Police Blotter 08-27-2015

Monday, August 17

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that a large raccoon is on her roof and could possibly be injured. Chelsea PD will have their ACO call the Winthrop Station. ACO from Chelsea contacted the station and informed us that an ill raccoon would not be able to climb. The raccoon should leave on its own. The caller was notified.

Party on Main Street reports a motor vehicle swerving. Units notified to try and locate the vehicle in question.

Court sent us a Capias for subject on Winthrop Street and wants us to take her to the Court House. Officers report that no one is home.

Concierge at Seal Harbor called to report they found a needle on their property. Officer reports placing it in a Sharps container.

Detectives are off on a follow up investigation on Birch Road.

Female called to report that a lady near the East Boston Bank is having a seizure. Fire, Action and officer report the lady is okay. Officer will take her home.

Neighborhood dispute about different groups of kids at Edward and Douglas Street. Units report speaking to all parties involved and the matter is resolved to their satisfaction.

E-911 call from Summit Avenue about a male party having difficulty breathing. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond. Unit reports Narcan administered.

Ambulance needed at the Arbors. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Female reports that her I Pad was taken from blackstrap BBQ.

Caller on Andrew Street reports that his father fell and hit his head. Medical notified.

Unit reports a motor vehicle I Hannaford Park after closure. Units report a group from Winthrop sent out of the area.

Tuesday, August 18

Caller on Forrest Street states a car is blocking his driveway. He was barely able to get out. 92 responds and reports parking ticket issued.

Party on Overlook Drive states that she has fallen and can not get up. 92 and fire respond. 92 reports female party refused medical. All units cleared.

Party on Willow Avenue called to report that her brother needs to go to the hospital. EMS notified.

Caller on Coral and Shirley Street reports a swan in the roadway. The caller is afraid that a passing motor vehicle may strike the swan. Officer reports that the swan has moved from the street.

Safety Officer at Cross and Main reports a large tree branch has fallen onto a parked motor vehicle adjacent to the new high school construction site. DPW notified. One vehicle was damaged.

Woman came to the station to report a past larceny at her residence on Walden Street.

Female walked in and stated she was attacked this morning on Pleasant Street. Detective spoke with her and her mother on the phone. He will follow up.

Detectives called to report they are off for a follow up investigation on Kennedy Road.

Medical call to William Gorman School. A teacher is having chest pains. EMS notified.

Officer reports a male needs medical at Winthrop Senior Center. EMS notified.

Call of kids drinking at the end of Cottage Park Road. Officer reports the area is clear and no one is around.

Caller at Revere and Summit Avenue repots silver SUV almost hit a fire hydrant, drove over the sidewalk and then almost hit the other curt. He is now parked on Summit. Officer reports requesting medical. Subject refused medic al treatment. Officer asks for medical to return as the subject is requesting medical now. Male to MGH by Action EMS. The vehicle is parked on Revere Street and G&J notified and will tow.

Call of a motor vehicle crash at Grovers and Crest Avenue.

Officer is off with a Revere unit investigating a stolen UHaul that was left on Argyle Street. Motor vehicle was in fact the vehicle and the renter will be driven here to pick up the vehicle.

Wednesday, August 19

Transfer from Boston EMS for a medical aid with a leg injury on Lincoln Street.

Call from Overlook Drive from a party requesting help. Medical was dispatched and party could not move or get off the couch.

Reports received of several phone calls from all over from individuals identifying themselves as the IRS and that they are coming to get her.

W91 left message for resident on Tewksbury Street regarding her license being at the station.

Party came to the station with paraphernalia of 92C activity tat he found adjacent to his property and the public pathway going towards Sagamore Avenue. He would like detective to check the area. He was told to call if he sees anything while it is happening.

Party came to the station to report a problem with his landlord. Reporter reports that approximately three weeks ago he came home and the outside door to the property as well as his door to his apartment on the first floor was broken. He does not believe that entrance was gained. The landlord did not want him to call police. Today his landlord wanted him to leave the property.

Report of a swan in the road at Temple Tifereth Israel. W92 checked the area and the swan is gone.

Male caller reports being involved in an altercation. He reports someone on a motorcycle pulled at him and ripped his shirt. W91 and W92 responded and located the alleged victim out in front of the station. The victim was coming to the station to pickup a victim/witness report and will return it at a later time.

A party came to the station to report that his married 33-year-old daughter was missing since August 13. He reports that her husband stated she sent him a text message saying she was leaving him and she hasn’t been home since. Spoke to the husband via phone and he stated this also. Her father states she has not reported to work either. All this was conveyed to us via someone who was acting as an interpretator. It was entered into NCIC. W92 and MC1 are responding to the husband’s address in an attempt to gain any more information. The husband was not home but officer spoke with him on the p hone. He will stop by the station tonight after work and speak with the officers. The husband came to the station and showed us the text messages from his wife’s phone. He has not heard from her since the 17th. He stated if he does he would have her call her father and also the station. A message was left on her voice mail from us asking her to do the same.

Revere detective reports a motorcycle crash outside of Governor’s Park. Off-duty Off. Feeley also reports being off and tending to some lacerations. G&J notified.

Party on Circuit Road reports a white car with several occupants has been speeding around the neighborhood and the occupants are screaming out the windows. Officer reports checking the entire area to no avail.

Caller on Jefferson Street reports a silver colored motor vehicle has been parked there for over 5 hours now running. Officer reports speaking with the owner at the photography shop. He secured the vehicle.

Party reports a black pickup truck is parked and running at Billows and Grandview Avenue. It appears very suspicious to him. Officer repots the above black pickup just left the area. No violations observed.

Thursday, August 20

Revere PD requested we make contact with subject at Governors Park regarding her motor vehicle. Officer reports speaking with her husband who told the officer she is out but he will have her contact Revere PD.

Reports of a swan on Cutler Street hissing at people. Officer reports the area is clear, but did not notice one on the lawn on Veterans Road.

Party came to the station to report losing his black man’s wallet this morning. The wallet contained his SS card and several bank ATM cards and many ID’s and personal cards and government cares along with personal papers and $65. Please call him if someone locates this.

Female on Willow Avenue requests medical for her brother who is having trouble breathing.

Party came to the station to report items on Twitter that she believes are coming from the girlfriend of her ex. No specific identifying names but reporter recognizes herself by the nature of the posts. Party was advised to seek a harassment order involving the new girlfriend. There was not enough to go on for a third party violation at this time. The party will go to court for the HO now.

Caller reports losing a set of keys today possibly in a cab, but she checked with cab company and they did not find them. The ring has a fob to Ft. Heath apartments on it.

Party reports male in red pickup operating erratically and now parked in the parking lot at Doctors Building on Crest Avenue. Officers report speaking to the subject. There is no evidence of impairment, but reports he is overly tired. For safety reasons, W93 escorted him home.

We assisted State PD with a search warrant on Locust Street. One subject under arrest for possession of child pornography, and distributing material of child in sexual act.

Party on Shirley Street reports that her friend is on her way to her home to assault her. Officer reports ongoing threats to caller. Officer will seek charges at EB District Court. The caller was advised to get a harassment order from the court tomorrow.

Missing party on Shirley Street from yesterday was located. She spoke to her father via telephone.

Party reports a loud group of teens on Yirrell Beach with a bonfire going and they are being rowdy. Officers report clearing a group of 4 adults form the beach. The small fire was extinguished with no service from WFD.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports the neighbors are being very loud in the back yard area. Officer reports having the small gathering go into the house.

Friday, August 21

Party reports he and his girlfriend were riding their bikes along Washington Avenue and a small black motor vehicle with teens in it were following them shouting out rude comments to the bicyclist all the way along the street. Officer responded to the home of the registered owner and had a conversation with the driver’s mother who assured the officer it will not happen again.

Report of a sewer cover being dislodged on Shirley Street. DPW will respond. Sewer cover back in place.

Multiple calls about a person down on Bartlett Road. Transferred to EMS.

Parole Officer came in to leave a Massachusetts parole field car don a recently released subject living in Winthrop. Information placed on board in the hall.

Nephew asks for a well being check on woman on Sagamore Avenue as he has not heard from her for several weeks. W93 responded and located the resident who is fine and is there with her son. The caller notified and information given to the resident to contacted her nephew.

Mother came to the station with her daughter and two nieces to report that the girls being approached in the CVS parking lot by two males in their 20’s. They were described as white. One with dark hair wearing a blue shirt and khakis who got out of the car and did the talking to the girls. The other male had lighter hair and was the driver and stayed in the car. The girls were asked their names and ages and their telephone numbers. The mother came out of the CVS and the male got into the car quickly and then drove off very fast form the parking lot. This information was BOLOed to all our units as well as to surrounding cities and towns via Baypern Centra. Follow-up with calls to State Police Revere and Revere PD. The tape from CVS was also obtained.

Caller reports receiving a call from Texas from someone identifying himself or herself as the IRS. The caller knows it is a scam, just wanted to let us know.

We were informed of the pre-trial release of a subject from yesterday. Probation reports that he is released with GPS. The Commonwealth requested some pre-trial restrictions. A list of where he must stay 300 ft. from and whom he is to stay away from is being faxed to our department from probation and will be posted on the board.

Woman on Bellevue Avenue reports not feeling well. She will try to go to open the door. Fire notified.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a heart problem.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue called to report low pressure. DPW notified.

Caller called regarding her ex that she has an active RO on has not picked up his belongings that she put outside for him several weeks ago. The caller was concerned regarding the weather. Message was left for the ex regarding his property and reminder that he does need a police escort to go and pick them up.

Manager of Blackstrap BBQ reports a male going around to the businesses in the area selling gift bags. Officer spoke to the subject and advised him to cease soliciting without proper permit.

Female on Willow Avenue reports that her daughter’s legs are swollen. Fire notified.

Caller on Read Street reports that his ex-girlfriend entered his home through an unlocked back door today while he was at work. He states that his 16-year-old son was home. He wanted this recorded for a possible future 209A.

Call from Essex Regional Dispatch. The caller hung up, for an unwanted guest who walked in the home on Shore Drive through an unlocked door. Officers report unable to locate the caller. Another call from female, she is outside and will meet the officers at the corner of Wave Way Avenue and explain the situation to them. Officer report it was a B&E. They are searching the area for the suspect. Officers report the female and male know each other. Male party is homeless. Area search for the subject was negative. Bus company and cab companies have been notified.

Officer checked three individuals in a parked motor vehicle at Halford Beach. Subjects were sent out of the area.

Saturday, August 22

Party reports a female out in the street between Dominoes and the bridge waving down traffic. Officers report no signs of anyone all the way up Saratoga at East Boston.

Motor vehicle stopped for violation at Main and Sunset Road. Officer requested another unit to respond. Subject placed under arrest for driving under the influence, speeding, and being intoxicated while carrying a firearm.  The motor vehicle was towed.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports unable to exit his driveway as there is a vehicle blocking it. He also reports this is ongoing problem with resident who lives nearby. W91 responded and reports contacting the owner of the vehicle obstructing and having it moved.

Party reports locating a hypodermic needle on Revere Street. He discarded it in the trash.

Female caller reports a white male wearing fatigues and headphone just came from the construction area at tennis courts on Main Street and threw what appeared to be a lock over the gate. The male said he spent the night in there as he was walking away in the direction of Ocean View Street. Units sent to the area to investigate and speak to the caller. Units report gate near courts appear open that leads to sights and all other gates appear secured at this time. Manager of sight contacted and informed. He will respond shortly and contact us if there has been a breach/damage. No sign of the male party described by the caller at this time.

Medical aid needed at CVS.

Report of a car parked in a handicap spot on Winthrop Street with no placard. Officer reports parking ticket issued and the car moved.

Caller on Sunnyside Avenue reports that he has just arrived home and discovered that the temporary water service to his home is leaking. DPW notified.

Male party reports locating a bag, which he believes, may contain drugs at Winthrop Golf Course. W92 dispatched to recover the bag and bring it to the station. Off. Bettano reports items linked to previous B&E call.

Female caller on Washington Avenue reports she found some Sharps on her property. Officer secured the items.

Employee of Mobile Mart reports that a female customer does not know where she is or where she’s going. EMS notified. EMS reports there is no reason for transport but the female party should not be driving. Female party brought to the station until we can find someone to pick her up. Off. Racow was able to make contact with Mystic Valley Elder Services who will follow up with party from the Salem Towers, where she lives.

 Reports of swans on Coral Avenue.

While walking on Winthrop Shore Drive, off-duty Sgt. Hickey received information of and confirmed a suspicious situation on the shoreline behind the water tower. Chief was notified and on the scene. W92 and W94 sent to the scene. The scene was secured. MSP notified. WFD and Action Ambulance notified to stand by at Beacon Circle. Det. Callinan and Gang Unit Officers Hickey and Ramadani and the MSP Bomb Disposal Unit on the scene also, as well as Sgt. Crisafi. Sgt. Crisafi reports that all residents on Faun Bar have been evacuated and all traffic stopped from traveling on Harborside and Faun Bar. When it was all clear, the residents were allowed to return. Beacon Circle walkway to remain closed. Gang Unit officers will secure each side of the walkway until crime scene services arrive to process the scene. EMS released from the scene. Scene secured and managed by detectives and MSP.

Caller on Douglas Street states that since April she has been experiencing a problem with kids loitering in her back yard. She has on many occasions asked them not to congregate in her yard and as a result she was a victim of egging and having her lawn furniture thrown around. When the situation elevated to the point when she sternly demanded the youths to leave her yard, the parents chastised her. She was advised and is going to make WHA aware of this ongoing quality of life issue. She wanted this to be on record.

Party on Cliff Avenue came to the station to repot an angry cat chased after her and her dogs. She wants action. CTO will be notified upon his return.

Several calls of kids back at the courts on Walden Street. Units report a cooperative group who had moved to the street hockey rink in Ingleside Park, calling it a night.

Sunday, August 23

Female on Revere Street reports finding a man’s wallet with money and personal papers inside. A check of the information revealed a male that was transported by EMS to the hospital owned it. Wallet was placed at the front window and wrapped with a copy of the report.

Caller on Locust Street states a vehicle has been idling for a couple of hours and the horn has gone off occasionally. 91 responds and reports the vehicle will be leaving the area.

Officer is off with two subjects inside the gazebo at Ingleside Park. Officer reports the subjects sent out of the area.

Party on Revere Street repot a male down in the area shouting for help. Officer reports locating the male near the address and WFD and EMS notified to respond. The subject was identified and transported to the hospital.

Caller on Temple Avenue states a neighbor dispute over parking. 92 responds and reports speaking to all parties involved and advising them of their rights, peace restored.

Part on Ingleside Avenue states past B&E. 92 responds and reports a scooter is missing but the owner is away and will file a stolen motor vehicle report when he returns. The make of the scooter is a Tao Tao, it’s black with missing mirrors and an Irish clover on the back.

Another report of swans on Veterans Road.

Caller on Cross Street states two older boys are playing in the fenced off A field. The balls are hitting off her house. Officer reports no kids in the baseball field. Saw three kids in the area that are leaving on their own.

Party on Cutler reports that a man just knocked on the door with a small child. The male pointed to him and asked this small child, “Is this him?”  He then said he would come back with the child’s mother. The caller said he has no idea who the male or the child was and would like this on record. He was advised to call if the person comes back or if anything else happens.

911 call of fireworks in Lewis Lake area. Advised this is not a 911 call, but will send an officer. K9 officer reports the area is clear and no sign of fireworks.

Units off with a group that has bonfire and being loud on Shore Drive. Units spoke to the group that have a permit from WFD for the bonfire and will keep the noise down.


Patrick Marino, 42, 35 Girdlestone Road, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding and being an intoxicated licensee carrying a firearm.

Jaryd Towlson, 23, 107 Locust St., charged with possessing child pornography and distributing material of a child in a sexual act.

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