We Will Have Fireworks: Deleo, McKenna Team Up to Continue a Winthrop Traditio

Two weeks ago, it appeared that the town’s annual tradition of a fireworks display on the Fourth of July would be discontinued.

But that’s when our town leaders, knowing that this tradition was important to residents young and old and that the event was something that families looked forward to each year, sprung into action.

Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo and Town Manager James McKenna showed outstanding leadership in launching an all-out effort to restore the fireworks demonstration, and with the assistance of the 11 Foundation in Memory of Mike Mason, our townspeople can now look forward to the annual Fourth of July Fireworks.

Once again, Winthrop residents have seen that Speaker DeLeo, despite the tremendous responsibilities in the powerful position he holds in our state government, has a direct focus on the happenings in this town and the day-to-day life of our residents and what he and his staff can do to make Winthrop the great place it is.

From his ardent support of our sports teams to his excellent efforts in making sure that Winthrop was secured a designation as a “surrounding community” in the casino legislation, Speaker DeLeo has always looked out for Winthrop’s best interests. He’s become a statewide celebrity through his prominent position, but he’s going to bat every day for the betterment of his constituents’ lives.

Our town manager was also way out in front of this issue soon after he had to make the announcement at the last Council meeting that there would be no fireworks this year. Manager McKenna sensed the feeling of disappointment in our community and acted swiftly and without fanfare to bring together a concerted approach to the restoration of our Fourth of July celebration. Our hat’s off to the town manager.

And finally, the 11 Foundation, fresh off the tremendous success of sponsoring former NBA player Chris Herren’s speech at the high school, has once again stepped forward when the town needed its initiative and generosity.

To Foundation Chairman Joseph B. Ferrara and the Mason family, we (who knew Mike Mason so well both as a superb athlete and as a gentleman who loved to help people) appreciate the phenomenal work you are doing in carrying on Mike’s legacy. We know the people of Winthrop certainly appreciate that there will be fireworks on the Fourth thanks to your efforts.

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