Police Blotter 08-29-2019

Monday, August 19

Assisted fire with medical aid on Winthrop Street. Party willingly went to MGH.

Caller on Lincoln Street wants to speak with an officer about ex-employee making threats. Female was removed on Saturday as she was upset about not receiving her last check. Party got her check and business was advised of their rights.

There was a disturbance between a landlord and tenant on Bowdoin Street. Peace was restored and all parties were advised of their rights.

Party on Crest Avenue called for a well-being check on a patient that just left the office and made some statement she intended to harm herself. Doctor will be sending address to police. Units will check the area for the subject and her vehicle. 91 checked surrounding parking lots and lobby of business and nothing showing.

Caller at Delby’s Corner states he possibly heard someone trying to get into the boat or some type of disturbance. No description. This is the boat yard on Shirley Street. Caller was concerned about parties going in and out of docked boats. Unit spoke to parties on a porch that would have easily seen if people were trying to get into boats. Nothing showing and units cleared.

Report of a male party holding flashlight on Summit Avenue. It looks like they are in distress. Caller can hear them saying they did mot know where they are. Units are off with parties in front of Summit. Units met with male party who lives on Summit. He will be taking it inside for the night.

Tuesday, August 20

Report of a dog barking for hour on Seymour Street. Dog is at the home on Woodside. Officer states that the dog seems to be on the back porch of the house, not in the back yard. Unable to make contact with the homeowner after multiple attempts.

Report of a larceny on Sea Foam Avenue.

Multiple syringes on Myrtle Avenue. Unit retrieved the needles.

Party reports identity fraud. Report to follow.

Party called to report a sign on the corner of Locust and Veterans Road that reads “Resident Parking Only.” 91 will confirm. Sign reads “Resident Permit Parking Only/No Parking Street Sweeping.” DPW notified and will check as sign appears to be confusing since resident parking is only restricted between 1 and 5 a.m. DPW reports the sign contradicts other signage in the area and they will rectify the issue.

Custodian reports an odor of natural gas outside the Police Station on Pauline Street side. WFD notified and will test the area with a detection meter.

92 did traffic enforcement in the High School area. One traffic violation at this time.

Motor vehicle stop at Shirley and Revere Street. Citation issued for failure to stop for pedestrian in crosswalk.

Two car motor vehicle accident with possible personal injury on Main Street. Caller states he cannot see the other car who hit him but states he was getting very aggressive. One vehicle bumped into another in the car wash. An employee and a customer had a verbal argument. Parties calmed down.

Unit off with follow-up investigation on Adams Street. Unit found the party they were looking for.

Party states they are noticing issues and yelling from Lincoln Street. Verbal dispute among husband and wife over the phone. Units clear.

Units having a talk to the parties at Fort Banks softball field about public drinking and littering. The group was advised of the laws and fines. Parties were very cooperative.

Report of a male party looking into vehicles on Adams Street. Report to follow. Unit spoke to the party and nothing on the party. The party was let go.

Calling party on Winthrop Street states that she does not want subject in her home as she is not on the lease. It is a verbal argument at this time. Units spoke with both parties and trying to resolve the issue. Both parties are separating for the night. Units wanted to note that it was more of an unwanted guest. They were advised of their 209a rights and the proper steps to take for eviction once someone establishes residency.

Wednesday, August 21

Caller from Paul Revere bus dispatch to state that a truck is blocking one of his buses on Shirley Street.

Report of an animal running around without its owner at Cross and Almont streets. Owner found the animal.

Detail Officer turned in a wallet with identification and other cards and personal effects that was found in the Woodside Hardware parking lot. It belonged to a Chelsea resident. Chelsea PD was notified and will make a notification.

Report of an unwanted subject out front of building on Veterans Road. Party was checked out by medical. Official trespass notice was given to male party.

Calling party wants to make a log entry. Party states she marks her door so she would know if someone enters her apartment. It appears someone has. She takes pictures before and after. This is an ongoing situation with the landlord. Two cabinets were open and two drawers ajar. Light was on dirt tracks in front of TV. She does not want to speak to an officer.

Male party shoplifter at the CVS left the scene on a red Moped. 92 off to the CVS. 92 spoke with employees. Party looks familiar to employees but they do not know his name. Party stole multiple items as shown on the video including valuable razors. CVS will have the surveillance tape ready tomorrow for the units. Report to follow.

Caller states there was a Hispanic male urinating behind house on Buchanan Street. Caller is concerned as there are children in the area. 91 checked the area and side streets. No one matching description.

Party called 911 and stated she needed help from an aid to help her go to the bathroom. When asked if she needed police, fire or medical, she declined and she only needed an aid to help her. Unit called the Arbors and spoke to after-hours nurse who stated she was on the way to help her.

Thursday, August 22

91 stating there were two coyotes chasing rabbits. One in the area of Revere Street and Dean Avenue and one in the Short Beach parking lot.

Caller on Lincoln Street states that there is a cat in her basement and she can’t get it out. The cat was let out the screen.

Party on Cliff Avenue states that her neighbors have water leaking out of their second-floor deck and when neighbors went over and banged on the door to inform them there was no answer at the door. Also, the mail is still at the door from yesterday. Fire dispatched. Fire gained entry and nobody was home at this time. Water was shut off by fire.

Caller on Bayou Street states that her neighbor sated to her that a woman tried to run her down with her car and also stated she tried to run in her home. Neighbor also stated that she does not now who it is. The vehicle is a gold station wagon at the top of the hill. The neighbor that almost got hit is in the street with her son and dog waiting for police. Unit spoke to all parties. This is an ongoing situation between neighbors.

Motor vehicle accident on Walden Street and a 12-years-old was hit by a vehicle. Fire enroute. Child checked out and parents are on the scene. They refused medical.

Caller on Shore Drive states there are two males outside yelling and screaming. They may be intoxicated. Peace was restored. Parties were just messing around.

Calling party states that his ex-girlfriend moved out of his residence in March but left some belongings. He contacted her to make arrangement for her to retrieve her things and was met with anger and lack of cooperation. He then received a call from one of her friends threatening him. Caller states that he heard from his ex and she stated that she was coming to pick up her things with a police officer and wanted him to leave while she was there. Caller is uncomfortable and does not want anyone in his apartment when he is not there. He was assured that without a court order or a warrant, he doe snot have to allow anyone into his residence.

Report of a female party, who is altered mentally, in the lobby. Fire and medical enroute. Party transported. 92 remained on the scene until family members come on the scene. Party now heading home with relative. Patient refusal.

Medical on scene on Woodside Avenue and are requesting police. Party sent to MGH. There is a history of medical issues.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that music is so loud that it is shaking his house. There was no music playing. Clear, unfounded.

Friday, August 23

Caller at Governors Park stated he hears a male party yelling outside causing a disturbance. No description of the party. Units checked the area and spoke to some parties leaving the area who stated they were leaving a party in the area and may have been loud. Without further description from the caller, units cleared.

Female party on Shirley Street stated that people are yelling for help near the boats at the dock area. They were inside the boat but on land. Evidence inside the boat shows signs of it being as a dwelling for quite some time. Both parties sent on their way and units cleared.

Caller states a coyote never the fence at Fort Banks School. Unfounded, 91 searched the entire area. Nothing seen.

Party stated he got a scam call saying he had a real car in Texas with narcotics and blood in it. Scammers wanted his Social Security number. He did not give that information out but want dot make a log of it.

Female party on Main Street calling about a scam call is coming in on her landline using her own phone number. Just wanted to log the information.

Report of an altered male party outside on Nevada Street arguing with a roommate. This was called in by a roommate in the home. Medical requested and dispatched. Units clear, parties were advised and will call bak if there are any more issues. Party in question signed a refusal.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue says there is a dog barking loudly and for a long time. This is an ongoing issue. Unit clear, no barking dogs in the area.

An employee at Thompson’s Town Liquor called to say that a truck was in the parking lot making it difficult for people to leave the parking lot. Parking ticket was issued for parking in the wrong direction.

Caller from Seal Harbor states that his credit cards were all used. He believe they were used from his computer in his apartment and wants the police. Unit stated that the female was concerned about someone being in her apartment and wanted them to check before she entered. She spoke with the credit cad companies regarding some charges she did not recognize. The house was safe. All units cleared.

Male party from earlier states that he received a threatening text and believes that party from that text is there. Party received a picture of two men and he states that one of them is there. Unit stated they spoke with the female party. There were no threats made. Caller will go inside their apartment for the night.

Caller at Seal Harbor states that there is someone knocking on their door, but cannot give the apartment number because their computer and phones are bugged. Units spoke with the friend downstairs in the lobby. The friend sated to the officers a back story on the caller. Caller believes the officers are there to harm her, and will not come to the door. Units requesting medical for an evaluation. Fire and medical are enroute. Units spoke to the security guard in the front lobby to attempt to gain entry to the apartment. Caller is no longer speaking or answering the police. Friends of the caller on the scene and states that she has history of medical issues. Units do have the master key provided to them by security and will make entry. Subject voluntarily transported to Beth Israel.

Saturday, August 24

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Shirley Street. One in custody for OUI. Vehicle is parked legally on the side of the road and will remain there. Vehicle does appear to have fresh damage to the driver’s side door. Vehicle was secured and female passenger was transported to Everett via Winthrop Taxi. Driver in custody for OUI, marked lanes violation and open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

Female party on Summit Avenue reports that someone broke into her car and took several items including her wallet. The party does not know if she locked the doors.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports that his car was broken into last night and items were stolen. Report to follow but laptop and cellphone was stolen.

Party on Beach Road reports that his car was hit over night. Damage to left back door.

Caller on Summit Avenue states that someone broke into his car and stole his medicament and tablet. 92 will check houses in the area to look for cameras.

Female party came into the station to report that she received several “SOS” text messages early this morning from her brother who resides in Orlando, Fla. Unit offered to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency in Florida and advised her. Party was thankful and sated she will contact them directly as she did not have all of her brother’s information and address. Party was provided contact information for Orange County Sheriff’s Department to follow up.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports there her ex-roommate is coming by to pick up belongings she left behind in the driveway. Caller does not feel safe with her being there and is requesting an officer’s assistance. S4 spoke to female party and the ex-roommate will come and get her belongings. No need for a response unless the situation becomes a disturbance. Nobody called for a disturbance.

Caller reports they have not heard from their daughter since Aug. 14. Family is concerned for her well being also believes she may be incarcerated. There is another address they have for her as well. Grandmother concerned about her well being also. 93 made contact with the female party and she will give her family a call. She is fine.

A hit and run reported at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Revere Street. No injuries. Minor damage to the left side of the vehicle. Calling party sent on his way. Units checking the area for the other vehicle. Negative on the area search.

Unit off with vehicle with earlier motor vehicle hit and run at Thompson’s Liquor. Vehicle located in the municipal parking. One party coming in under arrest for OUI, leaving the scene of property damage, license suspension and possession of open container of alcohol in the vehicle. Vehicle was towed by G&J.

Report of an  unconscious male on Shirley Street. EMS on the scene.

Sunday, August 25

Calling party on Marshall Street states that another party on the street is putting up siding on his home. He suspected that he does not have a permit. Homeowner was just repairing a small party of the house, not in violation and did not need a permit. Party was stopped due to the Sunday laws.

A resident on Brookfield Road states that somebody had gone through his vehicle last night. No items of value taken. Caller just wanted it noted. This may be related to several similar car entries in the area overnight.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports that someone spit and shoved her. Unable to make contact with the suspect. Unit has contact number for the party in question.

Party on Shirley Street wants to speak to an officer regarding a male party that was previously trespassed. Unit checked the area to see if the male party is in the area.

Unit was flagged down by an individual on Shirley Street stating that there was a male party sitting on their front steps. Unit believes it was related to an earlier call and that it’s a known party.

Party on Wave Way Avenue would like a well-being check. Party states that the that she doesn’t know. Caller states that the father won’t walk to her and give her any more information. Unit checked the children and they are fine. Spoke to the girlfriend and the ex-husband. Girlfriend reports she is being harassed by the calling party and showed the officer the all log with multiple calls. Girlfriend only wanted it logged for this time.

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