Trooper David Green Scholarship Fund Established by Class of 1972

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The David Green Scholarship is being established by his classmates from the graduating Class of 1972 to honor his memory and life. David passed away heroically on June 26, 2021, saving his Winthrop neighbors from a deranged terrorist. Dave made the supreme sacrifice to save many and never backed down on that terrible violent day.

 David graduated Winthrop High with academic honors and was a member of the 1972 Championship Basketball Team, 17-1,  coached by legendary Henry McCarthy. Dave was a retired U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran and Massachusetts State Trooper who served with distinction and excellence for forty years serving his nation and the public. Colonel Christopher Mason of the Massachusetts State Police Honored Trooper Green. The U.S. Air Force also paid tribute to Trooper David Green.

Applicants for the David Green Scholarship Fund must be a senior with good character, one who strives for good grades and personal excellence and is respected by classmates and teachers. The David Green Scholarship is designed to support and enrich the educational opportunity of a Winthrop High School senior who intends on going to college to study law enforcement or criminal justice, or else will be entering the military.  As such, this scholarship  recognizes  the achievements of a qualified and deserving student, while honoring Winthrop’s fallen Homeric Hero, Trooper David Green.

Donations for the Trooper David Green Scholarship Fund may forward to:

Trooper David Green Scholarship

Class of 1972

P.O. BOX 520299, Winthrop, Ma.02152

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