Police Blotter 02-23-2012

Tuesday, February 14

Caller reports his ex-girlfriend was in his home on Nahant Avenue and he did not want her there. Officers report she was allowed in and will be leaving for the night. It was a verbal argument between boyfriend/girlfriend.

Party reports side door to building on Sargent Street is open and it should be empty. She is concerned. Officers report no one on premises and no signs of crime.

Caller reports a hit and run motor vehicle accident at CVS Pharmacy. Unit 92 reports vehicle left the area.

Multiple calls for a car that crashed into a telephone pole on Shirley Street.

Report of bullying between students at Winthrop High School.

Party reports marijuana in apartment on Shore Drive. Units report speaking to a male, no evidence of activity, and only a faint odor of burnt marijuana in the common hallway.

Abandoned 911 call trace comes back to JML Properties, the management office of Governor Park. They report no problem and that it is the phone number associated with the lobby call box/door bell.

Caller reports possibly intoxicated male stumbling into the street near the intersection of Main and Pleasant. Units report speaking with male and requesting Action ambulance for an evaluation. Voluntary transport to Beth Israel.

Party on Cottage Avenue reports her daughter is receiving harassing phone calls from another female regarding a runaway child. Unable to get a hold of female at the time.

Party reported he was at the CVS on Woodside Avenue and was backing into a parking spot. While he was backing up, a girl ran behind his car. While hitting the brakes, he believes the girl’s hand struck his car but was unsure. He got out of his vehicle to check to see if the girl was okay and when he did this the girl ran off. The party then proceeded to look around the area to make sure the girl was okay but he could not find her. He believed the girl entered Chrisopher’s Flowers but was not able to locate her to see if she was okay. Officer reports area clear and no service needed.

Female on Cottage Avenue called to report her 99 year old father went out for a walk several hours ago with his walker and has not returned. Daughter stated this is very unusual for him to be gone this long. All units BOLOed. Lt. Scarpa prepared to respond to the area to coordinate a search. Family called back to report another family member located their father and all is okay.

Female on Sewall Avenue called to report not having any gas on to her home due to the construction. While we were trying to contact the gas company, liaison to Devereaux Corp. party called back to report getting in touch with the gas company and they will handle.

Three ladies were leaving the Cummings School from the rear were accosted by a male wearing a dark colored ski jacket with the hood up with only his eyes showing. Caller said he spoke to them and then came very close to the caller so that she screamed for him to get away from her. Caller said the male’s speech was thick and she could smell alcohol coming from him. All units checked the area. The Spanish male was last seen walking up School Street towards Hermon Street.

Males brought a small black case to the station containing a license and personal cards for a person on Main Street. Several calls were made to the listed telephone number. It just rings and then disconnects. Unable to leave a message.

Request transport for a medical problem on Harvard Street. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Reports a fire emergency on Dolphin Avenue and there is smoke there. Fire notified. Fire reports a cigarette was left on the porch causing the smoke. No fire in the house. Dolphin and Shore parking prevented the new ladder truck from making the turn. Car was not within the 20 feet. W-91 tagged the motor vehicle but it was not towable. 

Wednesday, February 15

Called to report a disturbance outside on Winthrop Street. Very loud with a couple arguing.

Caller reports someone placed a do not walk sign in middle of street on Main and Hermon. Officer reports the cross walk signal was struck and knocked off its base with power still attached. WFD notified and responding. DWP notified.

Officer will try to serve male on Cottage Park Road a summons issued by the Lynn Court. He reports new people are living there, the male moved a year ago. Registry check shows he moved to Loring Road. Served in hand.

Party on Ocean Avenue called to report a possible subject outside the house banging on all doors. Officer reports National Grid was doing service to the house. Area safe and secure.

Caller who lives on Hermon Street called to have a well being check on his neighbor who resides on Hermon Street. Officer reports subject is okay.

Female on Nevada Street called to report a male roommate is out front of the house in his car and he stole rent money. Officers report it is a civil matter and all parties have been advised of their rights.

W-92 was flagged down by neighbors on Sea Foam Avenue to state the construction crew working on the house keep  parking their trucks on the sidewalk and in front of the fire hydrant. Officer gave them their one and only warning.

Operator on Orlando Avenue stopped for not having a valid license. One male in custody.

Caller reports two males climbing into a window on the second floor of one of the buildings on Kennedy Road. Officer reports housing department is doing electrical work.

Officer Brown met a woman and picked up a shattered box that might have at one time contained a firearm. Search of the area turned up nothing.

Female reports her mother needs to go to the hospital for a heart issue and they  need an ambulance. Transferred to WFD.

North Suffolk Mental called to report she was faxing a Section 12 for a female issued by a doctor. W-93 responded to the home and the party is not there. She spoke with the grandmother who will follow up with the doctor’s office.

Restraining order brought to the station for a male on Grovers Avenue who claimed his ex-girlfriend was at his apartment and she does not have permission to be at his home. While on the phone with male, Lt. Scarpa informed him of the 209 and read it to him. Male is out of town and will pick it up upon his return. Officers checked the apartment with the building super and the grounds and the female was not there. Male later reported that two sets of keys were missing from his apartment. He was advised and he will be changing his locks.

Someone called to report there is a subject on Girdlestone Road who was given a no trespass order yesterday. Officers report subject was in the area not in the house and he was told sternly to stay away. W-92 dropped party in East Boston to be picked up by  his mother and taken to Andover.

Female called to report hearing what sounded like someone fell in an apartment on Golden Drive. Caller said she tried to call as well as knock on the door to the woman’s apartment. There was no answer. Fire notified to respond. Female later called to report locating subject and she is fine. Transferred to fire to let them know to cancel.

Male on Grovers Avenue called to report his ex-girlfriend is back at his apartment uninvited. Units request cab for female ex. Viking Cab responded and removed female to Revere. 

Thursday, February 16

Caller from Hawthorn Avenue states that during the day on Wednesday, she heard water running and discovered that the rear yard was flooded. The water was running from an outdoor hose and had to be turned on between 1 and 7 p.m. She notified her landlord who is concerned that someone trespassed on the property and shut the water off in the basement.

Male caller requesting an ambulance on Buchanan Street for an ongoing medical issue. Referred to WFD.

Caller from Pearl Avenue reports being threatened by another resident. Officers spoke to both parties and peace has been restored.

Party on Revere Street reports a truck has been parked there for over 72 hours. There is no record of it being placed on the parking list. Officer spoke to the babysitter who will contact the owner and have him register the motor vehicle in Winthrop.

Female on Overlook Drive reports she fell a few days ago and her doctor is requesting she go to the hospital. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Female on Washington Avenue came to the station to report being assaulted. The reporting party took a victim witness statement with her and will return with it later. She stated she was assaulted last month and would like to make a report.

CVS reports party attempting to steal baby formula.

Officer reports motor vehicle is obstructing the traffic near Winthrop Street. Officer sounded the siren and reports he will be issuing a parking ticket at this time.

Party reports her HTC Evo cell phone valued at approximately $300 was missing from her property at Statik Salon. She reported it to Sprint last night when she noticed it missing. The GPS is currently transmitting it in the area of Dorchester. She has already notified the Boston PD who will attempt to locate it.

Mother from Lowell Road reports her 6 year old child has a head laceration and she would like EMS to respond. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Party reports her car was keyed at Brothers Restaurant. She believes the culprit to be a neighbor who made threats last week to damage property. 92 was unable to locate the neighbor to have a word with her at this time.

Party reports a runaway motor vehicle on Pauline Street. He stopped it with his vehicle. Officers located owner. No damage to anything. 

Friday, February 17

Female caller reports two nights in a row she has come home from work and someone has been sleeping in the lobby at Governors Park.

Caller reports a box truck all over the road on Revere Street. All units notified. W-100 reports finding the rear box of a box truck at Washington and Veterans Road located with produce. Front of truck not in the area. G&J notified for box. Revere PD is broadcasting a stolen white box truck with produce. Revere PD notified of our finding.

Fire Department responded to assess damage to utility pole from previous incident. National Grid responded and reported the utility pole is fine. Owner of box truck on scene and off loading produce.

Caller from Buckthorn Terrace reports that her sister’s motor vehicle was parked in the driveway and was not there when she attempted to leave the work this morning. No tow activity. Unknown registration at this time, vehicle is a Honda Accord. Owner will report to the station to file a stolen motor vehicle report.

Female on Grovers Avenue states that her house is filled with carbon monoxide and she would like the house checked out and be transported to the hospital to be medically checked.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that he discovered fresh damage to his vehicle which occurred overnight. W-92 reports an additional vehicle also sustained damage. Area search for suspect vehicle. Officers report speaking with the owners of the motor vehicle who will file crash reports.

Reports of two males on Donovan Beach in the water with long lenses cameras. Officer spoke with one of the males who was just snapping a few photos prior to leaving the Boston area.

New England Associates called and reports they will be making a voluntary repo of a motor vehicle from Governors Drive. Tow driver reports towing the vehicle but the owner was not home.

Party reports school bus which picks children up in the Point in the morning is speeding. She stated she called school and they stated to call us. Morning officers BOLO.

Officer received information regarding a student from Winthrop High School having access to weapon and ammunition. Officers went by the student’s address to speak with a parent and report nobody is home at present time. They will respond back to the high school and attempt to gather more information.

Party reports she believes one of the apartments at Fort Heath appears to have been broken into.

Party from Loring Road reports damage to her windshield that appears to have been caused by a rock. She believes it occurred sometime after 3 pm while she was in the Center area.

Report of two males fighting in the street on Summit Avenue. Suspect left prior to officers arrival. Victim did not want to go forward with any report.

Another call of another break in at Fort Heath. Officer Callinan sent to scene for crime scene investigation forensics. Two officers responded and assisted in canvassing the building. While canvassing, officers located another break.

Female on Floyd Street reports her divorced husband has called her 27 times. This is over a drop off with their 7 year old daughter. Advised of rights. She just wanted it logged. 

Saturday, February 18

Several calls regarding coyote sightings in the area of the PPYC and Ingleside Park.

Caller states  that there is a woman screaming in the area and believes she was being chased by a dog or coyote. Officers report. Both Golden Drive and Fort Banks are clear.

Party reports he believes a coyote is out by the 8th hole of the Golf Course. He will call back if it comes onto the properties. Animal control was notified and will BOLO for this animal.

Female at the Public Landing requests EMS as she feels weak and shaky as if she is going to have a seizure. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports locating the subject who will be transported to MGH.

Animal control observed the coyote that appears to be non-aggressive at this time. He will monitor the area of River Road throughout the day.

Party reports her tenants are stuck in the elevator at Governors Drive. WFD contacted and will assist. Fire removed two individuals from the elevator and the elevator has been shut down.

Male from Locust Way requests to be transported to the hospital for examination as he feels he is going to hurt himself or somebody else.

Caller states that she may be another victim to the breaking and entering that have occurred at Fort Heath. 92 responds and will attach this incident with the others.

Party came to the station to report that the mother of their son on Pleasant Street is not coming to the station to pick him up nor will she give him her address so that the boy can be dropped off. He states his visitation hours are from 4-8 p.m.

W91 reports checking out vehicle on Walden Street with two subjects inside. Officer reports, just boy/girlfriend sleeping in the vehicle. Girl went into her house.

Caller from Viking Gardens reports she cannot contact her son. CPAC and ME notified. 

Sunday, February 19

Call from Winthrop Street requesting assistance for his sister who was threatening to harm herself. Officers report she left prior to their arrival and they are looking for her. Unable to locate her although she did answer her cell phone when it was called. She refused to state where she was and denied wanting to hurt herself. Stated she was safe and at a friend’s house. Officers will BOLO.

Party on Paine Street reports fraudulent transactions on his Honda Rewards Visa Card totaling $2,273.63. It was reported to the company.

Woman on Girdlestone Road called requesting police as there was a domestic. Units report mediating matter for now. All clear.

Woman on Sagamore Avenue called to report the couple above her are having a fight. Units report mediating matter for now. All clear.

Monday, February 20

Report of a two car motor vehicle accident near the MIG construction site on the bridge. 9 year old to MGH with mother via Action Ambulance. All others refused medical.

Female on Pleasant Street came to the station to report another female is violating a harassment prevention order. She has a facebook page that she says is in violation, but no date on the sheet. We are trying to obtain a facebook page with the date so we could take action. We were unable to.

Female on Edward Street called to report a disturbance with her live-in boyfriend which began last night and continued through today. Boyfriend was picked up by his parents. She will come to the station to make a report. She did not want police or medical coming to the house. Officer took report and medical was called. Party was transported. 51-A will be filed as well.

Female on Winthrop Street was crying and called to request police right away. Problem with her daughter again. Could hear a male in the background. Officer request medical for a voluntary.

In regards to the previous domestic call, officers responded first to Edwards Street. No one there. Then went to Wilshire to effect the warrant of a male for multiple charges related to domestic assault and battery. Charges: Domestic assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery to intimidate with bodily injury, attempted murder and malicious destruction of property over $250.

Female caller on Crystal Cove Avenue reports brother is acting crazy. Officers report party had left prior to their arrival. The individual has active warrants. Officers report verbal argument between brother and sister.

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