Police Blotter 01-23-2014

Monday, January 13

Officer assisted Gorman School crossing at Revere Street.

Party reported that her name and info had been used to open credit cards with Sears Mastercard account, Best Buy account and Toys R Us account. All appear to be out of state, the bank and FTC will be made aware of this and will be investigating the matter.

Male party reports a female suspect made a threat to him. Officers report speaking with both parties and they were advised of their rights, report filed.

Party reports a disturbance in the vicinity of Putnam Street. Units were already dispatched due to other calls.

Call was received from a Day Care that people were arguing in the area along Putnam Street.

Party reports someone entered her motor vehicle overnight and stole approximately $5.00 in cash and change. She did not observe any damage to the vehicle.

Party reports two of his neighbors vehicles were entered sometime overnight.

Party having difficulty with their phone made a Emergency 911 call.

Party reported a man down near the fence between the basketball court and 5 Walden Street. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reported party was transported to Whidden Hospital via EMS for evaluation.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the Gorman School zone.

Party requested DPW for an issue with sewerage backing into the basement of his home. Esposito notified.

Party reports leaving here motor vehicle unlocked and person or persons unknown ransacked it.

Caller reported that car was ransacked, nothing taken.

Party reported she believes someone was trying to break into her ground floor window.

Office reported area clear, spoke with caller who reported someone was banging on the window.

Tuesday, January 14

Party reports he answered a Craigslist ad for a condo rental in the North End. Party sent $950.00 for have a month’s rent to hold the condo. Money was sent to NY via Western Union where it was picked up by a female in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. He reported the matter to Craigslist and the FTC.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the Gorman School zone.

Complaint was received of a motor vehicle traveling along Washington Avenue daily after 6am driving in a fast, erratic manner. Party was able to furnish a possible number plate for the motor vehicle. The truck was black with orange flames on it.

Motor vehicle stopped for violation, verbal warning given.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the Gorman School zone.

Party reported that her cat was struck by a motor vehicle. ACO was notified and responded.

Party reported a family member was feeling faint. Call transferred to EMS for service.

Female came to the station to report her motor vehicle a 2004 Toyota Corolla was struck while parked on Main Street near Beal. Damage was done to the driver’s side door and mirror. Owner completed a report.

Abandoned 911 call. Call back was all static. W-91 responded and located the owner. Call back from a different phone, reached the answering service. Call may have been weather related.

Child exchange in lobby

Female reported alarms in her apartment building. Transferred to WFD and they responded.

Male caller reported another car hit him in entrance to Winthrop. 92 Brown and 93 McCarty report other operated never realized that he had hit the car.

Detail officer reported water issue coming out of Woodside Hardware Lot.

Party reported his mother’s motor vehicle which he uses, was entered sometime during the night through an unlocked door and a custom pair of Oakley Sunglasses; orange/red lens, approximately a $200.00 value were stolen as well as some loose change and 2 scratch tickets.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the Gorman School zone.

Party reported she couldn’t walk and couldn’t get to the door. Call transferred to EMS for service, officer dispatched and reported entrance was gained through a window and EMS cared for her.

Party reported a minor motor vehicle accident occurred due to black ice. Party was advised officers were tied up and to exchange info as long as nobody was hurt. Officer responded and reported parties exchanged info. He requested the DPW for the icy roadway.

Wednesday, January 15

WFD responded to Walden Street and Pauline Street and located a pedestrian that fell due to black ice. Officer reported male party was injured but there is a language barrier. Party refused further medical treatment but was assisted to his home.

Party reported 3 work trucks were parked on the sidewalk near 226 Shore Drive and his wife had to walk out in the street to get by. Officer spoke with the drivers and had the trucks removed from sidewalk. He also had another motor vehicle removed from the sidewalk near 111 Shore Drive.

Library Director called to report a man sleeping in the library. Officer reported having the man leave.

Party reported man in Land Rover parked in front of his house all morning.

Caller reported dangerous object sticking out of the water near a public landing. She was transferred to fire so Harbor Master could be notified.

Party responded to stating for follow up with thefts.

Party reported a child was given Epipen due to an allergic reation, transferred directly to WFD and EMS.

Officer assisted traffic entering and exiting the Gorman School zone.

Female party came into the station to report she was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend.

Female party came in to the station stating that her father refused to give her children. She was advised to address issue in Court.

Party came into the station to report an unknown person posted her Facebook photo to a personal ad on Craigslist. Craigslist was contacted via email to have photo removed.

Thursday, January 16

Father located his previously reported missing son in Boston and brought him home.

Gentleman needed help getting up from a fall.

Officer directed traffic for school children.

Caller reported that her motor vehicle was broken into overnight.

Resource Officer requested EMS for a physical altercation between two students.

Officer stopped a motor vehicle for speeding, citation issued.

WFD reported receiving a report of substantial amount of water leaking from a Circuit Road building, requested an officer for forced entry when no responses was received. Officer reported house was vacant, water leaking from a few areas.

Female came to station to report her husband has their children and she has a Probate Order that gives her custody. She state her attorney was at the Probate Court to address this matter. She also stated that he went into her house and took several items while she was in the hospital. She thinks this may have been reported.

Caller reported that her 16 year old son is out of control and wanted him removed from the home. W92 reported that son voluntarily left house to cool down.

State transfer 911 for a domestic. Units reported a verbal disagreement and male party left for the day.

Officer reported as he was on a Domestic Call a vehicle came down the wrong way. Person citied for a One Way Violation.

Caller reported he did not believe there was anyone home at his neighbor’s house and the front door had been left open for hours. Units reported nobody home, but secured the door and notified owner.

Caller of a disturbance by the boathouses. Another subsequent call of a report of someone in the water there. W93 and W98 and W94 responded along with fire. Male out of the water and transported to MGH.

Caller requested an ambulance for her daughter who was out of control and needed to go to the hospital. Female had fled the residence upon the arrival of the officers. Female was located and was placed in ambulance voluntary.

Caller reported receiving a call from a male which they pinged to the Church on Winthrop Street address. Male sounded incoherent and his need was unknown. Officer check the church and there was a group playing ball there. Father was at the rectory and reported nothing going on there. Officers spoke with the group and no one there called.

Child exchange in lobby.

Male caller reported a car parked on Paine Street so as to block the street. W92 was in the area and checked the street immediately and there was no car parked there.

W92 responded to service of summons from Hampden County. Officer had been there several hours earlier as well and no one was home. In this second attempt at service a woman was home and said the party did not live there and would not give her name or open the door. Name on the summons is listed in the building lobby to the apartment the officer knocked on. Woman called reporting that someone was in the building claiming to be a police officer. She was informed that there was a police officer in the building trying to make a service of paper work and caller said that it made her fell uncomfortable and she did not believe it.

Friday, January 17

W92 stopped a motor vehicle going the wrong way on a one way street. Motorist was lost and sent on his way.

Report of an intoxicated female arguing with a male at Cafe Delight.

Sex offender came to register new live address.

Office directed traffic for school children.

Call that a child needed and ambulance.

Detail officer reported a giant crane in the street.

Call from the Delbrooke Construction company to report they needed to have a water gate shut off.

Female called to report her 92 year old Alzheimers mother is missing. All units notified, a neighbor called to say she was at her door. Units took her home.

Caller reported two females walking down Main Street toward Pleasant and one of the women appeared to be highly intoxicated/under the influence.

Assistant principal reported a knife was brought to school. Action was taken.

Party came to the station to report being a victim of check fraud.

A female caller reported that she received a text message from a male friend indicating that he wishes to harm himself and he then ceased returning her texts. Units reported party denied making said threats, but refused to show officers his phone, he then went back inside his residence and locked the door. Given the pressing concern for his well being, police and fire, after numerous attempts to convince the male to open the door, were required to attempt forced entry. Officer reported a small dent in the door as a result of these efforts. Units report voluntary transport to Whidden Hospital for further evaluation.

Caller reported loud “humming” sound coming for the power lines.

Couple came to the station with a warrant to protect custody for their son. The warrant can only be served during court hours and he must be at the Court by 4:30pm. Warrant is on the control desk for service.

Male party came to the station regarding damage to his property (door) as a result of a call to his house. He was informed that the call and the results were already reported and recorded. Party was upset stating that he could not secure his door. W94 responded to the address and reported that the door is secured and there is a dent to the lower right side panel along with a footprint.

Woman reported male assaulted her and knocked her down and left driving around town in a light blue Chevy Tahoe. Male placed in custody on Pleasant Street.

Male party came to the station for a temporary parking permit due to a newly purchased motor vehicle. Motor vehicle was just registered. We have no parking permits to give out at the station.

Woman reported a female lying in the street near the entry to town. Caller saw her get up but was afraid she fell again. All units checked the area for the female who may be in need of assistance.

Saturday, January 18

Man reported that he was jumped in East Boston. Officer translation.

Caller reported someone entered his unlocked car overnight while parked in his driveway.

Caller reported dispute with sister-in-law, with whom she lives. Unit reported verbal. Peace restored and all parties advised of their rights.

Defendant came to the station with his copy of the 209A ordering requesting an escort to pick up some personal belongings. Message left with plaintiff to contact the station for a mutually agreed upon time

Off-duty officer reported motor vehicle crash. Units reported minor motor vehicle accident. Both vehicles driveable.

Caller reported hearing the sound of water running in his neighbor’s vacant house. W93 reported gaining entry with the assistance of a neighbor who had been left a key to the residence, and discovering substantial water damage. WFD was contacted and shut off the water. Owner was contacted and will make arrangements to secure the property.

Called reported finding a IPad in front of his home. Officer picked it up.

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