Olivia Goncalves: 2011 Winthrop High Grad is with the U.s. Marines

There is a heartwarming story in the Sun-Transcript this week about Winthrop resident Olivia Goncalves becoming a member of the United States Marine Corps and how her mother Sandra, a single parent, worked so hard to set a foundation from which her daughter could grow and excel.

Olivia is grateful to her mother for helping her realize her goal of becoming a Marine and we’re proud of the confident and talented young woman Olivia Goncalves has become.

Congratulations, Olivia Goncalves, a Winthrop High Class of 2011 graduate, on your admission into the United States Marine Corps.

This young lady has a bright future ahead; a journey that began in the Winthrop schools and with a mother who believed in her daughter’s abilities and her dreams.

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