Dunbar Reinstated to Positions

After meeting with school officials and with the town manager the Attorney for Winthrop High School hockey coach and rink manager Dale Dunbar announced his client will be reinstated as both hockey coach and as manager of the Larsen Rink after being cleared of any wrongdoing stemming from a drinking incident at the town rink following the hockey teams playoff loss in February.

Dunbar’s assistant coaches who also were cleared will be reinstated as well. According to Attorney James Cipoletta the particulars regarding the institution of some new policies as well as the details of a multi-faceted awareness program that Dunbar will assist in running during the summer and fall is underway.

Further, Dunbar’s attorney is working out some further terms and conditions of the head coach’s employment with the school department, all of which should be set to writing by the end of the week.

“I always knew that I would be cleared, but a difficult part of the process was actually waiting for the process to run its course. I’m ready to get back to work as soon as all the reinstatement papers are signed,” said Dunbar. “Although I did nothing wrong, some misbehavior by a handful of players took place at the rink after our final game. That happened without the knowledge of the coaching staff. However, it did occur on my watch. I strongly regret that. Ultimately, as in any situation, responsibility for the players runs all the way to the top of the coaching staff.”

Cipoletta said even though the ordeal took a bit long to be sorted out he and his client appreciate all of the energy and deliberation on the part of the town department heads.”

The two investigations conducted under the supervision of Chief Delehanty and Mr. Macero are among the most exhaustive that I have seen in many years,” said Cipoletta.

Last week, Winthrop Police Chief Terence Delehanty said the coaching staff, which includes Dunbar, Assistant Coach Michael Norris, and Assistant Coach Matthew Driscoll were in the coaches’ locker room at the time (a) 22 year old man allegedly brought the alcohol to the players’ locker room.

“They did not procure the alcohol and were not aware of its presence until Winthrop Police arrived at approximately 11:40 that night (February 28),” said Delehanty.

Delehanty added that the players will not face criminal charges, but will face administrative discipline through Winthrop High School.”

Winthrop police will seek a criminal complaint in East Boston Municipal Court charging a 22-year-old man, of Winthrop with providing alcohol to minors for the incident involving the Winthrop High School hockey team. The 22-year-old man is a Winthrop High School alumnus but is not an employee of the school or connected with the team.

“Based on a month-long investigation supported by multiple interviews and video evidence recovered from Winthrop Middle School and a Winthrop liquor store, police believe this 22 year old man, purchased and supplied a large quantity of alcohol and transported them to the players’ locker room, where several players consumed them,” said Delehanty in the statement last week. “If after a hearing, a clerk finds probable cause to issue the complaint, the 22 year old will be summonsed into court for arraignment at a later date.”

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