DeLeo Hosts 21st Annual Women’s Health Forum

The 21st Annual Women’s Health Forum, hosted by Speaker of the House Bob DeLeo, was held last Wednesday

Speaker Bob DeLeo gets his blood pressure taken by Jeanne Holgersen as Sandra Hurley looks on during the Speaker’s annual Health Forum, which was hosted by WCVB Channel 5 anchor Emily Riemer. The annual forum and health fair has become a staple of both Winthrop and Revere.

evening, Oct. 10, at the Neil Shapiro Center for Performing Arts and brought in over 30 participants and vendors.

“This is my favorite event,” said DeLeo. “We get to join together and talk about important health issues.”

Going strong for 21 years, the annual health forum started out at the senior center, and has had many homes over the years, including the Gorman Fort Banks School and the Arthur T. Cummings School.

Dr. Astrid Weins, vice chair of the Board of Health (BoH), addressed the audience and shared the process in which the BoH tackles critical issues that affect the town as a whole.

“I take my role on the board as seriously as I take my job,” said Weins, who is an associate pathologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, as well as an assistant professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School. “It’s important to attend meetings and voice your concerns about health issues that affect the town. The board always dissects issues and uses evidence-based decision making.”

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