Financial Report – Tuesday’s forum is a must for concerned residents

The countdown to the Proposition 2 1/2 override referendum on May 19 has begun, and the election is the talk of the town. Winthrop residents will decide on 10 different questions on the ballot, affecting virtually every aspect of town life as we know it. There are meetings being held and people are taking an active role in the governmental process leading up to the big vote in two months.

This Tuesday night at the Senior Center, a large crowd is expected as Town Council President Thomas Reilly conducts the annual public forum on town finances. Acting Town Manager Larry Holmes and elected and appointed officials will be attendance. Reilly has stated that there will be brief presentations made, and the floor will be opened up to citizens who will be allowed up to five minutes each to ask questions or present comments.

With the override ballot questions so crucial to the town’s future, the forum shapes up as a huge event.

President Reilly has proven his effectiveness in leading council meetings and there may be some speakers who might want to exceed the five-minute time limit. We’re sure that speakers will show their decorum and respect the comments of all at the forum.

It should be an interesting and educational event for the town. We urge all residents, whether they be on one side or the other or neutral, to attend the forum in order to ask questions, to let their views be known, and to hear what others have to say.

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