WIHA Members Learn To Stay Focused

Motivational speaker, Greg Dwyer, presented a personal growth seminar during the June 6 Winthrop Improvement and Historical Association (WIHA) dinner meeting in the Deane Winthrop House barn. The business owner and former magician explained how to overcome distractions and master being focused.

“Most people get focused. The real magic is staying focused,” Dwyer emphasized. “Be careful what you expose your mind to.”

Motivational speaker, Greg Dwyer, presenting a lecture on focus during the June 6 WIHA dinner meeting in the Deane Winthrop House barn.

Internet searching will suggest various ways to become focused: restful sleep, nature exploration, exercise, breaks, music, de-cluttering, a balanced meal, offline work, avoiding caffeine, and to do lists.

Although those are excellent ways to start concentrating on focus, Dwyer believes that remaining focused has to do with the conscious mind, which is easily distracted. Society is overloaded with information and constantly multi-tasking.

“Most people don’t execute. Most people take a couple steps forward, and take a couple steps back, or they get focused on something, and then they fall back on old patterns,” observed Dwyer. “The theory I came up with is that people know what they want to do, but they don’t take a lot of action consistently.”

Dwyer recommended closing the gap of the unknown – the fears, and not having the faith to advance forward.

“One thing I have mastered is laser focus,” said Dwyer, who has spoken in over 10 countries. “It’s not what you thing, it’s how you think. People who are laser focused know what they want, take action, and get results because they put themselves in a trance.”

According to Dwyer, remaining focused is about knowing what is important and using one’s imagination in what is felt, seen, and heard.

“Successful people don’t get focused. They stay focused,” stressed Dwyer. “Visualize what’s important to you. Feel it. Write it down. If you can tie visualization with emotions, and writing things down, that’s powerful.”

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