Police Blotter 04-16-2015


Michael J. Mitrano, 25, 19 Coral Ave., Apt. 1, Winthrop. Charged with a warrant for driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence of alcohol and a marked lanes violation.

Jose Silva, 45, 26 Wolcott St., Everett. Charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Monday, March 30

Medical aid call to Lincoln Avenue address.

Elderly person fell at the Winthrop Senior Center, Harvard Street.

Medical aid call to Undine Avenue after a disturbance on the second floor.

Visiting nurse requests an ambulance for her patient on Marshall Street.

Officer assisted with crossing at Gorman School Crossing.

Summons delivered to Hutchinson Street.

Suspicious person taking pictures on Saratoga Street. No vehicle found.

Fire department assisted with a lift at Elliot St. address.

Parking complaint on Waldemar Avenue.

Parking complaint on Shirley Avenue, car moved.

Caller requested medical aid call to check on her boyfriend’ws vital signs.

Tow driver reported problem with an attempted repossession on Read Street.

Tuesday, March 31

Car stopped on Revere Street at Shirley Street. Owner summonsed for unlicensed operation.

Officer assisted with crossing at Gorman School Crossing.

Medical aid call on Main Street. Man complaining of arm pain and numbness. Transported to hospital.

Medical aid call to East Boston Neighborhood Health.

Buchanan Street resident reports loud bang and electricity out. Fire department responded.

Officer assisted with crossing at Gorman School Crossing.

Alarm reported on Court Road.

Vehicle blocking path on Faun Bar Avenue.

Report of unwanted text messages threatening vehicle repossession on Argyle Street.

Couple having a verbal disagreement on Walden Street. Male took taxi to East Boston.

Wednesday, April 1

Report of couple arguing on Willow Avenue.

Report of a man in the house on Birch Road. Officers contacted a family member.

Medical aid call to Somerset Avenue for man passing out.

Medical aid call to Shirley Hardware for person who fell. Medical treatment refused.

Report of a man following a woman. Revere Police Department notified.

Report of a car side-swiped on Shirley Street.

Attempted break-in on Shirley Street. Someone trying to kick door in. No one found.

Minor motor vehicle accident at Cumberland Farms on Revere Street.

Report of suspicious vehicle on Townsend Street with possible drug activity.

Woman transported to Whidden Hospital from Shirley Street.

Animal control notified of problem on Central Street between two dog owners.

Suspicious vehicle parked on Enfield Road.

Cook on Woodside Avenue cut his finger and passed out. Called back, he’s ok.

Male causing problem at Shirley Street restaurant.  Left prior to officer arrival.

Thursday, April 2

Assist with school crossing at Revere Street and Kennedy Road.

Assist with school crossing on Pauline Street.

Report of an attempted canoe theft on Winthrop Street. Canoe fell off truck and is in road. Canoe returned to owner.

Medical aid call to East Boston Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street.

Disturbance at residence on Locust Street.

Possible purse stolen from Revere Street Dunkin Donuts.

Report of vehicles picking up students from Fort Banks School parking in the DPW parking lot.

Medical aid call to Fremont Street.

Report of two large dogs off leash on the beach at Shore Road.

Vehicle towed from Governors Drive for expired inspection sticker.

Report of a man who yelled at a boy and his parents on Pleasant Park Road.

Strange letter reported mailed to a Russell Street address.Report of a lost and then found Chihuahua on Grandview Avenue.

Report of someone looking around Belle Isle Boat Yard. Person looking for keys.

Friday, April 3

A wayward barking dog reported on Read Street. Neighbor will take dog for the night.

Report of someone trying to open door on Winthrop Street.

Medical aid call to Lewis Avenue for someone who fell.

Caller wants cousin removed from home on Shore Drive. Party left the area.

Medical emergency on Shore Road for someone having a medical problem on the beach wall. Male taken to Mass. General.

Medical aid call to Revere Street for elderly woman.

Medical aid call to Willis Avenue.

Threatening letter received by Golden Drive resident.

Motor vehicle accident at Revere and Shirley streets. Two vehicles towed.

Medical aid call to East Boston Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street.

Caller reports someone yelling a derogatory word at her on Bowdoin Street. Ongoing dispute.

Report of an injured raccoon in Winthrop Center.

Strong odor coming from Shirley Street apartment. Subjects will cease smoking.

Dog walker told Hannaford Park on Highland Avenue closed after dark.

 Report of female driver pulled over on Crest Avenue. Has out of country driver’s license. Husband arrived. Officer explained international driver’s licenses.

Group of cars at Delby’s Corner/Washington Avenue dispersed.

Saturday, April 4

Report of a barking dog on Otis Street.

Report of car side-swiped on Main Street.

Suspicious subjects at Fort Heath Apartments. Waiting for mother who lives there.

Officers asked to check on person on Park Avenue.

Medical aid call to Seal Harbor for possible broken hip.

Water backing up into basement on Brookfield Road.

Minor motor vehicle accident at Revere and Central streets.

Pole fell near Veterans Hall , Hermon Street. Flashing school sign.

Report of an eighth grade male making rude comments to girl near basketball court. Officer spoke to male.

Strong winds blew out attic window on Sea View Avennue.

Report of falling tree branches on Edgehill Road.

Report of a wire down on Pleasant Street.

Wire down on Hermon Street.

Medical aid call to Cottage Park Road.

Light pole  fell on or near the gas pump on Kennedy Road.

Person locked out of Veterans Road apartment.

Checkbook found in church parking lot. Brought to station.

Suspicious situation on Siren Street over missing telephones.

Report of large tree down in Belle Isle Cemetery.

Report from Summit Avenue that a registered sex offender was asking for photographs of the woman.

Medical aid call to Fort Heath Apartments.

Sunday, April 5

Report of a group leaving a Winthrop Center restaurant.

Report of a stolen telephone.

Taxi driver reports individual did not pay fare on Main Street.

Medical aid call on Pleasant Street.

Door damaged on Beal Street.

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