Police Blotter 11-01-2012

Monday, October 22

Party on Mermaid Avenue reports her motor vehicle had paint thrown all over it sometime last evening.

Caller on Grovers Avenue would like to check on his son who he was supposed to meet up with today. WFD and EMS sent to assist. Officer reports access gained and they are interviewing the subject.

Female came in to report $200 was withdrawn from the credit union ATM machine with her ATM card against her East Boston Savings Bank account on Oct. 9 without her authorization. She suspects a homemaker that assists her a few times per week may be the perpetrator. A call was placed to her employer to make an inquiry. They will speak with her and call back. Credit Union manager also contacted and will attempt to obtain the surveillance video.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports there is someone passed out in a vehicle. She reports she could not wake up the person. Fire/medical notified. Cleared by EMS.

Party at Viking Gardens reports a suspicious male who has been loitering in the area since the summer. The person meets a Social Worker to exchange his child with his ex.

Caller on Jefferson Street reports someone has broken into her power box and hooked up power for themselves. Officer reports settling the matter for now.

Party on Shirley Street stated her ex-boyfriend has her child. She stated she has called him many times and he will not answer. She is in front of the house and wants us to check on the child. Officer reports the child is okay and staying with the father. Mother was advised of her rights.

Caller on Argyle Street reports a domestic and the woman is in the car ripping off the mirrors and trying to smash the window open. Officer reports a verbal. All advised. Caller will leave.

98 reports having male under arrest on Shore Drive on a default warrant.

Female on Governors Drive came to the station to report that her boyfriend had packed up the living room set, dining room set, and a microwave and removed it from their apartment while she was at work today. She states that they both paid for the furniture and feels that she should have some of it back.

Tuesday, October 23

Female on Revere Street believes she hears someone trying to get into her house. No signs of any attempt.

Detail officer Lt. Lessard requests WFD and National Grid to respond to an outside gas line break in the vicinity of Summit Avenue. WFD and National Grid notified.

Party reports a black SUV parked in the handicap spot on the Pauline Street side of the school.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports receiving a call from his security company that someone is in his residence  and he is at work. Units checked the property and everything appears to be in order. Lt. Scarpa spoke with the homeowner and advised.

Party on Paine Street reports she observed a motorized bike towing a wagon with young children in it. Officer reports speaking with the parents and advising them of the town ordinance regarding motorized bikes.

Town Council reports citizen called and reported a “metro cab” not the wagon version has changed his car’s oil and dumped it in a catch basin on Shore Drive. Lt. Scarpa has the information on the caller and states the caller will inform us of the next time the driver of the taxi does this.

Caller from Cutler Street reports threats and stated she was thrown out of her apartment. Officer reports advising of rights. Caller was just a guest and not a resident.

Mother on Hutchinson Street requests medical for her 9 year old daughter saying she may want to harm herself. Transferred to EMS. Fire called back requesting a police officer for the 9 year old.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Report of a dead rat on the ground near Somerset Avenue and Somerset Terrace. ACO notified and will pick it up.

Party came in to notify that he will be at two addresses in town regarding utility shut-offs for balances owed.

Party found what he believes to be a human bone that he found on Winthrop Beach near the Five Sisters. Placed in the evidence bin.

Female brought in a small clear plastic baggie with a white powdery substance she found in the parking lot at the Winthrop Marketplace.

Report of a dispute over a lottery ticket with the employee at T&T Convenient Store.

Officers report a video shows a bald male with a yellow hoody and red sneakers stole some razor blades at the CVS. Area search negative.

Cab driver stated that he saw a female on Buchanan Street looking as though she was being forced into a vehicle. He was following the car which went into East Boston. He then lost the car in East Boston. The plate given was described car he was following. Boston Police and Revere Police were notified of the incident.

Thursday, October 25

DPW called to report people are throwing leaves in the street. Officer reports no one home at the house in question. He will try later.

Alarm company for Bank of America called. The ATM alarm is going off. Officer reports the site is secure inside and out.

Caller on Circuit road reports her neighbor is blocking her car preventing her from getting out. It is a shared driveway. W93 reports a civil issue, restoring peace and advising parties of their rights. Second floor tenant is claiming harassment against the first floor tenant.

Report of sewerage coming into a home on Underhill Street. Steve Calla notified.

Caller reports that male is on housing property on Golden Drive along with his girlfriend. There is a no trespass order in effect for the housing property regarding this male. W92 and W93 responded and report parties are there and are leaving. W92 gave the parties a ride to Orient Heights. They were warned of the no trespass.

Report of kids drinking down by the water on Somerset Terrace and throwing cans in the ocean. W94 and W92 responded and report the area is clear and that the tide is high and no one could have been on the beach there. There were no evidence of any beer drinking in the area.

Friday, October 26

Caller on Shore Drive reports her brother needs to be evaluated and is requesting that he be sent to rehab. Voluntary transport to MGH.

Call that an elderly man fell at Winthrop Gymnastics Academy. Fire and Action will handle.

Female came to the station to report that sometime on or about May 22nd, an unidentified person presented for payment a check drawn on Webster First Federal Credit Union in the amount of $4,900. An affidavit of forgery has been provided by the bank and subsequently executed by the female and duly notarized.

State Police Revere called requesting one of our units respond to the area of Shore and Cutler. One of the troopers on a detail reports a disturbance. Units report landlord/tenant issue. Peace restored.

Numerous calls both 911 and regular line reporting a fight in the parking lot of the rink. W91 and W93 responded and check motor vehicle. Past assault and battery on vehicle and it may have sustained damage.

Male called to report a group playing football behind the carwash at Simione Oil and causing a lot of noise. W91 and W93 responded and report a small group playing football. They apologized for the noise and will move along.

Female on Cutler Street reports a male who she has rented a room from for several months will not return $40.00 of money that he owes her. After completing a victim/witness form, male was contacted and he said he had no problem with female returning to the apartment and that he would pick her up in the lobby.

Woman on River Road across from the Elks reports a very loud group out on the porch causing a disturbance and keeping her children awake. W91 and W93 responded and report going into the club and asking the group that had gone onto the porch to smoke to quiet it down.

Two calls reporting a female screaming coming from Hannaford Park area. Officers checked the entire area of Seal Harbor as well as the area along the sea wall and Hannaford Park and all was clear. Officer spoke to concierge who will call back if anything further is heard. May be coming from a balcony as the wind may be distorting the sound direction.

Manager of 7-11 reports a woman asked to use the bathroom and he told her did not have a public bathroom. Now she was swearing at him. No one was available at the time. Caller said he was safe and he was informed we would send someone when they were clear from another call. W93 and W91 respond and female was gone when the officer arrived. Manager will call back if the female returns.

Mother on Lowell Road called to report that last night someone broke into her garage and stole her son’s bike. Officer Freeman will obtain information.

Saturday, October 27

Caller from Revere Street reports someone has discarded an old mattress on the sidewalk in front of her home. DPW notified.

Call from Belle Isle Terrace to report a larceny.

Call of a female lying on the sidewalk. Fire and officer report they were told the female and another person got into a Honda and left the area of Winthrop and Madison Street.

Call of a domestic on Undine Avenue. Officers report verbal between brother and sister. They are both off to work.

Male called to report someone stole some of his expensive bed sheets from the Suds & Surf. Officer reports he will check with the management and check their cameras.

Male called to say a worker from a neighboring boat yard, put locks on a fence that prevents him from getting to his boat. He was told we would send down an officer, but he stated he would come to the station. He then came in around 4:15 to explain that all he wants is a key to get onto the property he is renting. He will try to resolve this in the morning. If not he will go to the court for an answer.

Caller from Viking Gardens reports someone put notes in his mailbox “Beware of the Boogie-Man.”

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports four youths in a blue sedan entered her property and slashed an inflatable pumpkin. Owner attempted to locate subjects as well to no avail. Units will BOLO for blue Toyota.

Sunday, October 28

Unnamed caller reports hearing six rifle shots coming from Pleasant Street area. All units responding, including W98 Gang.

Caller in adjacent lot states loud noises like sledge hammering coming from inside Belle Isle. Units already in the area, responding to boatyard. Report all quiet. Spoke with caller – noise could possibly be related to previous call.

Party came to lobby to report being attacked by female when she and her friend went to the female’s house to collect on a debt. Wanted it on record and she is considering seeking charges. Party declined medical attention.

Clerk at 7-11 states black male wearing green or silver jacket entered the store swearing at him and customers. When he saw the clerk calling the police, he left the store in a vehicle.

Caller states motor vehicle pulled over and threw someone out of the car across from the 7-11, then got out and beat him. EMS, WFD notified. Victim to Whidden via Action, followed by W93 as male is somewhat combative. W91 effected motor vehicle stop, found to be unlicensed cab operation.

Report of kids on Cross Street throwing rocks at cars.

Party came into the lobby to speak to officers about ongoing issue with brother-in-law. He does not want to make a formal complaint now. He was referred to EBDC and advised of his rights.

Report from Belle Isle of the theft of two boat jacks.

Caller repots a party on a wind surfer way way off Shore Drive. Transported to State Police.

Monday, October 29

Caller reports a male driving a smart car that says Dunright Landscaping and he believes he might be trying to steal from motor vehicles near the Arms Hotel.

Report of a tree down on Woodside Avenue.

Female called to report wires down on Beacon Circle. Fire notified.

Requests that we block off Revere Street at Crest. W100 reports blocking the traffic from exiting town via Revere Street per DCR instructions.

Many, many calls regarding questions and seeking information regarding the storm.

Lt. Scarpa out directing the units for stopping traffic and keeping curiosity seekers out of harms way on Shore Drive. W91 reports water coming over the bars. He will be in the area announcing and keeping people away from the water.

W93 reports the area off of Shore Drive is beginning to take on water. There are also people standing on the wall. An announcement will be made to clear the area. W91 reports the State and DCR have people in the area.

Reports of wires sparking on house on Mermaid Avenue creating a hazard.

National Grid called to include the department and town in a public safety conference call. Lt. Perrin will cover the call until Scarpa can respond.

Lt. DeLeo assisting with numerous calls regarding questions and information about the storm.

Call from the The Strand to report waves are flooding the area and there are young kids on the seawall. Officers report they spoke to several people with kids and told them to get to a safer area.

Report of a boat loose by Snake Island. A white cabin cruiser. Fire is on the radio to the harbor master as the call came in. Short time later, an unknown male came to the station to report someone now on the boat. WFD Capt. MacDonald notified of same. He will handle and get back to us if we are needed.

Requests for horses to block off Tewksbury Street as the street is under water. DPW notified.

Female reports a wire may be smoking on Shirley Street.

Branch down with wires on Lincoln Street. Fire notified.

National Grid needed at Caggiano & Sons Funeral as the flag has wrapped around the wires.

Lt. Scarpa reports pedestrians walking on beach walls on Shore Drive and are creating a hazard.

Call of a sparking pole near Shirley Hardware. Officer reports fire will handle.

Multiple calls of a tree down at Birch Road with wires. Fire was notified.

Multiple calls of transformer and several poles down on Putnam Street.

Woman reports half of her roof blew off on Pratt Street and wires are down there. Fire notified. Occupants are evacuated.

Several 911 and 1212 calls of two poles that are about to come down on Putnam Street. Officer and fire report the street is blocked by the low pole and wires. Officer will assist with shutting down the street.

Wires down on Buchanan Street.

Wires arcing against house on Shirley Street.

Male reports wires down at his house on Hale Avenue and the power went off.

Limb down on Read Street and the street is blocked.

Report of wires down by a house on Prospect Avenue.

W93 reports wires down on Highland Avenue. Power is out in the area. National Grid notified by Fire.

Officer reports there are live electric wires down in the street on Highland Avenue and they are sparking. Fire notified.

Party on Bartlett Road reports wires on fire with branch involved.

Reports of a female at Winthrop Arms that was staying with another female because of the storm will not leave and she is drunk. W100 and W93 responded and report settling the matter for now. They also request ACO to help locate a cat that should be there.

Reports of a wire down on Mugford and Tafts Avenue.

Call of power out on Golden Drive. Fire notified.

Tree limb and wire down on Bowdoin Street.

Reports of a tree split and falling with wires on Cottage Park Road. Fire notified.

Report of a tree down on a house on Johnson Avenue.

Wire sparking against a house on Thornton Park.

Wire arcing between houses on Sea Foam Avenue. Fire handled along with National Grid.

Tree limb blocking Waldemar Avenue.

Postal Supervisor called to ask if we could check for postal carrier that is missing. Officers report he was found on Walden Street.

Fort Heath lost power and tenant is concerned about oxygen. Referred to WFD.

Caller reports a wire on his neighbor’s house is sparking on Sunnyside Avenue. Fire notified.

Reports of wire sparking between the houses on Wave Way Avenue.

A tree came down on Bartlett Parkway and the wires are down as well.

Caller reports there is an elderly man on Golden Drive who needs to go to the shelter at the Cummings School. Officers report there were two people. They were taken to the shelter.

Lt. Scarpa has requested extra patrols in the Highland area as the lights are out. Officers will monitor the area.

Caller reports there is sparking wire on Grandview Avenue and the lights are out in a few houses. Officer and fire report it is the salt water hitting the wires. No real danger.

Caller repots line bursting into flames on Cottage Avenue. Fire handled.

Party reports he was jumped on Summit Avenue. Victim being transported to MGH.

Call of wires sparking on Triton Avenue. Officer and fire report this is also from the salt water.

Female caller reports she saw kids breaking into the old hospital 48 hours ago. She wants this on record as the building is unsafe.

Caller reports she lost power and wires outside are sparking on Wilshire Street. Unit 93 report WFD will contact National Grid.

Call of sparking wires on Sargent Street. Officer and fire report the wire is not a danger.

Officer reports both units off assisting WFD looking for a missing surfer who was located on the beach at Shore Drive. The surfer reported that his bike was stolen from Shore Drive while left unattended. He will notify MSP Revere.

Party reports a tree from an adjoining property fell and caused some damage to the cemetery property at Ocean View and Cross Street.

Report of a fallen tree on Belcher Street that is resting on power lines. WFD notified.

Party came in to request EMS check out his friend who allegedly took some pills. WFD notified.

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