Police Blotter 06-13-2019

Monday, June 3

Assisted fire with a vehicle that is leaking gasoline at Cross and Almont Street. Was able to locate the owner and she is going to move the vehicle off of the road. She will also be bringing it to a repair shop.

Party on Pleasant Park Road states that his neighbor has a contractor dumpster out front and people are illegally throwing their trash into it. Off with a red pickup at Pleasant and Court Road. Officer spoke to the individual in the vehicle. They work with the construction company doing work on the house. Everything checks out.

Party came to the station to report larceny of her credit card by her landlord.

Report of a plow truck with Lynn DPW stickers which has not moved for three weeks on Upland Road. A citation was already on the vehicle. Officer reports he spoke with the owner of the vehicle and he stated that the truck was having mechanical issues. Officer informed him of the town bylaws and he will be moving it onto private property.

Caller states that he brought his vehicle to the automatic car wash on Main Street. While inside the car wash his vehicle began to shake violently and when he finally exited he noticed damage to the sides of the vehicle and read bumper. He attempted to notify the attendant but was prevented from doing so by a language barrier.

Caller on Court Road states that there is a huge branch in the road and she does not think apparatus could get by. Officer contacted DPW. National Grid also on the scene. Branch was moved to the side of the road and the road was cleaned as good as can be. Cars can now move by.

Report of a 53 year old male unresponsive and out of it on Siren Street. Male voluntary going to MGH. W91 reports incident was an OD.

Tuesday, June 4

Caller on Pratt Street reports that someone relieved themselves on his lawn. Party fled in a grey Toyota Camry. Last seen heading north towards Yirrell Beach. Two people in the vehicle. Units checked the area of the beach. Nothing showing.

Party came into headquarters to request an officer to stand by and keep the peace while he retrieves personal property on Upland Road. No 209A in effect. Female party not home at this time.

Attempt to serve care protection summons to subject on Banks Street. It was served in hand.

Caller on Perkins Street stated that the police are looking for him and he is being vague on the phone but wanted to speak to an officer. He wasn’t giving any information. He stated that they will know when they get there. Party transported voluntarily to MGH via Action.

Party came to the station to seek a 209A against her boyfriend. Off. Dutta spoke to party and advised her of her 209A rights. She was further advised that any 209A orders must be obtained through the EBDC during business hours.

An elderly male was trying to get home and his scooter died at the top of Highland Avenue. He needs assistance as he has a medical condition as well. He lives on Golden Drive. Courtesy ride given to party and the scooter where he was assisted into his home.

Mother came into the station to pick up her son’s property who was a victim of a crime.

Report of four dogs constantly barking all day and all night on Whittier Street. Unit reports it is an ongoing issue between neighbors. Everyone was advised of their rights. Dogs were not barking.

Unit is off with some type of disturbance near the courts at Ingleside Park. Units clear it was a verbal between two mothers. They thought something happened between their sons. They were advised of their rights.

Wednesday, June 5

Party on Revere Street states there is a vehicle parked behind his street that used to be the old dump road. He called last week and the police were looking into it. He states that there are now people sleeping in it. It has NH plates. Party was waiting for a jump starts. Once done he will leave the area and not return.

Unit attempted to serve warrant to subject on Irwin Street. Unable to locate the subject. Also have to serve 209A paperwork to subject.

Motor vehicle accident at Shirley and Dolphin Avenue. No accident, a boat fell off of a trailer. Fire assisted with putting it back on the hitch. Unit clear, boat back on the trailer and road was reopened.

Report of a tan medium sized dog that looks hurt on Brookfield Road. 92 reaching out to ACO. Charlie 1 got in touch with ACO who will respond. Last name on the collar officer was able to pull an infuse address from that street and got in contact with male party and wife was notified.

Caller on Walden Street stated there is a lot of running around in the apartment above her. She did hear someone fall but is worried something happened. Units off speaking with two parties. Both parties have been advised and unit will be clear.

Report of a two year old having difficulty breathing. 91 off with fire. Child’s breathing improved prior to responders arrival and child was checked and cleared by fire and medical. Parents will bring the child to their primary care in the morning.

Thursday, June 6

Caller on Revere Street states she can hear someone yelling outside and is unsure where it is coming from. Received 2nd call from party who could hear yelling and screaming. Received another call from neighbor who could hear people yelling. She stated someone could hear “I’m going to stab you.” We received a fourth call and units are on the scene. It was a misunderstanding between friends. Both parties have been partying too much. One will be taken home by his father and all other parties will be going to bed and keep it down for the night.

Three car motor vehicle accident on Revere Street. Officer asking for medical.One party shaken up. One tow needed. G&J notified and are enroute. Fire and medical has cleared.

Party called the station in regard to having “No dogs allowed” signs placed at Massa Playground. She stated she would contact the ACO about her question.

Officers spoke to trucking company earlier regarding blocking Shirley Street. They are now blocking a sidewalk. Officers are off to speak with them again and give them a violation. Officers gave violation for truck being parked on the sidewalk. They have been advised. If they block a sidewalk again they will be given another violation.

Walk-in to report that someone stolen his personal information by hacking into his cell phone. Report to follow.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that there is broken glass in the road and drivers are stopping short to avoid driving over it. Message left for DPW to address the matter.

Party from Governors Drive came in to report that his Citizen Bank account was compromised by unknown individuals. No money was stolen as the bank caught it before any larceny could occur. He requited we log this at the banks’ behest.

Caller on Lincoln Street states a flatbed looks to be broken down in the middle of the street while assisting another vehicle with a jump start.

Report of a group of youths sitting on the wall on Shore Drive harassing people as they walk by. Officers spoke to the group of 8th graders who were with their parents and not harassing anyone.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue reports that her boyfriend’s ex-wife is harassing her via text messages. She was advised of her rights. She would just like a log entry.

Friday, June 7

Report of a party banging on rear door on Siren Street. Party banging on the door is the ex-husband’s  girlfriend. Caller is letting them stay for the night.

Party on Shore Drive states there is a duck with a broken leg next to the bench. ACO not on today so station called environmental police who stated to call the wildlife rehabilitation organization. A message was left with them. Voicemail stated it would be a few hours before they would be able to get back to us. When they called back they stated that ACO needs to bring the duck to North Grafton to the animal hospital. ACO is on vacation.

Party from Pleasant Park Road reports that the residence is currently inhabitable due to black mold issues. He and his family are currently staying elsewhere and has informed his son that he is to stay out of the house. He has changed the locks and locked all the windows but believes his estranged son has been in the house. He was advised to send him a “No Trespass” notice and or speak to the Court about whether the circumstances would warrant a Stay Away Order. Party advised that the units on routine patrol would be made aware of the issue and stop and inquire if they see any activity at this address.

92 called in about a dumpster in the middle  of Pleasant Street. Dumpster was moved.

Report of heavy set male drunk and stumbling in the middle of Revere Street. Caller states that the male party’s pants keep falling off of him. He was heading towards Summit. Fire/EMS enroute. 35 year old male voluntarily to Whidden for an evaluation.

Party on Brewster Avenue was away for a few days and came home and found out that an attempt was made to break into his home. His AC unit insulation was pulled out. Unknown if anything was taken. Report to follow.

Male party from Banks Street came to the station to report that his ex-girlfriend stole some items from him.

Male party came to the station to report that an old friend of his took his motorcycle from an auto body shop in Winthrop and now the motorcycle is in Chelsea. He will call back with the address. A report to follow.

Caller reports that she wanted to log an incident that occurred. Caller stated she took a Winthrop Taxi to the CVS on Woodside Avenue and the driver waited for her to get out. The driver then asked if she minded going with him to Belle Isle Liquors on Saratoga Street. The caller stated she didn’t mind. However when they got there the diver got out and met someone in a SUV and purchased weed. The driver admitted to the caller that he smokes weed. This made her feel very uncomfortable. The driver then took her home and assisted her to her door. He then made a comment that “now I know where you live.” This also made her feel uncomfortable. She only wanted this incident logged. She was advised to call 911 if the driver shows up or if she changed her mind about talking to an officer.

Report of an unwanted person on Winthrop Street. Female party in the lobby trying to gain access and banging on her door. Female party was locked out. Everything was fine.

Report of people sitting in a car possible 94C on Cross Street. Female is walking around and looks like she is pacing. Walking up and down the street and then going back into her car. Units clear, vehicle is unoccupied.

Saturday, June 8

Female banging on doors and screaming on Winthrop Street. Units clear, female party is locked out of her home. She was returned home and successfully let in to her house.

Caller at Cliff and Highland Avenue reports that there are many vehicles speeding in the area. BOLO given to the units. There was no specific vehicle information given from caller.

Party came in to report that she has paid Belle Isle Boat Yard $27,000 for two engines for her boat and he allegedly has not provided the engines. The caller believes that he may have put the engines in another boat. Spoke to male party and a report will follow. This matter is a civil matter in nature.

Male party came into the station to report that his girlfriend’s vehicle has been vandalized. Party was provided a victim/witness form to complete. He will bring it back to the station once completed.

Harbormaster called in by radio for a sector car to be dispatched to harbormaster office for a past larceny.

A vehicle was towed yesterday in Topsfield. Unoccupied on the side of the road. CJIS information comes back to party on Loring Road. Tops field would like them to call them. Vehicle was towed to towing company. No answer at the address. Unit will check back later.

Caller at Pleasant and Palmyra states that there is a very loud house party going on in the area. They have a boombox going off. Party was advised to keep it down.

Party on Cliff Avenue states that there is vehicle parked in front of a hydrant and that it also bumped into his car. Unit will go by the Arms to see if a RO is in there. Vehicle was parked on the bumper of another vehicle. Units clear, vehicle moved.

Report of a 12 year old male with injuries to the head from a fall at Ingleside  Park. Fire on scene and cleared as child left on his bike.

Topsfield PD is requesting to see if the family is home as they found their car next to a wooded area. They are concerned for the well being of the vehicle as it has been towed and no one has called for the car. Unit spoke to neighbor who was able to get in contact with the vehicle owner. They were advised as to where the vehicle was and was also told to contact Topsfield PD.

Report of a loud party on Trident Avenue. It was an 8 year old birthday party and was not loud.

Sunday, June 9

Loud house party on Sea Foam Avenue. About six parties playing music. They turned it down and were advised.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road states that a house is supposed to be abandoned. She is seeing on her phone that her 18 year old son is in the area and believes he may be inside the premises. Everything at the house seems to be secure. Nothing showing.

General disturbance on Main Street. Strong language barrier. Swearing heard on the line. Drunk passenger won’t leave the car. Peace was restored. Party got in another Uber and is heading to  East Boston.

Party on Winthrop Street states that his neighbor threatened him with mace. It was a verbal argument. Parties were separated.

Caller on Shirley Street states there is an opossum on his third floor porch. ACO is not on duty. Party was called back and let known that information and that the animal most likely would leave on its own or they could call a pest control company.

Report of three black males breaking into cars at Jim’s Auto Body. Units state one of the males owned the vehicle and he was showing the other parties the vehicle. Parties have been advised to come back tomorrow.

Report that by the tennis courts in the back of the building at Governors Park there is a vehicle horn that has been going ogg got off for about an hour. 93 responded. 91 states there is no noise at the moment.

Caller on Coral Avenue just wanted to complain about the parking situation. Stated there is a white van with commercial plates that has been parked for over a week without a proper permit. Caller was advised of the resident parking enforcement guidelines and hours. He just wanted this logged.

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