Police Blotter 07-21-2016

Monday, July 11

We received a warrant of apprehension from East Boston Court for subject on Enfield Road. Officers report subject is not home and sister will call when he comes home or she finds out where he is.

Party on Beacon Street called to report that her front plate was ripped off the vehicle. She will come in later to fill out the Stolen Plate form.

Nurse from Whidden Hospital called to inquire about a patient that they have in the ER. The nurse was informed that we had a WOA for the subject and we would be over to serve it and take the party into custody and transport him to court.

Caller on Revere Street reports that two dogs are off their leash and have attacked another dog. ACO officer and W94 responded to the area.

Party called to inquire regarding a civil matter involving a landlord and tenant issue. The caller was concerned because the landlord said they could enter the property when they wanted despite the renter not being home.

Report of an automobile accident in the area of Walden Place. W93 and fire responded to the area. Another call reporting of a crash and woman is hurt on Walden Place. EMS/fire notified. W93 responded to assist. G&J notified to respond for two motor vehicles that need to be towed. Manager at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home called to report that a tenant on the third floor is intoxicated. Officers and fire report not one drunk, just an argument. All is ok.

Resident on Grandview Avenue called about possible 94C violations in a white car. W92 and W93 spoke with the occupants and they were sent out of the area with a warning.

Report of no water in house on Harbor View Avenue.

Resident on Shirley Street is concerned about a vehicle with a male out front of a house for last 45 minutes. W92 and W93 report speaking with a Uber driver who presented his ID and proper confirmation.

Family member on Enfield Road requesting an ambulance for son.

Caller at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home states that he is being threatened and reports a verbal argument. Both parties advised of their rights.

Party at Governors Park states that she has been getting threatening looks and actions toward her from a female neighbor. She wanted it noted should this subject take some action against her.

Caller on Almont Street requesting ambulance for 80-year-old male having difficulty breathing.

Party on Golden Drive reported she is having hard time breathing. WFD and EMS advised and will respond.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reports that the resident in the apartment below her comes home at night and starts banging on the heating register. She has reported this in the past. The officer spoke with both parties and advised them of their rights to seek a harassment order from the court. They were advised not to speak with each other or continue the harassment.

Officer will be conducting a person check on a female that has been hanging outside the Cumberland Farms for over an hour. Officer reports that she is reading magazines on her phone for the last few hours. She decided to leave the area.

Party on Walden Street reports that the teens are playing basketball and are being loud and making noise. Officer reports the parties apologized and have left the court.

Caller reports someone in the last house heading down from Hermon Street is setting off large fireworks.

Party on Myrtle Avenue reports that the neighbors are shouting, swearing and just being noisy. Officers spoke with the homeowner who agreed to go back inside his home. There was no disturbance heard upon the officers’ arrival.

Tuesday, July 12

Probation warrant issued for subject on Seam Foam Avenue who has a victim here in Winthrop. A copy was faxed to all concerned departments in the matter.

Male party on Bowdoin Street stated that his vehicle was struck and then the male driver got out of the vehicle and assaulted him and left the scene. Officer spoke to all subjects involved.

Female caller on Edwards Street stated that she got a call from a probation officer involving someone she had an active RO against. Information was given to the female party.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that his daughter fell in the shower and is unresponsive. W91 and Detail 976 responded to assist as there is construction going on there.

Female party called to inform us of two suspicious males that were near the Fort Banks School and now are near the bus stop across from the Twin Bakery. One of the males is wearing all white. Officer was unable to locate any parties fitting the description.

Reports of a problem at his business (Jim’s Autobody) regarding an employee. Officer spoke to caller and was advised.

Off-duty officer reports an older model blue Mustang with male occupants were yelling at young female girls on Walden Street. Officer reports no blue Mustang in the area but will keep an eye out.

Woman on Centre Street called to state that she is locked out of her car and her child is inside.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue reported to EBDC personnel that her ex-boyfriend was harassing her. Copy of 209A on hand shows the above address. Off. Hysa responded and reports speaking with the landlord who stated that the reporting party no longer lives there and she has not seen her in quite some time (months). Officer checked on a different address from our records.

Visiting Nurse reports needing a lift assist on Vine Avenue. Call transferred to WFD.

Director Lyons states that the phone lines going into the office of the Winthrop Housing Authority are down as part of a national problem that Comcast is experiencing. In the event that a tenant of Housing has an emergency and they call us, please call.

Chelsea Police requested assistance from our ACO with a dog bite to a child. ACO was relayed the information and will contact Chelsea.

Wednesday, July 13

Party on Bartlett Road reports a tall blonde male with a green tank top is looking into a white vehicle. Officer located the female who owns the white Jeep and she was taking her cat out for a walk.

Lt. DeLeo requests a tow for a vehicle at Hutchinson and Crest Avenue. It was towed to G&J. Lt. DeLeo will complete an incident report.

Party reports males working in the street in a manhole at Brookfield and Pleasant Street. There are no warnings and he believes it to be dangerous. W91 spoke to DPW workers who will try to put up some signs warning motorists as well as cones. No department member called for a safety assist and the workers report that they will be there most of the day.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a large truck parked opposite her home for a long time. Today she checked with DPW who stated it was not theirs. The caller reports there are not plates on the vehicle. W92 responded and reports that there are no plates and it is a very large truck. He will check the area for a crew and also check with neighbors. Officer checked the area for a working crew and no one around. In addition, he checked with the neighborhood. It is not registered and it is a 6-wheel gradeall. Officer reports checking with DPW director who reports it has nothing to do with their work. G&J notified and given the particulars. Tow Company responded and towed the truck due to the fact that the owner of the equipment and motor vehicle is unknown at this time.

Caller reports finding a set of keys on the beach at Shore Drive. The keys are two motor vehicles. One being to a Honda and the other to a Mitsubishi along with a fob type, possibly to an office. He will bring the set to the station after work tonight in the event someone calls and reports losing them.

Party on Lincoln Street reports that someone is beating someone. It was difficult to understand the caller, as she is involved with another party in the background. Maybe a child involved.

Officer reports company doing work on a house on Revere Street with no permit. Code Enforcement officer shut down the job site until they get a permit.

Manager for a building on Shirley Street called to report that a resident reported to him that there are four men trying to get into the building and ringing a lot of bells. W91 responded and reports it is the gas company along with the constable with a shut off list. There is also a shut off list regarding this on the desk and the address is on the list.

Multiple calls about two cars full of people fighting and following each other throughout town. Cars went into Revere and Revere Police were notified.

EBDC faxed over a warrant of apprehension on male party on Somerset Avenue. Subject was arrested and brought to EBDC.

Party at Fort Heath Apartment6s called to state that an 86-year-old female has back pains and needs medical. Transferred to EMS.

Female caller on Douglas Street states that her friend has been having suicidal thoughts all day long. Officer reports female party signed refusal and her son will look after her.

Multiple calls about a man about to jump off the bridge on Main Street. Fire and EMS sent. W91 and W92 report being able to stop the male subject and that he has been evaluated by medical and transported to MGH for further evaluation. No injury. A subsequent call from a passerby stated that the officers saved the man’s life and should be commended. Nice work by all involved.

Female party on Irwin Street stated that while she was next door at a friend’s house, someone walked into her house and stole money and pills from her.

911 operator reports that he received a call from a male claiming to on Veterans Road. The male yelled at the operator and stated that he needed an ambulance.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states that her neighbors are hosting a pool party for a group of kids and it has become very loud. K9 reports speaking with the homeowner who will quiet things down. The kids were just cooling off in the pool.

Party states that he was driving down Madison Avenue and a white male jumped on his truck result6ing in a broken strap on his tonneau cover. He followed him and a female in the area near the new high school. The male subject described as wearing shorts. W94 reports canvassing the entire area surrounding the WHS and being unable to locate a victim or perpetrator. Just people playing Pokemon Go.

Thursday, July 14

Party on Main Street reports he walked by a house and the front door is wide open and no lights are no. Officers report the door is wide open. K9 will be going through the building. K9 cleared the building, no signs of forced entry. The officers secured the door.

Caller on Shirley Street is requesting EMS for her mother who is not feeling well. WFD and EMS notified.

Report of mulch, which appears to be smoldering on the traffic island at Revere and Crest Avenue. WFD notified and will respond.

Officer requests EMS for an evaluation for a female party. The female party was placed under arrest for driving under the influence.

Request for an ambulance on Almont Street. EMS responded.

Sergeant called to state a minor motor vehicle accident. It involved a parked vehicle and another vehicle, which fled the scene. An elderly male was seen driving the vehicle. After speaking with the pharmacist, it was determined that the driver was on Golden Drive. The vehicle was located behind the residence with the attached plate on it. The car’s original plate is revoked/suspended and the license was revoked. The vehicle was towed for unregistered/uninsured.

Party came into the station with a repossession order for several vehicles on Winthrop Street.

Friday, July 15

Caller on Coral Avenue reports that the home next to hers was recently foreclosed upon. The former owners have moved and there is kids pulling in and out of the driveway at all hours of the night. The caller was inquiring as to what can be done to prevent that property and the neighborhood from becoming a hangout for kids and destroying the quality of life. She was told that we would research this and attempt to contact the security department of the bank that now owns the property.

Manager for PRT states that his driver reported to him that he observed an abandoned black bag or piece of luggage at Highland and Revere Street. Units report canvassing the area to no avail. Area search was negative.

Caller on Golden Drive called to inquire about a person check that she requested last night. She was advised that the officer was unable to locate her brother. They attempted to call her back with an update but she did not answer. She requested another person check.

Detail officer reports a tow for vehicle parked in the posted NO parking area on Franklin Street. An attempt was made to contact owner but to no avail. G&J notified. They relocated the vehicle to Payson Street.

Male party reports he cannot get his property back from Nelson’s Auto Body. Officer talked to both parties and the caller got his property back.

Female party on Pleasant Street called to state that her mother is having bad stomach pains. Transferred to EMS.

Young boy turned in money he found on Yirrell Beach. He did the right thing.

Medical monitoring company reports that one of their customers is on oxygen and has no power at the Arbors. Operator further states that she could not reach anyone at the “assisted living” facility.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states that one of the tenants has fallen outside the trash room the first floor.

Babysitter called 911 to state that she was trying to get the children to sleep and there is a loud party going on next door on Seymour Street. W92 reports the area is quiet.

Caller on Thornton Park states that there is an intoxicated male in front of his house. W92 reports a disagreement between the caller and the subject. The subject is leaving in an Uber.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments states there are some kids in a car in the parking garage on the second level that do not belong there and are creating a disturbance. WMS queries on five parties. All negative. Subjects counseled and sent out of the area.

Reports of a possible fight on Jefferson and Putnam Street. 98 responded and report the area is clear. The call was unfounded.

Saturday, July 16

MSP Revere requests assistance. 93 responds and reports MSP took one in custody at Shore Drive and Locust Street.

Caller states that a group is playing basketball in the playground at Massa Playground and is disturbing his sleep. W93 reports sending the ballers out of the area.

Irate 911 caller yells that there have been suspicious subjects roaming around on Myrtle Avenue and she called and we have not responded. We explained that she was tying up an emergency line for a non-emergency call and that as soon as the units clear from a domestic, someone would investigate her complaint. W93 reports no suspicious activity and the street is all quiet at this time.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that the individuals continue to walk between WSD and the path behind her residence. An officer had just left the area, but would come back and speak to her. W93 reports checking the area and speaking to the caller. The officer determined that this was most likely the group that ran from the MSP earlier and was trying to hide from the trooper. Area is now clear and the caller is satisfied.

Caller states that a couple is passed out in a car at Fremont and Buchanan Street. 93 responded and reports the vehicle dispersed from the area.

Report of a syringe that was on Winthrop Street. 91 located the syringe and placed it in to the Sharps container.

Male party called to report that while he was walking on Shirley Street he noticed the front door window smashed with glass all over the place. Officer reports he checked the building and was joined by the owner. No break, someone just smashed the window.

Male called to report that a lady fell and cut her arm on Shore Drive. EMS were notified and they along with W94 report that a 60 year old female with a laceration to her arm. She was transported by Action Ambulance to MGH.

Caller on Golden Drive reports being threatened by another member of the housing complex. W94 will respond. Officer spoke to both the calling party and involved party. Both state that it is a misunderstanding and they were advised of their rights. They will stay away from each other. 94 cleared.

Female called to report a vehicle parked in the handicapped area on Shirley Street. Officer reports the area is clear. The officer is citing a vehicle for parking violations at Yirrell Beach.

Nurse at the Arbors called to report that a patient fell on the floor. EMS will handle.

Calling party stated there is a sinkhole forming on Somerset Avenue. DPW notified and will respond. 93 will place cones around it until DPW arrives.

Daughter called to report that her mother on Golden Drive fell for the third time today. EMS will handle.

Manager of Cumberland Farms called to report that a man with an American flag shorts on is bothering customers and begging for change. Officer report that the subject left prior to their arrival.

Report of fireworks or gunshots on Franklin Street.

Auxiliary Police request an officer at Belle Isle Cemetery. Officer had parents pick up group of youths.


Sunday, July 17

Party reports loud party at the PSA hall. The party was just getting out and ending. The crowd was waiting for Uber and taxi and other rides. Officers stood by until all was peaceful.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports that vandalism was done to her property overnight. 92 responds and reports broken bottles left on the property. No damage done and no crime was committed.

Party stated that she is working with the MWRA in trying to get 2 Piping Plovers out from a storm drain. She just wanted to inform us in case we received any calls.

Calling party at Dalrymple School stated he did not feel well and needs an ambulance. Call transferred to EMS.

Off-duty officer called and stated he was driving behind a vehicle operated by an elderly female on Bowdoin Street. Caller states that she was having difficulty operating her vehicle. 92 is off in the area.  He is on the corner of Bartlett and Pleasant Street. License comes back active to a female out of Revere. She is driving a new car and is a little uncomfortable but is otherwise fine. She was then allowed to leave.

Caller from the Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home states that he may have taken too many meds. Fire notified. 92 and 93 respond and report male subject approximately 48 years old going to the Whidden.

Calling party on Winthrop Street states that her 83-year-old father has fallen in his house and needs medical attention. Call transferred to EMS.

Caller on Veterans Road states that Lifeline activation for an 81-year-old male. Referred to WFD.

Party on Shore Drive reports he has a female guest that is refusing to leave. 93 is transporting female to her mom’s house. No one was home and she was unable to be left on her own because of intoxication. She will be placed in protective custody and transported to the station.

Transfer from NH 911. Calling party stated that her parents live on Overlook Drive and her mother has passed out in the bathtub and needs an ambulance. Herm other is home with her father. 93 responded. Patient refused medical and was cleared.

Caller on Brookfield Road states there is very loud music coming from the area. Officer reports speaking to homeowners who will lower the music.

Party at Atlantis Marina reports that his friend needs medical attention and is on the dock. He hurt his shoulder. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that the person downstairs is using some kind of heater and there is a chemical smell to it. Fire notified.

Calling party states that he was going into his house on Wilshire Street and witnessed a woman yelling at teenage girls. He said the woman was swearing at them in the middle of the street. 93 will respond. He reports that the family is on their front porch and everything is quiet.

Caller reports kids are acting up and stole her daughter’s shoes at the skate park. She is now in CVS and would like to speak with an officer. The caller was uncooperative with any information. She will speak to the other kids’ parents tomorrow.

Report of a male down on the ground at Woodside and Seymour Street. Fire notified. 91 and 93 respond and report a 23-year-old male being transported to the Whidden.


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