Police Blotter 08-11-2016

Monday, August 1

Caller reports three motor vehicles on corner need to be moved.

Motor vehicle car stopped for speeding.

Caller reports a male party in the lobby complaining about a bad back and needs an ambulance to go to the hospital.

Caller reports motor vehicle parked in spot looks abandoned.

Lt. reports a man with construction equipment in the street. Will check on permits. Person doesn’t have all the permits needed. DPW will respond and explain what is needed.

Caller reports a pickup truck parked on the sidewalk.

Report of a hit and run of motor vehicle.

Tuesday, August 2

Police conduct a motor vehicle stop at Veterans and Cutler Sts.

Citation issued for speeding.

Caller stated she has fallen and not injured but did need assistance.

Caller reports there is a utility vehicle obstructing traffic.

Visiting nurse requests ambulance for patient who appears dehydrated.

Person reports someone without their knowledge opened up an account at Citizens Bank in Chelsea.

Caller reports landlord is verbally abusing her. Caller also reports that he keeps pushing the door to her room open. Caller reports that she is on her way to housing court.

Building manager called to report guest of a tenant has threatened to shoot.

Male caller reports he saw a man fall, he helped him, the man walked away, he said he does not need help.

Manager at Cumberland Farms called to report there were a group of kids in the parking lot and one of them threw a needle on the ground. Officer reports he has the needle and will dispose of it in his sharps container.

Caller requests an ambulance for his wife who is diabetic and not feeling well.

Caller reports black motor vehicle parked on street without moving for several days. Vehicle comes back to a party living on the next street over and will be placed on 72-hour list.

Woman hears construction noise.

Female reports a strong odor of wood burning.

Female called to report she is concerned about blinding chemicals that may be planted in and around the house after a voice mail left by her roommate. Unit reports she was concerned about the potential of chemicals in household products.

Wednesday, August 3

Motor vehicle stopped at Main St. Operator is being cited for unlicensed operation and will be summoned into court.

Caller reports someone entered his apartment around 1 a.m. and stole his wallet.

Caller reports low hang wires.

Call from DPW to report there is a motorbike near Daw playground and it looks vandalized. Officer reports this needs to be towed, as it possesses a Public Safety hazard due to the fact the playground is there.

Report of a truck parked on the corner, obstructing emergency apparatus.

Caller reports people on property of Housing that have trespassed.

Caller requests an ambulance for her husband who is not feeling well.

Call from the Arbors, they need an ambulance.

Call of a male that looks disoriented. Officer reports the man lives in Golden Drive. Officer took him to his apartment.

Report of a male may be having some difficulty and needs to be checked.

Report of a wire down near the church.

Woman brought property of a local that she found at Ingleside park.

Second call reveals that a tow truck obstructing one lane of traffic.

DPW workers request an officer to dispose of a syringe that they located in the course of their work.

Caller reports suspicious white Nissan with three male occupants that have been driving up and down Morton St.

Caller reports several construction vehicles impeding the street.

Report of a panic alarm activation.

MV and trailer blocking traffic.

Female reports a couple passed out. Officer reports they were just resting and moved up to the beach.

Missing grandmother, age 96, 4’8” skinny, white hair. All units notified, located by granddaughter.

Caller reports motor vehicle is parked blocking half her driveway.

Female came in to report her license plate missing.

Owner of Nissan stopped for allowing unlicensed driver to operate vehicle. Owner will be issued a citation for allowing an unlicensed operation to drive.

Citation issued for speeding.

Thursday, August 4

Caller states two different groups at their vehicles being very loud and playing loud music.

Officer observed male that appears to be sleeping in vehicle while doing parking enforcement. The owner had a friend arrive on scene to operate vehicle.

Caller states an assault and battery just occurred. All units respond. One male in custody. One subject to Whidden hospital.

Officer reports male on the ground. Male waiting for the bus and just relaxing until it got there.

Caller requests and ambulance for his wife who is not feeling well.

Call to report a dispute over a sale of a phone.

Caller reports her vehicle was struck while parked on Shirley St. Side mirror was knocked off.

Caller reports someone driving erratic and pulled over into the gas station. Units report female going to Whidden Hospital for evaluation.

Caller reports a group of males and females throwing beers at each other. Units report only families on beach.

Caller reports someone in a car beeping for a half hour.

Todisco reports towing car for trespassing.

Units report motor vehicle obstructing driveway to the station.

Cashier stating there has been a van parked there for hours. He is a bit concerned and would like to have the officer speak to the operator. Officers report the MV left prior to their arrival.

Party reports he is lost and is near Bellevue Terrace. Officer reports he will drop him off at his home.

Male party walked into the police station to report his vehicle was hit. Office reports very minor damage and owner will speak to his insurance company.

Friday, August 5

Caller reports that a company that was operating heavy equipment on Townsend St. damaged his fence.

Reports of a trespasser on the property that has been served previously.

Male reports an odor of gas in front of Marketplace St. Gas fire notified. Gas company will be doing work on street.

Caller reports his daughter’s I-phone 6 missing since attending event at Ingleside Park. Please call if anyone turns it in.

Caller reports front door alarm activation. Units report checking out entire house and all appears in order.

Caller reports a small dog running around the area.

Caller reports her child is choking.

Call back from mother of child who now states the child not choking just vomiting. WFD still responding.

Party reports a fight in front of the Pizza Center.

Saturday, August 6

Motorist stopped and cited for failing to stop at red light.

Reports of a motor vehicle striking a hydrant and leaving the scene. Officer reports a possible MV is a maroon colored jeep that struck the object and fled the area.

Subject placed under arrest. MV was towed by G/J Towing.

Party is requesting EMS for her mother who isn’t feeling well.

Caller reports her rental car has been hit by an unknown vehicle. Damage to left rear passenger door observed by officer.

Party reports a van parked near the home with a tag affixed. Officer reports the parking violation was from street sweeping.

Party came into the station to report that she was contacted by Comcast because somebody attempted to open an account in her name.

Letter carrier reports a woman flagged him down asking for ambulance. 50-year-old female to Whidden for evaluation.

WFD id requesting police respond for assistance with a walk in medical aid.

Caller reports that her vehicle was backed into by someone while parked in driveway. Officer reports minor damage.

Male party with a vision impairment states he has fallen off curb and hurt his leg.

Caller reports her boyfriend fell and has a cut on his head. Fire notified.

Caller reports dog locked in a motor vehicle.

Officer reports opening the door and standing by for the owner who was inside Twist and Shake. Party was advised of the consequences of her actions.

Caller reports an angry raccoon on the front entrance to the apartment building. Officer responded and was able to get her into the building but someone then opened the door afterward and the raccoon gained entry. ACO notified and will respond.

Couple reports man on inflatable boat. Unit dispatched and reports party checked out and was assisting a friend in distress on the water.

Reports observing group with what appeared to be a fire on the beach. Further investigation revealed that it was not a fire but torch.

Caller states that there is a car illegally parked for some time.

Caller states that he needs medical assistance for an existing medical condition.

Gang unit will be checking rear of the water tower for a group with a small fire. Officers clear out 2 males and 4 females from the area.

Sunday, August 7

Caller stated his address and that he believed he needed to go to the hospital.

Party reports his fire alarm was sounding but has since s hut off.

Calling party reports an unwanted guest with a


Caller reports while walking she observed a syringe under a hedge, officer responded and removed for disposal.

Party came into the station reporting ongoing situation between him and a resident of Winthrop who he sates is harassing him in attempt to solicit money out of him. Party was advised to contact Revered Police to report this matter, as that is where he resides.

Caller reports his driveway is obstructed.

Multiple calls for a bush fire at the above address. Fire notified.

Caller reports her neighbors motor vehicle was struck.

Caller states that she was driving out of the Belle Isle parking lot and observed a girl sitting on the ground who she feared was going to overdose.

WFD and Ambulance responded and report one female to the Whidden.

Caller asked if it were okay to test fly his drone at low altitudes in Ingleside Park. Informed him that the operation of any drone within a 5-mile radius of any airport is prohibited by FAA and will be enforced. He fully intends on complying with laws.

Monday, August 8

Party reports people being noise working on cars and carrying on in the parking area.

Male party walked into the station to report his vehicle is missing from where he parked it on Jefferson St. Officer searched the area and could not find the vehicle either.

Safety officer requests a tow for vehicle on Hillside Ave.

Party came into station reporting that he is receiving mail with his address on it for a party that does not live there.

Caller reports yelling going on. Units dispatched and report verbal argument; officers spoke to parties and all it quiet.


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