Glass is Half Full, This Winter has been Flat-out Brutal, but we’ll Appreciate Summer all the More

This winter season is what our grandparents used to refer to as, “An old fashioned New England winter.” Although many of us may feel as though this is an unusually harsh winter season, it is only for those with short memories.

The past few winters have been relatively mild in terms of temperature and precipitation, but the reality is that there have been many other winters which have been just as bad and we now may entering one of those cycles.

The succession of the latest storms that dumped over seven inches and snow, followed by rain, freezing rain, and sleet on Wednesday certainly has tested the staff of the Winthrop Department of Public Works led by Director Dave Hickey. There’s been no letup for the department as the weekly snowstorms have created the difficult task of finding a place to put the snow that has been plowed from our streets and public lots.

We tip our hats to Dave Hickey and the DPW for their hard work and continuing daily effort to keep our streets and roadways safe.

And just keep in mind, it already is February, so just two more months and we’re done with Old Man Winter and before you know it, we’ll be soaking up the rays and jumping in the water at Winthrop Beach.

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