Police Blotter 05-23-2019

Monday, May 13

Suspicious activity on Beacon Circle.  Investigation of suspicious party. Party lives in the area and he was just going for a walk.

Motor vehicle accident with person injury on Court Road. Roll-over and fire is en route. One car hit a parked vehicle. Female party transported to MGH.

Party came into headquarters to report that an unknown party had used her identity to open two separate credit card accounts at Best Buy and Macy’s.

Caller on Main Street reports that a vehicle has not moved in months and only has one ticket on it. Party would like police to investigate this. No tickets on the vehicle. Party lives at that address and it is parked legally.

Motor vehicle stop at Read and Main streets. Citation issued for red light violation.

Motor vehicle stop at Winthrop Marketplace. Clear, verbal warning, subject was advised.

Tuesday, May 14

Plumbing company called and asked for DPW to assist with a water main issue on Revere Street. DPW contacted. Off. 931 dispatched to assess the situation for any assistance. Officer reports he was not able to see any water issues. Water was at another address on Revere Street. /it is now off on the street side and all is okay.

Calling party on Coral Avenue states that her vehicle was vandalized. The rearview mirror was knocked off the vehicle. Mirror was bumped off and is able to be put back on.

Party on Trident Avenue cannot get into his driveway. A Lexus, white, is blocking it. Caller called back to state that the vehicle has since left.

Reporting party on Wilshire Street reports the tenant has been making her feel very uncomfortable. He has been taking photos of the  property and possibly her. She wants this on record as there is an ongoing matter with the building department, as well regarding her tenant. We spoke to the other party involved who claims he is taking pictures but not of his landlord just the property for code reasons. Both parties were advised of this being a civil matter.

Wednesday, May 15

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that there are two vehicles illegally parked on Pond Street, making it difficult for fire apparatus to make the turn and gain access to the building. Caller would like the police to check this out. When checked out, Pond Street was clear.

Party on Russell Street states that a man in his 60s, walked into their house and said “He’s looking for his dog. Is this Banks Street?” He then walked out and closed the door. Residents were very confused and wondered why he entered their home and left afterwards. The party stated this incident occurred about 40 minutes ago. It appears that the subject went into the wrong residence.

Report that a father on Banks Street has Alzheimer’s and is missing. Wearing a black shirt, jeans. 91 checked local businesses, and nothing showing. 94 on foot behind RPS Fitness attempting to locate the subject. Winthrop Shore Drive is clear. 91 searched Kennedy Drive. Nothing showing. K9 responded from Somerville. 91 checked the beach area and spoke to a few people who did not see anything. 92 checked Deer Island area, nothing showing. Pictures were left with Deer Island guards. Subject was located at corner of Read Street near the marsh. He was returned home with family.

Motor vehicle stop at Pleasant Street. Citation issued for stop sign violation.

Follow-up investigation on Elmwood Avenue. No one on the scene. Message left with an individual involved.

Follow-up investigation on Shore Drive. No one home. Message left on the phone.

S5 off on followup on Shirley Street. Apartment appears vacant. S5 called number he had for the party but was unsuccessful. Unit clear, unable to locate the subject.

Calling party on Main Street wishes to remain anonymous. States that there has been a beige Nissan Maxima parked out front for nine days without a sticker and has only been tagged once. WP998 reports this is an ongoing issue. The owner of this vehicle recently moved to Winthrop and was advised to get a resident sticker A.S.A.P.

A defendant on a RO would like to make arrangements for personal property pickup. S10 checked off on order for a one time only pickup. Plaintiff was contacted and will allow pickup in company of police tomorrow at 1 p.m. Defendant will come to the station for escort to the address.

Caller on Upland Road believes someone maliciously cut all four of her dogs paws. Units spoke to the reporting party and also checked out the dog. Believed that the dog may have long nails and bled from the paw. Does not appear to have been assaulted. Units clear, services were rendered.

Property check of Hannaford Park. One vehicle notified of park house and sent on their way.

Thursday, May 16

Off with motor vehicle at Larsen Rink. Licensed operator taking over operation of the vehicle. Attached party will be summoned.

Walk-in attempting to locate his missing vehicle. Vehicle was towed to G&J Towing from Harvard Street for 72-hour violation. Party advised of bylaws and location of the vehicle.

Motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Two cars involved and it was minor.

Caller on Main Street reports a male party driving a white pickup with a painter union logo on it was driving around, throwing glass bottles out of his truck and driving erratically. Officer spoke with the party, and he said he just got home from work.

Party reports a large raccoon at the entrance of Deer Island. When checked, nothing showing. Checked out several places.

Caller on Undine Avenue reports that his wife is refusing to leave. Children on the scene. Officers advised party of their rights. Female party left, there should be no further issues.

911 call. Heard some arguing in the background. Officer spoke with parties and grandmother. Officer reports it was accidental and the party got nervous.

Motor vehicle stop at Veterans and Shirley Street. One male in custody for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Report that in the gazebo someone wrote a racist slander. Writing done in crayons and can be washed off easily. DPW to be notified.

Female party came in to pickup a summons for a juvenile. The female party was given the summons in hand.

Friday, May 17

East Boston police called requesting a unit check the area of Upland Road for missing female party. Hispanic female, brown eyes, blonde hair. Last seen yesterday. Currently entered into NCIC as missing.

Motor vehicle stop at Shore Drive ad Sea Foam Avenue. Outstanding warrant on subject. 93 asked to confirm the warrant and it was confirmed by  Taunton District Court for failure to appear. Subject transported back to headquarters. No tow needed. Someone arrived to pick up the vehicle. Original traffic stop for speeding and subject was given a warning.

G&J Towing reports towing vehicle and trailer for trespass from Atlantis Marina.

Report that a vehicle is parked completely on the sidewalk at Winthrop Marketplace. 92 standing by to see if car is moved shortly. Parties are loading items into the vehicle. A citation was issued.

Two male parties arguing in parking lot of Atlantis Marina. One male party stated he went to the public landing to launch his boat and it was closed. He was told by a town officer there that he could launch the boat from Atlantis Marina. Two men opened the gate for him and allowed him to launch his boat from there. They stated “Gary” is not here. When they arrived back from their fishing trip, their vehicle was towed and they were told that they were trespassing. It was a miscommunication between business and individuals. Parties are going to have to find a different method of getting their boat out of the water. Harbormaster stated they did not give permission to anyone to use the boat ramp. Harbormaster stated they give recommendations on which boat ramps to use and advise individuals to contact this boat ramps for use. 92 off at another boat ramp ensuring no further problems. 92 clear, parties using a public launch ramp.

Car tagged for obstructing handicap spot at Atlantis Marina.

DPW sates there is a silver Chevy that is leaking fuel oil into the catch basin on Fremont Street and would like the owner notified. Fire also notified. Strong odor of gasoline. Fire department on the scene. 92 attempted to make contact with the owner. Contact was made and vehicle moved off the street. Owner will contact a mechanic.

Caller reports there are two males fighting in the parking lot on Washington Avenue. Upon arrival, parties stated that male parties had separated. Units will go to one of their addresses. Spoke to the owner who stated that her son has possession of the vehicle along with another friend. Mother stated she would get in contact with her son. Units clear.

Caller states that her dog was bit and wants an officer to respond for  a report. It was three pit bulls that also live on the street. Caller stated she was on her way to Angel Memorial and the dog that bit her dog came out of Myrtle Avenue. She was advised to call us back when she returns home. She called back and gave us the name of the dog owners and corrected address. She also notified us that her husband was bit as well.

Saturday, May 18

Caller on Fremont Street and Burrill Terrace states there is a woman yelling and hitting a van with a bat. It was a verbal disagreement between employee and employer. Both parties were advised of their rights and separated.

Dog being quarantined on Myrtle Avenue. Nobody home at this time. Will check back later.

Follow-up quarantine on Myrtle Avenue. Party still not home. Will check back later.

Party on South Main Street states EMS could not get through if they needed to. No violation observed. Clear.

Caller is located from the high school on South Main Street. He stated he called a private ambulance for his father and it was unable to make it down the street due to the parking of cars on both sides of the street. 92 checked about 20 minutes ago and said it was fine. He confirmed that an ambulance can make access.

Report of a man in a wheelchair on Highland Avenue by the park. He asked the caller to call police. Party now has fuel for his scooter.

Another attempt to quarantine dog on Myrtle Avenue. Spoke to the party that unit was looking for.
Drunk male in the area of the Pizza Center. Units report looking for a 16-year-old male on bicycle wearing a black shirt. Units will BOO in the area for the male party. Officers spoke to the parties that were causing the disturbance in the center. They were advised that if they continue there will be enforcement action taken. Peace was restored.

Report that a van was double parked on South Main Street. Unit reports there is an event at the high school causing a lot of cars in the area. The van is parked so that it is not obstructing traffic and any emergency apparatus can get through. 92 requests another officer due to the reporting party being verbally combative towards the officers. 92 reports with the assistance of 94 the reporting party understood the parking laws. Vehicle was cited for obstructing traffic. 94 will reach out to the DPW to address the signage issue on this street in regard to having parking only on one side.

Report of two white males driving motorcycles on the walkways at Deer Island. Caller attempted to get them to stop and they ended up driving by on the trails going over 30 mph. K9 responded. State Police also notified. While responding to Deer Island, 92 make contact with party operating a motorbike at Winthrop and Vine streets. Party was advised that he cannot operate the motorbike on the street. He stated he was not the same party at Deer Island. 92 conducted a thorough search at Deer Island and nothing showing now in the area.

Caller at Veterans and Washington Avenue states there is a dirty bike and a Corvette racing in that vicinity. They are doing loops in that area. Units searched the area and nothing showing matching the description. Will continue to monitor the area.

Party on Hale Avenue stated that his neighbor vandalized his property markers. This is an ongoing issue. Neighbor is no longer on the scene. Officer spoke to the reporting party and a report to follow.

Report that a 21-year-old male is hitting people at the basketball courts. Units request medical. Male party taken to Whidden via Action. No assault took place.

Sunday, May 19

Motor vehicle stop at Veterans Road. Citation issued or failure to yield.

Caller on Winthrop Street states there is a white SUV parked in the middle of the road. It has been there for about an hour. Units drove by the vehicle earlier and it is legally parked.

Party on Highland Avenue states a gray Honda is blocking his driveway. Vehicle is completely blocking the driveway. Unit will attempt to raise the owner by using the siren. Vehicle will be cited. Parking citation issued. Vehicle will be given an hour or so before it is towed. The reporting party is okay with that.

911 abandoned call. Pinging meters from Faun Bar Avenue. Message was left to call us back. Spoke to the mother who stated it was her using her son’s phone and accidentally hit 911.

Caller stated that there is a male party acting erratic at the AA meeting on Lincoln Street. Verbal argument between two males. Neither party wishes to pursue any charges. One male party being given a courtesy ride home.

Party on Hermon Street stated a male party was driving erratic and almost hit him while he had kids in the car. Vehicle is legally parked in front of the owner’s residence.

Units off with homeless man in the alley way near 7-Eleven on Revere Street. Party checks out. Units are going forwards with this incident with a follow-up with a social worker.

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