Police Blotter 07-18-2019

Monday, July 8

Caller on River Road put a deceased skunk in a box on the sidewalk and would like DPW to come by and pick it up. DPW was contacted.

Officer will try to serve a warrant from Suffolk Superior Court to subject at Governors Park. No answer.

Public Works would like to meet an officer at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Main Street to retrieve a needle. The item was secured.

Party was seen taking photos at Deer Island of the planes landing. A report to follow.

Report that six to seven kids walked onto The Inn at Crystal Cove and jumped in the pool. Caller is the manager. Kids are still in the area and they do not belong at this property. Parties left in a vehicle headed toward Shirley Street. Unit off with the vehicle with five people in it. Youths were advised not to return to the property.

Reporting party states that he is being contacted through his computer at home from some party claiming to be Microsoft and being instructed to purchase $300 worth of GooglePay cards at the 7-Eleven. He wanted to make us aware of this scam and to inform others.

Unit off with suspicious party at Energy To Go. One in custody and 91 transporting party for possession of Class A drug.

A Boston Taxi states that he is at Villa Avenue and Pleasant Street and his passenger is refusing to pay and has a bloody face. Individual lives on Sea View Avenue. Parties settled the fare disagreement and male party was dropped off at his address.

Tuesday, July 9

Report that at the top of Temple Avenue, a black van is sticking out on the street. Parking citation has been issued. Emergency vehicles can get through if need be.

Party on Main Street would like to speak to an officer about her ex-boyfriend harassing her. Female party did not want to give us the name of the male party in question. She was advised of her 209A rights.

Party just released from court is requesting a police escort to Locust Street to pick up some personal belongings pursuant to judge’s order. Victim was informed and she stated she would leave the residence while subject picks up his belongings.

Party found a friendly pit bull “Rosie”. Tags read that she lives on Revere Street. Dog has been reunited with its owner. Services were rendered.

Party came in to report that while she was sitting in her motor vehicle parked by the stop sign near the Methodist Church a black Jeep side-swiped her vehicle. She exited her vehicle to approach the female operator of the Jeep, but she left the area. She provided us with a partial plate but a RMV partial plate query revealed no matching results. She reported that the front driver side sustained a minor scrape.

Caller at Lucky Gardens stated a woman fainted but quickly became alert. He made sure she was okay and that she did not want any medical attention. He was advised to call 9-1-1 back if there was another emergency.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Hermon Street. Citation issued for unregistered vehicle.

Assisting fire with traffic at Energy To Go. Officer clear, female got transported to MGH.

Assisted fire with water rescue at Yirrell Beach. WFD and harbormaster notified. Harbormaster conducted a search and nothing was found. Non-bonafide at this time.

Caller reports two kayaks off of Yirrell Beach possibly in distress. Winthrop Harbormaster Marine 3 will check the parties. WM3 made contact with the two kayaks. All in order, no parties in distress.

Report of an uncooperative male party on Golden Drive. WFD and EMS off at this location requesting police assistance. One to MGH.

Caller states that there are still youths playing basketball making a lot of noise. Lights are supposed to be off at 10:30 p.m. Kids were spoken to and moved along. Peace was restored.

Wednesday, July 10

Party on Quincy Avenue states that his sister’s husband assaulted him. Units clear. No party was struck by a vehicle. Vera argument between a husband and wife. Husband has been sent out of the area for the night. This incident started in Chelsea.

Party came in to report that he received a collection notice from National Recovery Agency regarding a past due of $2409.23 (National Grid account) that he never opened from a Lynn address. He suspects that the suspect was his brother who is now deceased. He was advised of the jurisdictional issue. He will follow up with a form he received from National Grid to clear the matter up.

Sierra 5 off doing a follow-up at Governors Park. He spoke to the subject he was looking for.

Female party came to the station to report that another motorist claimed she was ear ended by the reporting party at the Citizen Bank. She stated there was no damage to either vehicle and the incident occurred around 10 a.m. She did not have any information of the other motorist. She just wanted it noted should someone come in with a complaint.

Report of a lost dog on Natant Avenue. Dog was returned to its owner with the help of the neighbor.

Party came to the station to inquire about his rights and that of his elderly mother regarding a relative that they allowed into their home temporarily. Party was advised of all his rights and given numbers for all necessary agencies that might be able to help them.

Individual came to the station to report that someone used her information to obtain credit with Credit One Card Company. Party learned this when she received a call today fro a representative of the company regarding the account which was in effect for approximately three months. Party was advised to report this matter to the police.

93 attempted to make contact with the renter of the U-Haul truck on Pebble Avenue. 93 spoke to female party who stated she did not know anything about the truck. The U-Haul was rented out of Somerville.

Towing company towing the U-Haul which was overdue since this afternoon. G&J is on the scene.

Belle Isle Seafood called about an earlier disturbance involving his son and a couple of male parties who came in to start an altercation with his son. Unit spoke to the owner who does not want to press any charges at this time.

Units off with multiple parties at Grand View Avenue. All parties will be on their way.

Thursday, July 11

Caller on Undine Avenue states that her neighbor is renovating her house and her fence is damaged due to the ongoing construction. 91 spoke to both parties. They will work it out themselves. Minor damage to fence.

Report that a dog has been barking for over an hour on Shore Drive. This is an ongoing occurrence. 92 checked the area. All quiet.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states a female is causing a scene due to her house going up for auction. Female possible altered mentally and is known to behave aggresively. The auction was cancelled and everyone is leaving the area.

Calling party on Trident Avenue stated that his roommate is verbally threatening him, banging on the bathroom door. Party is in the bathroom with the door locked. It was an argument, which was verbal in nature. Advised party of rights and both parties were told to stay away from each other.

Follow-up investigation on Loring Road. Unable to locate the party.

Caller at Yirrell Beach stated there is a needle located on the beach. Object was located and disposed of in the Sharps container.

Officers will be standing by for a licensed operator to take control of motor vehicle on Crest Avenue. Licensed drive is enroute from Chelsea. Operator was cited for operating without a license and defective equipment. He will also be summoned.

Caller on Jefferson Street would like this on record that she believes that her landlord or the maintenance supervisor came into her home while she was out. She states that her TV was o before she left, drawers open,etc. She states that she always keeps it in a disheveled way. She also stated that the constable came today to give her a 14 day notice to leave the premises. She believes that he did that for intimidation. She also believes that they broke into her house to look for her recording devices. No officer response needed.

Report of people pushing a boat on the street blocking traffic near Winthrop Yacht Club. Officer reports that parties along with the boat were already out of the street and getting the boat into the water. They were advised about getting the proper trailer for the boat so the same issue does not occur.

Party came in to report a past assault at Nick’s Place.

Caller on Enfield Road states that his neighbor’s dog has been in the backyard since this afternoon and has not stopped barking. This is an ongoing issue with the dog being left outside barking. Unit did knock on the door and there was no answer. The dog has stopped barking and perhaps it was brought in the house.

Friday, July 12

Another incident of the dog barking on Enfield Road. Dog was in the in-law apartment for the night.

Caller on Siren Street states a loud banging outside woke her up and then someone was at her front door. Audible banging coming from the third floor apartment. Units will check the apartment. Units requesting medical. Fire and EMS en route. Units requesting additional units and stated party is under the influence of possibly meth and there is a large knife on the table. Taser deployed. Party is in handcuffs and laying in the hallway. Party is completely naked. Party will be transported by Action to MGH.

Male came into the station from Washington Avenue to report being harassed by his neighbors.

Father and older daughter came in to ask about a harassing call. Daughter stated she had gone out to get food and dessert with a person only known as Bobby two years ago. He recently contacted her via cell phone and said that she owes him money and T-shirts, which is untrue. He also said he made a report to BPD about the situation. She did not like the way it made her feel. She was advised and will contact the department if she needs any further assistance.

Boston PD called in stating that a male party called in saying, “Where do you think you’re going?” and then hung up. Son left for the day. 92 and S5 will remain on the scene to talk with the mother. She was informed of what can and cannot happen when a call of that nature comes in.

S5 states two cars stopped in the intersection of Revere Street and Kennedy Road. Would like a unit to check it out. 92 reports a disabled motor vehicle and he will assist in moving it to a safe spot.G&J enroute to pick up the vehicle which was cited for unlicensed operation.

S5 off on follow-up on Kennedy Road. S5 reports a Section 12 for this female. Action to transport to the Whidden.

Caller on Locust Street stated she received a fraud call about her social security being suspended. She is elderly and would like an officer to respond for a report. 92 reports the caller only wanted to report a voicemail that was left on her phone regarding this scam. She was advised not to call the number or provide any personal information to anyone over the phone. No further action needed at this time.

Units speaking to a male party in the area of Washington Avenue. This is a known homeless person who did not feel like talking.

Saturday, July 13

Caller at Douglas and Fairview streets states a known pit bull creates a noise disturbance at the same time every night. Caller was informed that this is the first incident created and to call back while the dog was on the scene for a response.

Party states that he was dropping off his friend on Atlantic Street and a white male party came out of nowhere pointing a gun at the driver and trying to open his doors. Driver is no longer on the scene. BOLO was put out to Revere and Boston for three males in a white Nissan heading towards East Boston. Two handguns shown for a armed robbery. Second BOLO put out to surrounding cities and towns for another vehicle which was a Kia fleeing toward the beach. Revere and State notified. Incident was first reported by the caller as a male on foot with a handgun and stated that he believed the parties were still on the scene. Second description was given by the units as a white Nissan with three males with two handguns heading towards East Boston. A third description from the units was given as a purple vehicle fleeing towards Revere with a possible light complexioned female driver still with two handguns showing. License comes back as a red Kia Sorrento. 92 off with two males fitting the correct description in the area of Main Street. Additional units heading that way as well as three Revere units. Boston units standing by at the Winthrop Boston line and Revere and State units at Short Beach and Winthrop line. Received a call that a black Honda parked in front of Upland Road. Caller saw a male party wearing a baseball hat and white bag jeans. Caller states she saw the party put two guns in the vehicle glove box. (Information has been identified as a separate incident added to another call). Danvers Police got a hit on their plate reader leaving East Boston. Male party matching that description from earlier call went into the marsh heading towards Morton Street area. Units checked the area. (information has been identified as a separate incident).

91 will be heading through the marsh with State K9. 94 requesting a tow for a forced entry into a vehicle. G&J enroute. K9 search of the marsh area negative.

Received a call from the dock manager at Atlantis Marine stating that multiple boats are violating the no-wake rule. WM3 checked the area and spoke to two vessels and advised them about the no-wake rule.

Harbormaster states a motor vehicle into the water unoccupied at the Public Landing. 92 states that all occupants are out of the vehicle. G&J notified and is enroute. S6 states vehicle and trailer completely submerged and no sight of G&J. G&J on the scene and has a swimmer in the water looking for the boat per S6. S6 states the vehicle is out of the water and it is confirmed no occupants.

Report of a white Volkswagen driving towards Shore Drive with drunk driver. She was seen stumbling about an hour ago. She just got in her car and drove away. BOLO given to all units.

Sunday, July 14

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Hermon streets. Units clear with a citation issued for improper left turn. An exotic blade was confiscated and held for safekeeping. Party was advised he would be able to come by the police station later to pick up his item as he is a collector.

Report of a loud house party near Sargent Street. Family will be brining the party in for the night.

Caller on Banks Street stated that there are two brown pit bulls appearing to be lost walking down the street. No collars on the dogs. 92 states there isa note with information about the dogs. Dogs frequent Fairview and Morton streets. Unable to find the dogs. Talking to neighbors to attempt to locate the dogs.

Homeowner on Pleasant Street reports sewer backup into his basement. DPW notified.

Motor vehicle stop on Main Street for a vehicle that matched the description for a wanted vehicle from State. Parties checked out. It was not the vehicle in question.

Caller on Morton Street states that he was robbed at gunpoint last night. Also received a call from Boston stating they got a hangup from this location at the same time.

Officer off on Morton Street for further information on previous call. Male party did have small cuts and abrasions on his limbs but denied any medical.

Report of a suspicious male with a life jacket on and flashlight in the area of Belle Isle boatyard. Male party fled from officers. S6 and Charlie 1 responding. One in custody and is enroute to the station.

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