Congratulations,. Linda Breau: Winthrop Resident Rises to Number Two Post in Chelsea Schools

It’s always nice to recognize the accomplishments of Winthrop residents and we join the Chelsea community in congratulating Linda Breau on her promotion to assistant superintendent of the Chelsea schools. As a result of her excellent work for Chelsea students, Linda has risen through the ranks in the Chelsea system from teacher to assistant principal to school principal to her recent appointment of being second in command of the 5,500-student Chelsea school system.

In a story in this week’s Sun Transcript, Linda tells how well the Winthrop school system prepared her for her future years in college and for her career. She and her husband Robert demonstrated their faith and belief in the educational experience available in the Winthrop schools by enrolling their children in the schools. And her three children are carrying on the family tradition, with two of her sons being teachers, including one at the Winthrop Middle School, and her daughter pursuing a career in the field of education.

Mrs. Breau would certainly be a tremendous asset to the Winthrop school system if she chose to work in town, but Chelsea is the beneficiary of her outstanding service to schoolchildren and that’s fine. (And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that her husband is one of Chelsea’s greatest athletes. If you were a kid in elementary school or junior high in the late 1960s/early 1970s and played sports, you looked up to Bobby Breau.)

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