Police Blotter 07-03-2012

Monday, June 25

Party reports her baby stroller was stolen on Sunnyside Avenue.

Report of loud radio played every morning and afternoon on Trident Avenue.

Female came to the station to advise us that she is moving out of her apartment on Hillside Avenue that she shares with a roommate who has been harassing her and making sexual advances toward her for the past two weeks.

Party reports while out of state in New York, he either lost or had his wallet stolen while in the Greyhound/Peter Pan bus terminal at 42nd Street. His wallet contained cash, driver’s license, four credit cards, one debit card, one Medicare card, one BCBS card and various other personal papers. All cards were reported stolen to the respective banks as well as the MA license.

Report of an unwanted guest (former customer) at Chris’s Auto and is complaining about work that was done on his motor vehicle. Party refuses to leave the business. Officers report subject had left prior to arrival. They will attempt to locate him and give him a verbal trespass order. Officer located the subject and advised him to deal with the matter through civil court and he was advised of his rights.

Party came in to report unauthorized use of her Capital One MasterCard. She stated the card was used fraudulently on June 20 and 21 in Woodsville, NH and in NY totaling approximately $3200. She has notified the issuing bank and will follow up with them.

Officer responded to the Hillside address to stand by while the party and her friend removes her belongings. The male roommate is not home so she feels fine with staying there and removing all her belongings.

Party reports a strange male operating a gray Nissan Altima on Sewall Avenue and acting strange. Subject had a brief conversation and said he was Jesus Christ and drove off. Officers will check the area for the subject. 

Tuesday, June 26

Party came in to report she picked up a loose brown and white pit bull in the Golden Drive area. Message left on ACO voicemail.

Female on Revere Street found a pocketbook on her porch. Property belongs to the female down by the Senior Center. 92 returned it to her.

Party requesting an officer for a disoriented female across from the Senior Center. Units assisted her back to her husband on Overlook Drive.

Capitol Waste Co. called and would like to speak to an officer regarding a male blocking his motor vehicle on Highland Avenue and accusing him of scratching his car. Officer assisted in exchanging papers and Capitol Waste manager was on the scene providing all information.

Party brought a California license and bank cards that went through the sewer system. They have been cleaned and sanitized. Will attempt to locate the owner.

Verizon operator received a call from a male stating his mother on Bowdoin Street is choking. WFD and EMS notified.

Party requesting we check Ocean View apartment for a 15 year old female with an active CHINS warrant. Units report speaking with the property owner who stated nobody by that name is on the property.

Male came in to report he believes someone entered his GMC pickup truck while parked in front of Cumberland Farms sometime this past Saturday between 7:15 a.m. and 7:40 a.m. and took his wallet. The wallet contained two credit cards that he cancelled and several other forms of licenses including his MA driver’s license, FID card, and heavy equipment license. The wallet also contained a small amount of cash under $30. 93 spoke with the manager who will review the video surveillance sometime tomorrow to determine if the incident was recorded.

Daughter on Sunnyside Avenue called State E911 on cell because she was arguing with her father.

Female came to the station to report she had a verbal confrontation with the 3rd floor tenant on Woodside Avenue in regards to the theft of a bike located in the hallway two nights before. Advised to call the station if anymore problems arise.

Male came in to the station to report someone used his ATM card on June 13th. Withdrawn was  a total of $250 plus his ATM fee. He reported this to his bank. 

Wednesday, June 27 

Owner of a home on Main Street reported that she just arrived home and someone had put a big screen TV in front of her house out with her trash. She wanted to report it so that she doesn’t have to pay for it to be removed. Informed her to contact DPW in the morning to see what they can do for her.

Caller reports someone is ringing the door bell on Hutchinson Street and she is home alone. Officer spoke to individual that was looking for their lost dog.

Call from the Senior Center requesting an evaluation for a male party sleeping outside. Units report one male to Whidden for voluntary observation.

Male called to report a bicycle he found next to a dumpster last week. The description of the bike is black and single speed with no name on the frame. Caller said he would make an ad on Craig’s list about the bicycle. No report of stolen bike. If report comes in about stolen property matching this description call the station to get reporter’s number.

Male called to report that his neighbor on Shirley Street is setting off M-80’s. W93 checked the area and spoke with the resident there who along with his wife denied lighting off any contraband. Another call was received from the Locust/Cross Street area which was checked by W92 and the area was also clear.

Detective called to report a male will come in and file a report on a check fraud with the Winthrop/Webster Federal Credit Union as a victim in the amount of $6400. The suspect is a female from Winthrop.

Party called to report that she now knows who was behind the male who came to her home and threatened her and her nine year old child. She will come to the station and complete a victim statement to be added to an earlier report. Check of the log for the past week and could find no earlier report of the above threats.

Caller repots a window open at the Dalrymple School. It was reported by a neighbor who had not seen it open previously. There is also a bucket under the window that was possibly used as a step to gain entrance. There is a rope attached nearby as well. Unable to find any contact numbers for the new owners. Fire contacted and they will check their contact numbers as well.

Male reports that his former roommate on Governors Drive left with some of his property. He said he will come in on Thursday with a list to follow up the theft.

Male called regarding a male who approached him on Circuit road. W92 responded along with 94 and report male who may be intoxicated and took off. Carter reports car took off onto CPYC into the parking lot. Male took off on foot. G&J notified. Off-duty campus officer reports a guy pulled up next to him and believes he is intoxicated. 92 R. Carter and 94 W. Carter responded. Suspect fled scene and was trapped in the CPYC parking lot. He then fled on foot. All units searching. Unable to locate him. Motor vehicle was towed and citation will be issued by officer. 

Thursday, June 28 

W93 reports coming across an unsupervised female child at Governor’s Garden. He reports reuniting mother and child.

Caller reports small white dog locked in a parked motor vehicle over 30 minutes at Shirley Hardware. ACO  contacted and will respond.

Male on Coral Avenue came to the station to report that on the morning of June 28, someone had taken the valve cover off of his tire and then deflated it. He would like it noted for his court date, tomorrow, June 29 that this has occurred. He also believes it may be the same person he is going to court with.

W93 responded to the former Governor Winthrop Nursing Home building to check the property. A report was received from an abutter that young people were hanging around there at night. 93 discovered an open door to a storage area that can be entered. DeFreitas contacted the realtor Remax and spoke with the security representing the building who will take care of same.

W92 Brown responded to Wave Way to speak to the parents of young people that were reported to be causing a disturbance and being fresh in the neighborhood. Officer spoke to the parents of an eight and six year old regarding their behavior.

Female called to report that earlier today while she was at the CVS, she overheard a male approximately 18 years of age wearing all blue talking on a cell phone about beating and stabbing someone. This happened about 6:45 p.m. She has no further information. She decided to call and report this after discussing the incident with her family.

Female on Willis Avenue called to request police remove an unwanted guest. Caller would not give a call bank or any further information except to tell the responders the name of the unwanted guest.

Party on Kennedy Road called for her neighbor who has someone ringing her door bell and she is afraid. W92 Brown responded and reports speaking with the caller as well as the woman whose bell was rung. She reported a male with a flashlight had been there. Officers report no one in the area.

Many calls of fireworks in Coughlin Playground. The area was clear upon arrival. Several individuals scattered.

Attempt to serve a 209A to a male on Tafts Avenue. Plaintiff was not home. 

Friday, June 29 

92 R. Carter and 94 W. Carter reports they have a tagger near steps behind the Arms. One male in custody. Charges: malicious destruction of property over $250, tagging property and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Female on Golden Drive wanting an unwanted guest removed. Officers report guest removed for the night.

Female caller reports a person sleeping under the porch on Beach Road. Officer reports male leaving the area.

Officer will try to serve male again  on Tafts Avenue a 209 issued by the Probate and Family Court. He reports male was served over the phone by Officer Donnellan at 12:25 p.m. today.

Female on Strand Way reports her husband is assaulting her. Units request medical for psych evaluation. Subject cleared by Action and all is quiet.

Received a fax from the attorney of female stating that just after we served male on Tafts Avenue over the phone, two third party calls have come to female. She does not want any action at this time. Should it happen again, then she will contact us. Male was called and informed of this. He stated the calls involved seeing his children over the weekend. He was told the box regarding the children is not checked, so no contact until the Court change things. He stated he understood and he came to the station and was served a 209 in hand.

Caller reports  a man drove up to the beach on Shore Drive and got out of a silver Toyota and urinated on the beach. This was in front of everyone there as well as children. State Police Revere notified. W91 DeCarlo responded and spoke with the caller who stated the male took off. State was on the scene also.

Several calls of party setting off quarter sticks in the area of Almont Street.

Caller reports a group of kids in the Pond Street playground who appear to be intoxicated. Unit 94 reports they cleared a group from the playground.

Reports of an intoxicated male on a porch on Upland Road.

Mother on Winthrop Street came to the station to report her 13 year old daughter has failed to return home at 10:00 p.m. She described what the daughter was wearing. Units notified to BOLO for 13 year olds. Mother called back to report daughter and her friend are now at her house. Friend is there because no one is home at her house. A few minutes later a citizen with  scanner who knows them called to report 13 year old’s 19  year old sister is home and waiting for her. Off. Brown reunited the sisters. 

Saturday, June 30 

Male called to report a 20 year old living somewhere on Trident avenue is selling pot to 16 year olds. He may be in possession of a firearm and is sitting on a porch there now. W98 and W91 responded and report nothing showing fitting the description at this time.

Male called of fireworks going off on Brewster Avenue.

Caller reports it seems as if a sink hole is forming on Walden Street. W94 reports sink hole is in fact developing and Calla was notified.

Party who is witness to a past 209 violation states he is being harassed by the defendant. Most recently in parking lot of Ward Marine.

Party reports her tabby cat is missing. He has tiger stripes and is missing in area of Coral Avenue.

Mother on Pleasant Street reports her daughter just got bit by a dog. Unit reports girl transported to MGH. Unit is off on Shirley Street with dog owner.

Party on Golden Drive stating she is being held against her will by a male party. Entrance gained by fire department. No one in the apartment. Caller then stated the right apartment. Entrance gained. Female party intoxicated and making suicidal threats. She was transported to hospital. Officer will do initial report an forward for follow up.

Several calls from beach side of Otis Street of a motor vehicle in the water after trying to launch a boat there. Caller reports people area out of the vehicle and safe. The vehicle is partially submerged and floating away. Fire notified and G&J as well. They report the car is now out of the water.

Owner of the dog involved in the earlier incident came to the station to provide any information that was needed regarding the animal. She again informed us that the dog has had all his shots and is licensed through today. She informed us that her husband had faxed all the paper work regarding the dog to the MGH to assist them.

Report of kids jumping in front of traffic at the Amvets Post.

Female reports her ex-boyfriend is following her and he will not leave her alone. Units spoke to both parties. A verbal argument and he kept following her. Both parties advised of their rights and have gone separate ways. 

Sunday, July 1 

Auxiliary Police report trying to stop three subjects that ran from them on George Street.

Female reports her friend has threatened to harm herself. Caller reports she lives in a high rise building on Pond Street in Winthrop with her grandmother. After locating her WFD was notified for an evaluation. Taken to Whidden voluntarily.

Caller reports a vehicle has circled around his house on Belcher Street four times. Concerned about suspicious activity.

Caller reports kids causing a disturbance and wanting to speak with an officer. Officer reports a young male pulling his pants down in front of the caller. Officer will speak to the parent on Moore Street and the officer brought youth back to the scene. He apologized to the victim and she is satisfied

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