and run. Minimal scuffmark on a light post, which may be able to be wiped off. Pole working and no permanent damage observed.

Citation issued for texting while driving.

RP stated the people upstairs are harassing her. She sated she can hear them through the floors. Units spoke to both parties and advised them to take up the noise issue the management company. 

White Sebring convertible with drunk driver. Driver seen stumbling in the road then getting in the vehicle and began driving.

Dump truck idling for hours in the boat yard. Person states this is an ongoing issue. Truck has not been idling for along time truck was ice cold. Driver was advised and will be leaving shortly.

Person reported basement window pushed in and front door open. No items stolen. Wants to make report.

Doesn’t appear to be a forced entry.

Person came to station to inform the department about concerns related to a family member who is currently under medical care at a hospital. Team will be contacted to begin appropriate support and services.

Reporting party walked in with her husband to report a video caught on their Ring doorbell showing an unidentified male subject walk into the common area of the apartment and look at their mailbox. They wanted to report this in case the man returns. No crime was observed on the footage, parties were advised to call on any other further suspicious activity.

Patrol at Fort Banks Cemetery saw a coyote with something in its mouth.

Monday, Nov. 18

Vehicle parked in lot – party has been sent on his way and given the rules on when to park there.

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